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Biden Voters Buyer’s Remorse Sets in

Updated: Sep 1, 2023

Folks are not digging Sleepy, Creepy, Sniffing, Slipping Joe. Sure, the Lincoln Project pedos, the angry feminists, the swamp creatures, RINO’s, Russia hoaxers, left-wing media hacks, neo-cons and of course the Chinese Communist Party love Joe, but voters don’t. Immediately after the Installation, what was trending was all manner of texting and Tweeting of buyer’s remorse about having voted for Biden. And that was before the now 50 Executive Orders, ‘stimulus’ check non-payments, and new war in Syria. Apparently, after the Trump Derangement Syndrome haze of ‘we got Trump out’ wore off, reality set in, and much like how the light of day hangover shows what that person at the bar last night really looks like, their hatred of Trump wasn’t enough to make them love Biden. Such is where we are now, and it may be a blessing in disguise.

Even though I’m devastated about President Trump not being in the White House and this escaped hair-sniffing kid touching dementia patient and his caretaker, crack pipe Hunter’s stepmother are, there may be some good things that come out of it. One of which is that the more time goes on, even some of the sure-thing Democrat voters see the ‘election’ as a fraud. Another is that Biden is breaking all of his promises, and it’s pissing people off, especially as it relates to financial relief from the China Virus, the brunt of which has come in Democrat run cities and states. Sometimes, in losing, (or rather having it stolen), the truth is exposed in a way that it wouldn’t otherwise be.

When you have Naomi Wolf kvetching to Tucker Carlson that the Democrat lockdown policies are tantamount to a coup, that’s saying something. She doesn’t like Trump, she’s a Lefty feminist, but she loves the country, believes in the Constitution and sees where the Biden junta and their Democrat acolytes are violating it all over the place. In essence, Biden is so bad, he’s probably red-pilling millions of his own voters, and no amount of CNN and MSNBC covering for him will change that.

Everything that the Obama 3rd term regime is doing to erase Trump is showing not only how little Democrats care about the American people, but how great Trump’s policies were, even to those that despise him. In retaliation for the many things President Trump did to get rid of Obama’s horrible policies, which were nothing more than efforts to hurt the country and impede economic freedom, Biden’s undoing. They were policies that helped Americans, and at the least didn’t harm them. They’ve shut down the Keystone Pipeline, threatening energy independence which means higher gas prices; re-entered the Paris Climate Accord, which stifles our growth while enabling China and India to expand without restriction; have shut down deportations, including of illegal alien sex offenders. I mean if you can’t even deport people convicted of sex crimes, you really have to hate your country, which they do and it shows. And people see it. They’re so petty they even revoked Trump’s “beautiful” neoclassical architecture executive order in favor of keeping the brutalist style of the federal buildings in DC. Mandating ugly buildings to punish Trump, seriously?

Some of the Democrat media hacks are calling his regime out, such as on not sending kids back to school. Savannah Guthrie went after him surprisingly hard. After all, under the Biden plan, children can get sex change operations but not only can’t pray in school, many still can’t even go to school. Even the completely fraudulent CDC, or as I call them the Center for Disinformation Command, says kids should be in school for in-person learning, but the Biden junta is so beholden to teacher’s unions who want that check without actually having to work for it, that he sided against the students. Ironically, the students being hurt most are probably the children of his voters, so we’ll see if they’ll punish Democrats for that.

The piece de resistance is that not even 40 days in office, they’re bombing Syria. I called this in my January 22 article ‘The Neo-Cons Finally Get Their War’ (, where not even 48 hours installed they moved troops into Syria, and now they’re bombing them. And that’s before the promised ‘on day one’ $2000 stimulus checks have been delivered to the American people. Dropping bombs 7,000 miles away? Sure! Help for Americans that were forced to shut down by Democrat politicians to hurt President Trump’s re-election? Nope! And wait until the minions see what’s actually in the $1.9 trillion Coronavirus ‘relief’ bill. Ice Cream Nancy’s dentures should be chattering in fear!

Trump has exposed the entire system as a scam, a hoax, much like the Mueller Russia investigation, .and the people in charge, in both parties, know the people are waking up to it. After all, you don’t put up a fence around your nation’s capital because you feel like your guy won the election fairly. Nor do you do that when you feel like you’ve represented your people well. No, you do that when you know that the people you’re elected to represent know that you suck and that you rigged an election against the guy THEY elected to take away your power. The term Political ‘party’ is a joke in and of itself. The only ones actually having a party are the donors and the people they pay off to get their candidates elected.

The question is, what will the people who voted for America Last Biden do when they realize he not only doesn’t intend to keep his promises, but that he’s going to make their lives a lot more painful, especially when they prices of everything start to rise. After all, the go-to race-baiting of Democrats, although usually very effective, only goes far, because at the end of the day, the real color that matters is green – money. When the TDS sufferers realize that although they may not like President Trump, that his policies were good for their pocketbooks, maybe then they’ll see that voting on emotion is self-defeating and punish the Democrats who continue to betray them.

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