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Can Black Christian Conservative Men Save America?

Updated: Sep 1, 2023

I’ve been saying for a decade that if America is to be ‘saved’ as the Constitutional Republic it was set up to be, it would be saved by black Conservative Christians. I still believe that, but now I think it must specifically be black men leading the charge. Does that mean black women, white men & women or any other demographic can’t be involved? Of course not. Everyone has to be involved if you’re a Patriot. I just believe that black men are indispensable to the endeavor.

Though I thoroughly despise identity politics I often discuss racial politics because it’s what the Democrat Left uses to maintain political power. It’s corrosive, destructive and does nothing but divide the country along racial lines, something that is very damaging to our founding principle – E Pluribus Unum - and if left unchecked will destroy us. Though I hate it, we must accept and acknowledge that it exists and because Democrats are so good at employing it, Republicans and Conservatives need to understand it as well and learn and communicate effectively about it. To use identity politics against them if you will.

Because the country developed and prospered on the backs of African slaves, it is in fact our ‘original sin’ and a horrific one at that. That is a stain and shame we can never erase. I’m not one of those who repeat the mantra ‘but hundreds of thousands of white people died to free the slaves’, as if that fixes it. Yes, it’s true that thousands of white people died during the Civil War, and of course black people died as well, but just because slaves were emancipated, doesn’t mean everything was fine. In fact, it created a whole new set of problems.

The Republican Party was formed in 1854 specifically to abolish slavery, and it was a Republican President – Abraham Lincoln – who gave his life for the cause of Emancipation. After slavery was abolished, the Democrats still resisted as fully human and citizen, their former property and they set about terrorizing them: through the KKK, the terrorist wing of the Democrat Party; lynching; legalized segregation; and continued hostilities that lasted through the Civil Rights Movement. There had never been a true Spiritual Reconciliation during the process and so the rawness, division and abuse remained.

In the mid-20th century, somehow Democrats convinced black Americans that although they’d vetoed every voting rights bill, bills put forth by Republicans, that Democrats were best suited for their vote. Never mind that Democrats were literally the Party of the KKK, had murdered blacks and whites, including 1,300 Republicans, who’d supported their freedom or that LBJ had said ‘we’ll have these ni**ers voting Democrat for 200 years’. the Democrat ‘Great Society’ legislation, which mandated fatherless homes in order welfare, devastated the black family. (Is it any wonder black women are such loyal Democrat voters?) It’s created a bizarre Stockholm Syndrome, with black people voting for Democrats, which is akin to chickens voting for Colonel Sanders. How else do you vote for the people who put abortion clinics around every black neighborhood? Because nothing says I love you like let me help you kill your baby, right?

So why do I use the word saved when talking about this issue? Black people attend church more than any other demographic. The strongest ‘church’ in America is the black church. It’s as much cultural as it is religious, but it’s definitely religious. In spite of this, they vote overwhelmingly Democrat, which is why Democrats have such a stronghold through the church. Ever heard of Souls to the Polls? And while technically churches get tax exempt status and aren’t supposed to be involved with politics that certainly doesn’t apply with Democrats and the black church. It’s their vote getting apparatus.

It’s ironic black Americans vote Democrat as they’re actually quite conservative. They’re for school choice, are not pro-abortion and Prop 8 in California wouldn’t have passed without black voters who opposed it. I’ve written a lot about the cultural and identity aspects of this self-destructive alliance which you can read on my website. Suffice it to say, Democrats know what buttons to push with black voters and how to keep them in the voting line, pushing the lever for Democrats.

When you see the devastation of 60 years of Democrat governance in any majority black neighborhood, no sane person could think this alliance has been beneficial. But If you ask people if the Democrat Party’s policies have helped them, they’ll probably say, no, but Republicans are racist. And so it goes. Democrats have weaponized race to such a degree that even in areas where the people who run them are black, and there isn’t a Republican around, they still manage to blame Republicans. Since the Republican Party at this point is mostly white, the blame extends to white people. And since so many in the Republican Party are terrified to be called racist, they not only don’t rebut the narrative, they cower. It’s diabolically brilliant by the Democrats, but it’s still evil.

