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Who Is Brooke Says

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Brooke Talks America Host “Brooke Says” is a Cultural Communications Analyst, Conservative Activist, Patriot, writer, publisher, and advisor and subject matter expert on social and cultural matters. Brooke Says advises her local Republican leadership on social and cultural conflicts affecting our country right now. She understands, as Andrew Breitbart assessed, that ‘politics is downstream from culture’, and that in order to win the battle for the soul of America and preserve Liberty, you need to fight as hard and ruthlessly as the Democrats, whose policies and ideology have sought to destroy the Constitutional foundation of this nation. current guests that have been on our podcast include ;
Terry Schillling - American Principles Project
Ian Camacho – Look Ahead America
Linda Vietnam Veteran
Ivette Gaugh, President of Wellife Health (Health Freedom)
AMC Marine of the Ape Army
Carol Roth - Small Business Expert
Patrick K. O'Donnell - Combat Historian
Lt. Colonel Tony Shaffer - Memorial Day Special
Rebecca Friedrichs - For Kids & Country
Robby Starbuck
Radio Host Ron Edwards
Florida Rep. Anthony Sabatini
Evan Sayet - The Woke Supremacy
Florida 3rd Congresswoman Kat Cammack
Joe Kent - Green Beret - WA3
Michelle Buckley - Moms for Freedom
Sharon Calvert & Zuby
Mollie Powell Ewing - Defend Florida
Eddie - Stocking Mill Coffee
Joe Concha - The Hill & Fox News
Carlos Zapata - Red, White & BluePrint
Antonio Sabato, Jr
Amanda Makki - FL Congressional Candidate
Francesca DePaolo - Homes for Heroes NJ
KrisAnne Hall - Constitutional Attorney
Dr. David Samadi & DC Draino & Rogan O'Handley
Chris Fenton - Movie Producer & China Expert
Lucretia Hughes - Tea Party Activist
KrisAnne Hall - Constitutional Attorney
Gold Star Father Kris Hagar
Alyssa Specht - Trump FL Election Day Attorney Directory
Tarzana Joe
Alyssa Specht - Trump FL Election Day Attorney Directory
Terry Kemple - Protect Our Children Project
Comedian Gid Pool & Doni The Don
Colonel Kurt Schlichter -
Cathi Chamberlain - Rules for Deplorables
Bishop Aubrey Shines
John London - Citizen Voters for Florida
Alisha Williams - Blexit Florida Assistant Director
Conservative Salon Owner Jill Benik

Angel Families member Jamiel Shaw Jr
Custom Furniture builder Theresa Reeves
RPOF Vice Chairman Christian Ziegler
Toni Angelini - Job Creators Network - Comms. Director
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