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America Mourns a Champion of Liberty – RIP Rush Limbaugh - The G.O.A.T.

Updated: Sep 1, 2023

I guess I spoke too soon yesterday when I said it was a good week for the country, because this morning, the country, at least the conservative half, has been left shell-shocked and devastated by the death of the Greatest Talk Radio Broadcaster EVER - Rush Limbaugh. You could call me delusionally hopeful, but somehow I thought he might actually beat the cancer and emerge victorious to continue on in the fight for Liberty to save America. But on this day, February 17th, 2021, 'The Big Voice on the Right' is gone and the Golden EIB Microphone is silent.

My friend kept calling me to tell me while I was on another call, and I was like why does he keep calling me? And when I called him back, he told me and I just broke down, and as he heard me sobbing, I could hear him choking up as a long-time Rush listener himself. It's just stunning news, Rush not being here anymore. Not only not being on the radio, but not being alive. It's such a tremendous void: he was like a member of the family. I'm heartbroken, as I know millions are.

As I wrote in my article 'To Rush With Love' ( immediately after hearing his cancer diagnosis in February 2020, Rush was my 'safe space'. He was the person I could go to that would explain things in a way that went beyond the din of my own anxiety, or the hysteria for lack of a better term, that some other radio people seemed to emit. And especially in the era of Trump, when I would be freaking out about something he said, or rather something that the media was saying about him that he hadn't said, Rush would calm me down and reassure me that the sky wasn't falling.

The thing he was always accused of is 'telling his audience what to think', which is b.s., we already know what we think and believe. What he would help me do is to put things in perspective, almost like he was showing you what was going on from above it so you could see it more clearly, instead of what happens when you're in the thick of it. And as I mentioned, during these 5 1/2 years of relentless attacks against President Trump, that clarity and calm has been much needed.

There's so much I could say, but I did put alot of it in my article, now it's just the grief of losing such an incredible communicator, Patriot and fighter. I won't dignify the despicable Left by even getting into the atrocities they're spewing, everyone knows and I certainly knew how they'd react. I can only hope that the people who may not like Rush see how evil they are and denounce it, which thankfully I've seen some. No, for now I'll just keep crying til the tears run out (they haven't yet, even as I write this) and pray for the people he loved who loved him so much, and ask that while of course we pray for his wife and brother, we also keep Snerdley and Mark Steyn and the EIB family in our prayers. I met Bo and Mark at a Lincoln Day dinner a few years back and the fondness with which they talked about Rush, particularly Bo, was heartwarming, and I know they're hurting deeply.

So, Rush, the man who indeed had 'talent on loan from God', your pain is over, and we're glad about that but we'll miss you more than you can imagine. New voices will emerge to carry on the call of Freedom, but there will NEVER be one as incredible as yours. I don't know where I was before I knew about you, I only know I'm glad I found you and have loved you ever since.

With love from a grateful Patriot, RIP dear Rush, we'll miss you.

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