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Apology Not Accepted Fauxcahantas!

Updated: Sep 5, 2023

In a desperate but futile attempt to move past her cultural (& profitable) appropriation of Native American ancestry, Democrat Presidential Candidate Elizabeth Warren, Senator from Massachusetts, apologized – yet again – for having made claims to tribal heritage, at a forum on Native American issues in Sioux City, Iowa. And in a shady but equally futile move, she also removed from her website the now infamous and embarrassing video of her getting the results of her Trump-prompted DNA test which showed a whopping 1/1024th Native American ancestry. Seriously though, do Democrats not know that we can still find this stuff on the Internet?

After decades of having pretended to be an American Indian, and thinking she was off the hook, the whiter-than-white Warren got busted again when President Trump called her out for having falsified her records and profited from claiming to be Indian. She denied having received any benefit from the claim and that she was just repeating what she’d been told by her ‘Papaw’: that her great great great grandmother was Cherokee, and that she was too because, as her grandmother called it, of her ‘high cheekbones that all Indians have’.

The issue first came up in 2012 in her Senate campaign against Scott Brown, whereupon he accused Warren of “participating in Harvard’s diversity sham” by allowing the school to list her as a minority. (Harvard had been under pressure for having a mostly white faculty). At the time, according to the Boston Globe’s genealogists report, Warren was listed as 1/32nd Cherokee, having cited an application for a marriage license dating from 1894, not an actual DNA blood test. Naturally, when she jumped in the 2020 race for President, Trump brought it back up and has forced her to defend the claim and confront the issue.

It wouldn’t be as much of an issue perhaps in the pre-‘Woke’ era of far-left Progressivism of which Warren is an eager participant, but now, a white woman culturally appropriating Native American culture? Verboten, and rightfully so. Everyone has family fables that may or may not be completely true, but Warren is now peddling in the same race-baiting as has Biden, who founded his campaign on nothing but race-baiting with that horrible Charlottesville lie. Therefore, Warren, or as I like to call her, Fauxcahantas, will be forced to reckon with her lies if she wants to play that game. 

Saying sorry to a small group of Native Americans in Iowa and scrubbing her website isn’t going to cut it or make it go away. It may possibly have against another Republican who didn’t have the stones to fight like the Left but not Trump, and he’ll be brutal, and good for him for it! Especially when he says she may have taken opportunities from actual Native Americans who should’ve benefitted.

According to the Daily Caller, ‘In April 1986, Warren listed herself as “Native American” on a Texas state bar registration form. Harvard Law School, where Warren taught before entering politics, referred to Warren as the school’s only Native American professor as recently as 1996. Warren also listed herself as a minority in the Association of American Law Schools directory from 1986 to 1994. Warren has faced withering criticism over the past several years that she embellished her Indian heritage. President Donald Trump has mockingly referred to her as “Pocahontas.” In the ‘Woke’ era, finding out that you pulled a Dolezal and potentially took a job from an actual ‘Person of Color’ can be politically fatal.

Warren thought her DNA test would settle the matter for good, but it actually did the opposite, making her look not only stupid for doing the reveal on video, but showing she was even less Native American than originally claimed. The cringe level of the video and her irrational exuberance at receiving news that she was essentially about a teaspoon’s worth of Indian was matched only by delight at her being shown to be such a fraud. Not only that, but the Cherokee Nation issued a statement criticizing her of ‘reducing their identity to a DNA test’. And despite her claims to the contrary, she did profit from the claim, an act that when exposed in devastating Trump fashion, may just crush her like Tulsi’s uppercut seems to have felled Kamala Harris.

Though she’s female, and the feminists are eager for a female President, Warren is still white, and she’s weird and spazy, kind of like a female version of Bobby Francis O’Rourke, with the wild arms and strange mannerisms. She looks nervous and makes you nervous watching her. And she’s such a phony which cuts a stark contrast to the rough and unwieldy but authentic Trump. She’s not yet out for the count of course, and seems to be rising in the polls and generating interest, particularly with white liberals, who are apparently very selective in their outrage over such things as cultural appropriation. It’ll be interesting to see how it shakes out, as 14 months is like 5 lifetimes in politics. After all, remember when it was going to be President Beto? Now he’s trying to keep a death grip on a measly 4%, and that’s after his latest ‘reset’ exploiting to El Paso to boost poll ratings. Poor Bobby Francis is wondering where the love went.

From her fake-Indian claims to her ‘Pow Wow Chow’ cookbook recipe submissions, 3 out of 5 of which were word-for-word copies (without attribution) of a French chef’s 1979 piece in the New York Times, Wacky Liz Warren will be on the chopping block if she makes it all the way into the ring with the Big Dog Trump! She may sling arrows at him and say she ‘has a plan for that’, but he’ll dismantle her as just another lawyer-politician theorist who’s never even run a lemonade stand much less a country. And the Memes are already legion, from ‘Chief Sitting Bull’ to ‘Liawatha’, and will only increase. He’ll pull no punches just because she’s a woman, as he didn’t against Hillary, and non-snowflake women will love it, I know I would!

Conservative women don’t play the whole ‘I get to hit you but you can’t hit back’ game when it comes to politics – equality means reciprocal bruising. And if there’s any truth to the Breitbart report that claimed Warren’s ancestor Jonathan Crawford was a member of the Tennessee Militia who rounded up Cherokees from their family homes as part of the Trail of Tears, it’ll be Fauxcahantas that’s left crying! I can’t wait to see it!

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