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Americans Reject the Left’s ‘New Normal’ Scheme

Updated: Sep 1, 2023

All across America, people are getting fed up and re-claiming their right to Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness, or at the very least, the right not to starve to death. The average citizen is rejecting their state and local officials calling for continuous shutdowns and ‘shelter-in-place’ and they are now venturing out to seek freedom. From beaches to businesses, Americans are finally taking their country back. More slowly in some locations than others, but in pursuit nonetheless. And the power-mad liberals are unhappy about it and striking back.

Seems like everyone in the country knows the story of Shelly Luther, a salon owner in Dallas who was fined, arrested and jailed after she refused to apologize and genuflect in front of a power-hungry activist liberal judge. But there are dozens, perhaps thousands of unknown such individuals who are refusing to submit to what are unreasonable and likely unconstitutional orders from their local, and mostly Democrat, elected ‘representatives’. They have no choice, they either stay closed and risk going out of business and into poverty or open up and take the risk of punishment. Fines have been assessed all over the country for this citizen insubordination, from Luther in Dallas to Milan Dennie in St. Paul, MN to Lindsey Graham in Salem, Oregon.

The most insane, draconian and frankly Stalinesque edicts by Democrat politicians, from California to Illinois to Pennsylvania and everywhere in between that they are in charge, are meant to not only cow a vulnerable populace into submission but to amass as much power as possible for those who impose them.

Democrats, a la Ice Cream Nancy Pelosi, are calling for ever greater coronavirus ‘stimulus’ packages meant to encourage people to forego work because the unemployment benefits provide more money than the jobs they lost. See a pattern here?

Small businesses have been shuttered while big box stores have remained open⏤which sell items manufactured in the very same country which fostered this atrocity onto the world, China, and thus hurting ‘the little guy’ who overwhelmingly support Trump. The politicians are pushing for relief packages which are meant to create as many non-working government dependents as possible. It’s no accident that these things are happening at the same time. The only question is if these Democrat officials are coordinating with China. And sure I’m of the conspiracy bent its true, but when Democrats and their acolytes in the media shut down any mention of either accusations or punishment of China, it makes you wonder, and because there are some Republicans who are both Never-Trumpers and Globalists, it wouldn’t surprise me if they’re involved as well.

There’s a lot of money to be made by sucking up to China, even if it means selling out your own country. A lot of our government employees, elected and not, have done so.

The question is, and I know it gets redundant, but in these precarious times it bears repeating, is whether the people who would otherwise support these Democrat politicians are WAKING UP yet? If you’re a Lefty in LA but your business is being destroyed because not only your state Governor but your county mayor and administrators are shuttering your doors, do you blame them and rethink your voting habits?

If you’re a Chicago citizen who hasn’t had your own hair cut and your business is closed but see that your mayor broke her own stay at home order to get her hair cut, and your Governor broke it by taking his family to Florida, and who now warns small business owners in Illinois that if they try to reopen their businesses they could face up to a year in prison? I could list example after insane example. Is this enough yet? And if not, what on earth will be?

People who might otherwise be liberal or at least lean that way, are now speaking out against the edicts by these maniacal politicians; influencers like Elon Musk and Dave Portnoy, who are not only getting attention, but getting support.

Sure, there will be the resisters who are either just scared snowflakes or who understand that shuttered businesses hurt Trump, but many Americans are eager if not insistent on ‘getting back to normal’. And even though it’s weird and probably unnecessary, they’ll even accept people wearing masks, like at a restaurant or a salon, if it means getting on with life as they knew it.

I myself am one of them. I’m not afraid of getting the virus because a simple study of numbers and yes, science, shows the risks are extraordinarily low for me. I’ll take certain simple steps like using a paper towel to touch a door handle or pump the gas, but I would have likely done that anyway, because I’m already somewhat OCD about washing my hands. I don’t wear a mask to the store or go crazy about things because I believe a lot of what is suggested is just agenda driven fear mongering and hype.

Is the Wuhan Coronavirus serious and dangerous? Yes, it can be. But you know what else is serious and dangerous? Children and women sequestered with abusive parents and spouses. Elderly people either forced to shelter in place with abusive caretakers or with other infected residents forced together because of political correctness – you can’t discriminate against someone who’s infected after all! Untreated drug and alcohol users because church recovery meetings are closed are dangerous and the crimes that they commit serious. These are all serious by products of the shutdown that are ignored and dismissed in the face of opportunistic power grabs.

I thank God that President Trump didn’t order a national shutdown which he was criticized for not doing. Not only would it have been used against him, but this has allowed the residents of the states in which these lunatics govern to see what really happens when Democrats taste the unprecedented power this PlanneDemic has bequeathed them or rather which they simply appropriated.

Sometimes you have to suffer enough pain in order to have your eyes opened to the fact that you’re the one who brought it on yourself, which they have by voting these people into power. The sad part is the victims who didn’t vote for it but who live amongst them, but they’ll likely survive nonetheless. They tend to be scrappy and strong, so hopefully that is the case, and the rest of the voters are awakened and change their actions. They better and soon, because if having a psycho like WhitMAO running your state or Garcetti or DeBlasio running your county doesn’t wake you up, nothing will! God help us!

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