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Are There Enough Patriots Left to Save America?

Updated: Sep 5, 2023

When will the average, normal, patriotic Democrats say enough? I know a lot of Democrats who are patriots. I may disagree with them over most, if not all issues, and I think their positions are damaging to the country, but they don’t hate America. The modern progressive Democrat Party does hate America however, including many of the 2020 presidential candidates.

As the 18th Anniversary of the massacre on 9/11 has come and gone, is it depressing not only to think about the absolute heartbreak, sadness and loss of that day and the days, weeks and months afterward, but in thinking about where we are now as a country. After almost two decades, how is our country, where is it going, and have we learned anything?

On 9/12 we were, a nation united not only in its grief, but in its resolve, proud and patriotic⏤how can we get back to that America?

I blame President Bush for setting the foundation of paralyzing political correctness when he called Islam a ‘religion of peace and tolerance’ after the greatest massacre in American history. After all this time later, we’ve seen just how ‘peaceful’ and ‘tolerant’ it’s adherents are, from burning people alive to cutting off their heads to shooting people up in clubs and conference rooms. More like a religion of ‘pieces’. But of course, any assessment or criticism of Islam is verboten by the fascistic Left and now we have some of the most virulent anti-American Muslims in office all over the country, who, having made their alliance with the Marxist Left, are creating a coalition of anti-American organizers hell-bent on destroying this country.

In this year, 2019, we have elected members of Congress openly, actively, and boldly criticizing this country at every turn, one of whom is a refugee from one of the most brutal countries on the planet, who should be grateful to be American, but is the exact opposite. We have ‘teachers’ (funded by taxpayers) which are really only anti-American far-Left activists, who are not only teaching their students to hate America but actively promoting anti-white racism, buoyed by a complicit media, entertainment and Big Tech industry. Not a recipe for unity.

The self-hating and perpetually stupid Bobby Francis for instance, can’t say enough horrible things about the country in which he lives and has enjoyed such privilege that it makes you wonder why he would actually want to live in such a country, much less be President of it. You can almost imagine him skateboarding on stage at one of his 4% campaign ‘rallies’, flailing his arms about as does and saying ‘America sucks and I hate myself for being a rich white guy – please vote for me for President’. I’m not sure he even believes half of what he says, but of course, he’s saying these things because the Democrat Party base does believe them, which is perhaps the saddest part of all. That and the fact that anyone still listens to him.

Naturally, most of the people enabling and facilitating this have no clue either about what it’s like to live in another country, or what this country would look like under the rule of the people they’re looking to empower: useful idiots never do. But it doesn’t matter, because they’re active. Are conservatives? We haven’t been thus far. Sure, to a certain extent there have been fits and spurts of conservative ‘activism’, but not really sustained, widespread, well-funded organizing – not until Trump. And even now it’s disparate and uncoordinated. At least it’s there, thank God, but will it be maintained and grown? Is the true threat that people like Comrade Cortez and her Furious Four crew pose to this country really understood and inspiring people who otherwise wouldn’t engage to do so?

‘As Benjamin Franklin departed the Constitutional Convention, he was asked if the framers had created a monarchy or a republic. “A republic,” he famously replied, and then added, “if you can keep it.” The remarkable generation that founded this nation led an improbable yet successful revolution against the strongest military power of the time. They declared their independence based on self-evident truths, asserting a new basis of political rule in the sovereignty of the people and launching an experiment in self-government.

Through a carefully written constitution that limits power and secures rights while allowing for change through its own amendment, they created an enduring framework of republican government that bestows upon their posterity the same blessings of liberty.

‘But what the American Founders did not do-could not do-was guarantee the success of their creation. Franklin and the other Founders knew that their experiment depended on future generations, which meant the education of future citizens. “If a nation expects to be ignorant and free in a state of civilization,” Thomas Jefferson once warned, “it expects what never was-and never will be.” (Heritage Foundation).

That therein lies the question – Can you keep a country intact if a majority of its people hate it? And I think that’s where we find ourselves as a country, especially as we head into the 2020 election. It’s often, if not always said that ‘this is the most important election of our lifetime’. Certainly as a conservative, I felt that way in 2016, when after 8 years of a Marxist President who actively sowed racial division within a country already plagued with a devastating history of racial wounds, as well as implemented his ‘fundamental transformation of America’ by institutionalizing subversion and perversion. But truly, as an American, much less a conservative, I believe the 2020 election is in fact the most important determinant of our future, the outcome of which will constitute either the preservation or elimination of this republic that the wise Founders bestowed.

The good and hopeful news is that every insane action taken by Leftist activists, corporate activists or Leftist politicians (Kavanaugh) is met with a swift response by patriotic Americans who are sick and tired of being tyrannized by them. From the infamous Support Chick-Fil-A Day to the boycotts of Target, Dick’s Sporting Goods and ‘woke’ Gillette (with their idiotic ‘tranny/toxic masculinity’ commercials), conservatives and just regular Americans are pushing back and winning. Many of the ‘woke’ companies lost billions before relenting to the pressure and Chick-Fil-A just gets stronger every day, all good signs. 

What does it say about our country when someone like Kaepernick, along with an American-founded company Nike, makes hating this country a profitable business model?

I suppose we’ll know soon enough on Election Day 2020 whether people have awakened to the gift of living in this Constitutional Republic, which, though imperfect and flawed, is ever-striving to be that ‘more perfect Union’. It’s an experiment in Freedom and Individual Liberty that has enabled even the most down-trodden to succeed and thrive with hard work and perseverance, and which so many see as a Shining Beacon of Hope. We’ll see whether the complacency of its citizens, which fostered people like the Furious Four, Kaepernick, Rapinoe and others to see the country which has been so benevolent to them to be their enemy will or even can be overcome by the uprising of those who understand the terror of its undoing. May God help us all if we are in fact too late.

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