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Bubba Wallace Pushes Fake Hate Hoax for Profit

Updated: Sep 1, 2023

As if 2020 couldn’t get any crazier, we have a new fake racial hate hoax, because there isn’t ENOUGH racial tension in America! In what looks to be a clear example of seeking to profit off of the current woke climate of white guilt, Black Lives Matter activist tyranny and subjugation of the cowardly to the mob, NASCAR racer Bubba Wallace has apparently allowed if not encouraged a narrative to be promoted that he, the lone full time black driver, was the victim of a noose planted in his garage stall at Talladega. Right in the middle of the Left’s Kristallnacht-type Cultural Revolution blitzkrieg throughout America.

You might remember when Jussie Smollett despicably faked his so-called attack by ‘MAGA’ hat wearing Trump supporters, because the media is going to believe that a black guy will be attacked by two random white guys in the middle of a blizzard in Chicago. It happens all the time. In between the hundreds of black-on-black murders that is. Yes, when the gay black pretender in the series Empire made the claim he was feted as if he was Mandela himself. In fact, no doubt they were probably going to nominate him for a Nobel Prize for being a multi-faceted victim. Hell, he was black and gay and attacked by Trump supporters? He should get three Nobels! This is the way liberals think after all, so it wouldn’t surprise me in the least.

It all fell apart after two not-so-white Nigerian brothers were arrested and later confessed to the hoax, reportedly hatched by Smollett as a way to gain relevance and increase his pay. Victimhood is profitable after all, especially when it comes to race. Mail-order ‘Reverends’ Sharpton and Jackson know that all too well. Sharpton is so good at it in fact, he’s become the new pimp, I mean ‘Pope’ of the Democrat Party. If you want to run for President of the United States, you must go kiss the ring of Sharpton at Sylvia’s in Harlem. He’s such a good shakedown artist⏤though he can barely speak better than Biden, he scared Comcast so much with threats of ‘racism’; he got his own tv show.

And so it is with Bubba Wallace, Bubba being a not so unexpected name in the world of NASCAR, but having a NASCAR driver not only who’s black, but black and named Bubba is like seeing a unicorn.

As the child of mixed race parents, Bubba Wallace, like Kaepernick, Obama, and other high-profile bi-racial celebrities, maybe he felt a particular confusion and discomfort about his place in the world, where he fit in among the racial spectrum. Perhaps he’s been teased and bullied for being bi-racial and has sensitivity to it. I don’t know, but it’s safe to assume at the very least he’s thought about it, especially as the only black driver in a ‘redneck’ sport.

Obama wrote about his issues with being bi-racial, Kaepernick’s life is testament to it. Add to his undoubted personal struggles with his racial identity, the current mayhem of riots and protests, and seeing how quickly and eagerly both individuals and corporations are to ‘take a knee’ to assuage their own guilt and the opportunity to capitalize on the wokeness of the moment was too great. Claiming a ‘noose’ was found in his driver’s stall was a gift. Now everyone in the country knows who Bubba Wallace is.

The problem is, just like with Smollett, it was all fake. There was no ‘noose’, it was a door pull. And there’s one in every garage. Supposedly the one in his was ‘shaped’ like a noose, which of course would be questionable, and if true, should be prosecuted. But if you’ve got any sense at all and have been paying attention for even 5 minutes of the past 5 years particularly: in the Trump era, everything is racist, and all of these hoaxes are faked!

But rest assured, the FBI was on the case! Though Killary Clinton, Comey, Brennan, Clapper, Strzok, McCabe, Page and the Ohr’s walk free while Roger Stone and Flynn live in judicial purgatory, the FBI sent 15, yes, 15 agents to investigate Wallace’s claim only to find that the ‘noose’ was in fact a garage stall door pull, present in every single garage stall at the track, and the one specific to Wallace was there as far back as October, before he was ever there. Thus, no hate crime occurred and therefore Bubba Wallace is not a victim of one.

Will it matter? Who knows? While there are a lot of people very angry and demanding he and NASCAR not only apologize for smearing fans by proxy, but that Wallace should be prosecuted for the lie, (which of course will never happen) there are many comments in support of him, and some saying they weren’t into NASCAR before but because of him, they will now be.

Add to that the racing organization’s ridiculous performance of preemptive baptism of their blameless consciences whereby they paraded Wallace down the stretch, and fellow drivers wore Black Lives Matter shirts in solidarity, likely not knowing anything about BLM.

Wallace himself wears the emblem of the Marxist-Communist anti-America group on his car as a driver in America’s most pro-America, patriotic sport. How this could possibly be good for business is hard to fathom, but apparently even NASCAR is woke and willing to take the gamble.

The question thus goes to racing fans, as it does to social media users as it does to consumers of all of the products of the Woke corporations and China: will you punish them? Are NASCAR fans willing to forego their entertainment to send a message against the implication of a fake racial hate hoax perpetrated upon them? Will NFL fans forego their entertainment to send a message that they simply will not tolerate kneeling and disrespect of their country’s flag and national anthem? Will they do it to Hollyweird, Netflix and HBO? Will they punish China for killing their fellow Americans and crushing their nation’s economy?

The latter is much more difficult, as supply chains can’t just return on a dime, but the point is the same. Are the American people willing to punish the people, organizations and business entities that are all too happy to take their money, but actually hate them and disrespect them at every turn. In this case in particular, I hope so, for few things are more despicable than insinuating racism where it doesn’t exist!

I’ve said for many years now that conservatives need to start voting with their dollars. But I mean really voting with their dollars. Withdraw your hard-earned money from an entertainment system which despises, demeans and tries to destroy you. As much as possible, don’t fund these businesses. And big-money conservatives, the multi-millionaires and billionaires, need to work on creating new platforms like Facebook and Twitter, and new entertainment and product marketplaces where conservatives can spend their money on things and with companies both without getting threatened with cancellation and which share their values instead of mocking them.

There is a great opportunity ahead, and though I hate the colloquialism, a ‘teaching moment’ afoot. It’s also a put up or shut up moment for conservatives. Either vote to withhold your dollars from those who disrespect your country, your anthem and your flag or submit and be quiet.

Image: USA Sports Images

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