That’s where black Christian Conservative men come in. It will take courage and strength to push back against the Democrats and since their methodology always involves race-baiting, the pushback must come from people of the same race. White people can say whatever they want but they’ll be marginalized and dismissed. The only people who have the courage to rock the boat and speak out tend to be Christians. To really change things, you have to level the playing field and take away all the excuses for Democrats. How can they race-bait to a black man? They can try, and they do, especially to conservatives. They try to ‘pull their black card’. It’s painful, having your identity as a black person questioned simply because you vote or think differently. I know people who’ve literally been excommunicated from their own families because they voted for Trump and are Republican. In the 21st Century. It’s atrocious!

But not so with people like Royce White, or Lt. Governor Mark Robinson, or Jason Whitlock, among other prominent black conservatives. They don’t care. They take the hits and keep rolling, telling the truth, standing strong in their faith – they are courageous black men. There are so many who’ve paved the way, from Clarence Thomas to Shelby Steele to Thomas Sowell to Larry Elder and I could go on. And one of my favorite people I recently encountered is Vince Everett Ellison, whose interview with Tucker Carlson almost had me shouting and praising in my office it was so amazing. I highly suggest you watch it. Basically it’s one of the most amazing and effective take downs of the Democrat Party and the false ideology of wokeness I’ve ever heard. He’s a black Christian man who rejects the Left’s victimhood ideology, doesn’t think anyone is superior to him, and therefore rejects the idea of white supremacy, saying that if you believe in white supremacy you have to believe in black inferiority. Exactly.

Such is the strength of the conditioning, however, where Democrats have worked to convince many black voters to hate their country, causing many of them to want to burn the country down, even with themselves in it. Democrats are like a thief, they steal your wallet, help you look for it and then give themselves credit for finding it. They say ‘Republicans are racist and bad, so vote for us and we’ll punish them for you.’ My friend radio host Ron Edwards believes this is the case. He often tells me that many black people he knows tell him they hate the country so much they’d rather it be destroyed – even if they’re destroyed as well – than do anything to save it. How do you operate under such conditions?

The reason I believe it must be Christians specifically, is because Christianity is a redemptive religion. Real Christians don’t think of themselves as victims or in terms of oppressor or oppressed (nor do they hate America). We’re all sinners and we ask God for forgiveness of our sins and he asks us to forgive others of theirs. That’s the foundation of Christianity. To be able to combat the racial pollution being vomited out by the Democrats there must be people who are courageous enough to go onto the battlefield, knowing their very identity will be challenged. You know the slurs: If you’re Republican you’re not black, you’re an Uncle Tom, sellout, etc. This is the method they use against any black person who dares to speak up against or leave the Democrat Party. Ask anyone who’s done it. That’s why it must be Christian Conservative black men, they are fortified with the courage of Christ, strengthened by their faith and conviction. What about the women you might ask? At this point, black women are so overwhelmingly loyal to the Democrat Party that to change that paradigm is a long-term endeavor. Maybe they’ll follow their men and in the short term, at least listen to what they have to say.

Are there enough such people to rise up to this task? I don’t know. But I know that courage begets courage and many have taken the blows and fortified the terrain, and

we’ll be here to support them if they do. In order to defeat the wicked Democrats and their evil plan to divide and destroy America, it will take many a courageous soul indeed. People who will join to create a new coalition of faithful Patriots of all creeds and colors and ultimately destroy the corruption in both Political Parties. But in order to stop this incessant race-baiting which will only destroy America, we must first destroy the Democrat Party. It is my belief that only black Christian conservatives can do it. If I’m right, given how black men have been treated in America’s history, it would be the irony of all ironies. I guess we’ll see. God help us and them.

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