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Amy Coney Barrett and the Hypocrisy of Feminists

Updated: Sep 1, 2023

Feminists, the self-proclaimed supporters of woman are anything but, they only support women who think like them. Worst of all are Democrat women, who regularly shame and smear conservative women as not being ‘real’ women, predominantly because they don’t support abortion. Rarely, however, do you have an opportunity to have it so clearly on full display before the nation as we’ve had with the Supreme Court nomination hearings of Justice Amy Coney Barrett.

Democrats have no shame and it’s evident in their attacks on SCOTUS nominee Coney Barrett. First they said she was a ‘crazy Catholic’ and that the dogma lived loudly within her, then they said she would bring about a real-life Handmaid’s Tale. One former California Congresswoman, Katie Hill, who apparently had sex with her entire staff, men and women, actually went in on her attire, saying "I hate to be someone who judges women on their clothes but I'm sorry ACB's outfits are all way too handmaids-y,". Their friends on Social media also called her pother vile things like ‘white bitch’, batshit crazy, handmaid, monster, clown car vagina, among others. These comments display the general Mean Girls attitude of the Democrat women against their Conservative counterparts.

The piece de resistance is when that empty cranium having, frontal lobe missing horror from Hawaii Senator Crazy Mazie Hirono, brought an already pathetic display from Democrats even lower, tried to Kavanaugh her! Apparently reading from revised Kavanaugh talking points asked her "since you became a legal adult, have you ever made unwanted requests for sexual favors or committed any verbal or physical harassment or assault of a sexual nature?" Not only is that question idiotic but this from the Party of Bill Clinton, the same people who have completely ignored Tara Reade’s accusations.

The details of the hearings aren’t as vital as the overall issue, which is that they are the most intolerant and subjective people on earth when it comes to the groups they perpetually claim to support and defend. They claim to be for women, but only if you’re an abortion advocate. They claim to be anti-racist, but they sound like their forebears in the Klan when they refer to black conservatives like Candace Owens. They claim to be for ‘LGBT’ people, but will drop the f-word in a nanosecond against a gay conservative. They’re frauds in every measure and hopefully they’ll be exposed in these hearings and people will wake up.

Thankfully, Amy Coney Barrett, or ACB for short, is not only a strong and brilliant woman, she apparently understands how to deal with, respond to, and ultimately, defeat the radical Leftists who are challenging her. When asked to refer to the notes she was using to answer questions, in comparison with the multitude of books, binders and notes of the Senators, ACB exhibited a blank notepad. She wasn’t taking notes. She didn’t have to. She’s not only been a judge for years already, but she’s been a Constitutional law professor for decades. Sure, it was a bit of a stunt, but it was important to show that she is smart enough to handle what they throw at her, and that she wasn’t afraid to show it. Which only enraged them more.

It’s funny though, the same people who were kvetching that Vice President Pence was ‘mansplaining’ to Kamala Harris during the VP debate, about which I disagree, seem to have no problem with similar behavior to this conservative woman. They have no problem with mocking her faith (try that with Ilhan Omar!) her family (interracial adoption is great unless it’s a conservative), her ‘choice’ to have a family (she has too many kids!), her attire (but pasties on Cardi B is empowerment). See where I’m going with this?

Over and over, the same people who spout platitudes like ‘love trumps hate’, are the most hateful; those who accuse others of intolerance are themselves intolerant; they claim to be against bullying yet bully everyone they disagree with; and the ones who claim to be anti-fascist would make Mussolini blush. The Left, which at this point, encompasses the entire Democrat Party, is a seething fetid cauldron of hypocrisy, and are being exposed as nothing more than an amoral political machine who will do anything in their power to keep and gain power. They have no values except power, and will excuse the most vile behavior in their own ranks if that’s the cost to maintain power. The question remains as always, however, will enough voters see it to make a difference. If ACB’s rising poll numbers as of this writing are any indication, God willing, yes.

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