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Bobby Francis - aka 'Beto' - Has NO Idea What’s Coming His Way

Updated: Jun 16, 2023

Poor Bobby Francis O’Rourke, aka Beto the Fake Hispanic. The Left’s newest Liberal Crush, who just announced he’s running for president after failing to win his election for Senate against Ted Cruz has no idea what’s coming his way. I would almost feel bad for him if he wasn’t so very douchetastic, but nah, I’m pretty excited to watch. After watching the lunatics attack Chelsea Clinton this week after the New Zealand massacre it’s evident that’s its going to be Democrat ‘Fight Club’ for 2020 and I’m all for it!

So the media chattering class that got ‘thrills up their legs’ over Obama, is at it again with Bobby Francis, who they obviously see as their Vanilla Obama and sure chance to beat Trump in 2020. Yep, the guy who said just 3 months ago ‘I don’t want to do it, I will not do it…our family could not survive more of that’ (regarding the time they spent apart over the course of his Senate campaign) now says, in an obnoxiously fawning Vanity Fair article that “I want to be in it…Man, I’m just born to be in it’, referring to running for president. He was apparently convinced by the adulation during his (failed) Senate run convinced that just ‘Being Beto’ is enough, and judging from the circle-jerking of the media over him, it is…for now.

Though the money poured in, slightly exceeding the amount Bernie raked in immediately following his announcement, the criticisms did as well. From Kirsten Powers lamenting that he’s a white male, and why did he get that Vanity Fair cover, to the feminists complaining he didn’t have his wife speak as she just sat there looking at him in a Stepford Wives kind of way, as well as his comment that “She is raising, sometimes with my help,” their three kids, which seemingly was meant as a joke. There’s Amy Klobachar mocking his ‘born to run’ comments pulling the woman card by saying ‘I don’t think many people thought a girl could be president’.

President Trump’s devastating mockery of his wild, flailing hand movements – saying, as always, what everyone was thinking. (You have to admit the arms are crazy and weird – he kind looks like a stoned traffic cop!). In the media, CNN mentioned that he was white – as a pejorative – 52 times, and far Left outlet Jacobin hammered Bobby Francis, saying ‘With Beto O’Rourke, There’s No There There – The stakes are too high in 2020 for another charismatic, ideologically empty politician, standing for everything and nothing in particular, like Beto O’Rourke’. Even Slate says ‘There’s no good reason for Beto to run for President’. Ouch!

Illustrative of my point is the recent revelation, held by Reuters for over a year while O’Rourke ran for Senate, (um, collusion anyone?!) of some very creepy articles and poems he wrote when he was 15 and a member of a hacking group Cult of the Dead Cow.

From a ‘murder fantasy in which the narrator drives over children on the street’ to an childish poem where he says, among other things, ‘I need a butt-shine’, ‘Wax my ass’ and scrub my balls, while it’s stupid and doesn’t make a criminal, it does give an insight into his mind and where he comes from, literally and figuratively. The point is, there’s a reason it’s all coming out on Beto the Boy Wonder. And Cruz of course, should fire his oppo research team and demand a refund, but I digress.

Yes, it’s already starting and it’s only going to get worse, and Bobby Francis is going to get the ‘Thank You, Next’ treatment so badly that it’s gonna make Pete Davidson feel bad for him, because he doesn’t understand the 2 first principles of Democrat politics – 1) identity politics trumps all, and 2) You live by the hype you die by the hype. O’Rourke (I refuse to call him Beto) bought into his adoring press, and doesn’t understand that running for Senate against Ted Cruz, a Republican, in the state of Texas is a whole other enchilada than running for President against the first female presidential candidate ‘of color’, any person ‘of color’, and any female candidate. Especially when you’re a well-to-do boarding-school attending politician’s son married to a billionaire heiress. Oh no no no, that will just not do! Not in the ‘woke’ intersectional, ‘the future is female’ 2019 Democrat Party.

They might have liked you because you were ‘new’, and running against a guy they hate almost as much as Trump, (and an actual Hispanic by the way), but these days white is the one color that can’t be in the Crayola ‘diversity’ box – especially if it belongs to a man.

Bernie is different of course, for now at least, because he’s the original socialist, the one who was socialist before it was ‘cool’. And Bernie got ‘burned’ by Hillary, so there’s some residual resentment there from the Far Left, which may carry him for a while. Of course, the establishment Democrats don’t actually want a socialist to run, and they’ll destroy him this time around too. Some in the media may play coy with Bernie, but they’re about ‘new and fresh’ too, and ol’ Bernie’s as old and stale as a 2am Denny’s biscuit. Sure the youngsters in Congress and SJW agitators may still be sweet on him, but they’ll be brought in line too, especially if they get primaried out of office. But in the meantime they’ll drag each other so far to the Left that they will push more voters to Trump, which is actually now happening with the Jexodus movement – disaffected Jews angry at the Democrats unwillingness to criticize Ilhan Omar for her anti-Semitic comments. Works for me! Add #Blexit and #WalkAway and we’re gonna be set!

While I mock the entity that is Bobby Francis – his wildly flailing arms, his idiotic dental visit video and his ridiculous skateboarding into events (he’s 46 with 3 kids, like grow up already), and his vapid millennial-esque self-absorption (he went on a 3-month road trip to ‘clear his head’ after his Senate loss while his wife stayed behind to work and take care of their children), his popularity deeply saddens me. Once again, Democrats are trotting out an empty suit, someone devoid of substance and experience, hyping him up as the second coming of Christ, (the Vanilla Obama), with their acolytes in the media’s help. It happened with Obama (and he got elected twice), it’s happening with Ocasio-Cortez, and now it’s happening with O’Rourke.

It’s this kind of idol-worship that has screwed up this country, our children, and potentially our future.

We have extremely serious problems in this country, and must get back to talking about real issues, not the ‘perfectly creased pant’, (as David Brooks said of Obama), the vapid ‘Ivy league degree’ arrogance, which have recently been shown to be a lot of bulls**t anyway, and don’t produce a single graduate I’d want to hire more than a Hillsdale student. These are the people that have brought us the Kardashians, Real Housewives, Cardi B, etc., the same people that drag queens reading to little kids at the library, one of which has been found to be a sex offender (Houston). These ‘popularity’ metrics are part of what got a very dangerous, anti-American Barack Obama elected, and what could potentially get a socialist elected next time. Yet this is what the ‘popularity’ metric of emotional liberals compels Democrats to do – the old question of ‘would I want to have a beer with them’ question. It’s idiotic! Are you really going to make a decision on who runs the biggest economy and military in the world on who you want to have a beer with?

So yes, Bobby Francis is running and getting his adulation now, but he’s in for a rude awakening to be sure. As it always does, the bloom will be off the rose and he’ll be just ‘another white guy’ with his white privilege trying to take away a job that a ‘POC’ (person of color) is entitled to. Sure, there’s talk of Biden coming in to save the day for Democrats, and I welcome that, because Trump will annihilate him with the videos of him inappropriately touching (on the verge of molesting) children come out, and Trump paints him as nothing more than another lifetime politician. That and the fact that he too is white, makes me not too concerned about Biden. I think Michelle Obama is going to run anyway, so many of the other candidates will be inconsequential.

So enjoy the fawning now while you can Bobby Francis, you’re in for a bumpy ride. The popcorn is almost ready!

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