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Breaking Down Barack – Deconstructing Obama’s Smug Sanctimony

Updated: Jun 19, 2023

So Obama’s back…aren’t you excited? I’m kidding of course, as it’s hard for me to have anything but sarcasm when discussing him because he’s so loathsome. But actually, the guy who though he himself got elected and re-elected, but who lost over 1100 seats for his party, is back on the campaign trail for the crucial November midterms, so maybe it’s a good thing, for Republicans that is. As he obviously hasn’t made any effort to figure out why the country, including so many Democrats voted for Trump, even those who voted for him – twice, (though I’m sure it has something to do with racism, it usually does with Liberals), it’s likely he’ll be using the same old tired tropes as he did during his 8 years in office and just remind everyone why they’re glad he’s out of office.

Democrats love to talk about ‘civility’, and somehow, despite a long history of divisiveness and disparagement of the citizens of the country he represented, consider Obama to be Mr. Civil and Refined. However, after bucking the long tradition of Presidents leaving Washington D.C. after they’re out of office and as he said ‘gracefully exiting the political stage’, Obama’s decided not only to stay in D.C. (to organize and agitate Antifa-types with Organizing for America no doubt), but to directly criticizing the sitting President. Bush didn’t say a peep about Obama and his destructive policies, despite being crucified relentlessly by him on the 2008 campaign trail and during his Presidency, but has spoken out against Trump with his sideways & disrespectful comments, and now Obama is doing the same, but with an unbelievable classlessness and under the cowardly guise of ‘as a citizen’. Sorry, Barack, when you’re a president, even a former, everything you say is ‘as a president’.

So after some carefully crafted and profoundly phony kumbaya dog and pony show of unity at McCain’s funeral where he still managed to take shots at Trump, and with the self-righteous arrogance so imbued in him, former President Barack Obama let loose to the (small) crowd of fawning Ayers-type professor educated students at UI of how afraid they should be of the Trump administration and that they should vote for Democrats to stop him. The same guy who said ‘So much of our politics, our public life, our public discourse can seem small and mean and petty’, himself went small and mean and petty about politics. Hypocrite much? But then again, self-reflection never was his strong point.

He started off his speech by talking about how after having won Independence, George Washington could’ve made himself a President for Life if he’d wanted to, but that instead, in order to avoid what they’d just fought against, monarchy, had chosen to serve 2 terms and go back to his life. And that ‘there should be no permanent ruling class’ (which probably had every member of the said ruling class politician at the funeral going ‘Yeah, what a dummy, thank God it’s not like that anymore, my gym membership and pension are the best!). And when he said ‘There are only citizens, who through their elected and temporary representatives, determine our course and determine our character’, Pelosi, Leahy and Hatch almost got kicked out for laughing so hard.

Just kidding of course, but the irony is pretty rich that in a memorial in which sat almost every member of the American ruling class that he would wax on about not having a permanent ruling class and temporary representatives.

So again, after bemoaning the meanness and pettiness of politics, he launched into a diatribe about how bad President Trump is, thought not directly at first. In telling them why they should get involved, he used the ‘because our democracy depends on it’ rallying cry, which is just a prelude to the “I’m about to do something former presidents aren’t supposed to do, which is criticize the current president, in order to get your votes’. He talked about things like ‘human rights’ and the ‘inherent dignity and worth of every individual’, which I’m assuming does not apply to the fetus, which as an Illinois State Senator he voted 3 times against protecting after a botched abortion; as well as things like ‘inalienable rights’, while being the most hostile president to the constitutionally protected right to bear arms; that ‘every two steps forward’ seeming to ‘produce one step back’, kind of like race relations under his perpetual race-baiting presidency; about how the ‘status quo pushes back’, kind of like what happened with the unmasking on Flynn, (who knows where the bodies are buried), entrapping Papadopoulos (a low-level mark for their spying scheme) and his spying on the Trump campaign itself, with money paid to foreign entities. The status quo strikes back indeed Barack.

I could go on and on with stats and figures, with statement after statement of his and provable rebuttals of mine of his hypocrisy, but I won’t, you already know them. Suffice it to say, I’m not a fan. And more than that, I believe in the core of my being that the person who said ‘We’re five days from the fundamental transformation of America’ – the protégé of Frank Marshall Davis and Bill Ayers, friend of Farrakhan, Sharpton and Wright – and husband of ‘For the first time in my adult life I’m proud of my country’ Michelle, deeply despises the country that elected him and the transformation wasn’t intended as a positive work, but an undermining attack. And as bad as he was, I shudder to think what would have been rendered upon America had Hillary won. It would not only have been a continuation of his dangerous and destructive policies, but with the socialist expansion of excessive debt and ever-bigger government, deliberate race-baiting, and unfettered immigration, illegal and legal, etc., she would have taken the country beyond repair. The Constitution, what Constitution? 2nd Amendment, nope. Borders? Scratch that, hispanics and Muslims vote overwhelmingly for Democrats, are you kidding, why would we decrease that, no, we’re throwing those doors open! And taxes, forget about it. Her friends wouldn’t pay them, but you sure would. It would be Venezuela 2.0 in no time. Yikes but am I so glad Trump won!

So, the guy who squandered his historic opportunity to unite us as a country and heal our racial wounds, who called his own citizens bitter clingers, and who spent all of his political capital taking over 20% of the economy to socialize health care and torment nuns and Christians about abortions and gay wedding cakes, is back to whip up the base, getting the old band back together. I’m praying that with the passage of time and reflection that people see through the façade of Obama, and realize who he really is, and with that speech and those to come, they just might. He was sarcastic, angry and bitter, not a good look, especially for their vaunted saint of the Left. I especially hope that Democrats most loyal constituency, black Americans, can see his true colors, that their cause is not any priority for Democrats, but merely ballot cattle, and vote MAGA over melanin. And with the #WalkAway movement, it seems entirely possible, check out YouTube, it’s growing every day. I guess we’ll see soon enough. One thing I know for sure though, that whatever excitement he does or doesn’t bring to his own party, he sure does bring it to ours, and his speech has galvanized the ‘Deplorables’ as only he can. Everyone I know was livid, myself included!

I don’t have a crystal ball, nor do I read tea leaves, but based on the Republican tidal waves of 2010 and 2014 during his presidency, his loss of 1100 seats, and the repudiation of his ‘legacy’ and Crooked Hillary in 2016 with the election of Trump, God willing bloom is off the Obama rose, and the ‘Blue Wave’ will turn into a Red Tsunamai, and the Republicans will keep the House. We better hope so, the alternative is simply unthinkable. So keep talking Bitter Barack, you may be the best Get Out The Vote inspiration we can ask for!

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