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Checkmate Democrats – Trump to Speak at Young Black Leadership Summit

Updated: Jun 19, 2023

Ever since Donald Trump asked ‘What the hell do you have to lose’ in reference to inviting black voters to consider him during the 2016 Presidential election, the Democrats have had the vapors – not because they think black voters wouldn’t vote for Trump, but because they were afraid they would. And indeed many did. Not in overwhelming numbers, but Trump did very well, particularly among black men, especially considering the concerted media push to paint him as a racist. And if he or any Republican gets 20% of the black vote, it’s game over for Democrats, which they know, and which is why they push the race card so hard. And of course, why now, they’re trying to replace their most loyal constituency, black Americans, with a new one, illegals aliens.

Identity politics is everything to the Left, so the Young Black Leadership Summit, a conservative conference, that is happening at the end of October 2018, is already being marginalized & disparaged, and with the most vile but unsurprising rhetoric, similar to the type of despicable things said about Kanye West on CNN, i.e. ‘house negro’, etc. The modern black plantation overseers aren’t happy that one of theirs is getting away, especially one so famous!

Now I’m not a Kanye fan, and especially loathe the Kardashian/Jenner clan, but I have to give him credit for having the courage to not only wear the MAGA hat, but to say some of the stuff he’s been willing to say. It takes tremendous courage to go against the grain in general, but for a black American it can cost you a lot, sometimes everything. You can see that in the threats made against him; figuratively such as losing your friends and or followers, and literally such as when the Crips putting a call out to ‘F—k Kanye Up’. And in an industry where rappers have been murdered for various beefs and which is still influenced by gangs, it’s no small thing for a Crip boss to say. But every time Kanye says something new, as fumbling as it may appear at times, and they hit him, he doesn’t back down, much like Trump himself. I respect that.

The bigger picture though goes far beyond Kanye – he has millions of followers, particularly black fans – and many of them have likely never heard anything about the things he’s saying, such as about welfare being a plan for Democrats to enslave black people to the government by taking fathers out of the home, etc. (all black media outlets are liberal). It’s bold and exciting – and dangerous. People have been killed for less when challenging the Establishment, and Democrats simply can’t afford for black Americans to hear an alternative point of view, it threatens Democrats very existence. So they try to destroy him, but it doesn’t work. People may call him crazy and think he goes off on wild rants, and he does, but some of the stuff is sticking! People are paying attention to what he’s saying and it’s making them question. That’s not supposed to happen: blacks are supposed to vote Democrat, period. Michelle Obama even said so.

As I’ve mentioned before, I watch the #WalkAway movement very closely, as I believe it reflects culture – and at this time in particular, Trump’s influence of it – and there are always a multitude of new videos reflecting the issues of the day. And I can tell you, alot of black Americans are pissed at what Bakari Sellers, Tara Setmayer and Don Lemon said about Kanye on CNN in reference to his visit with President Trump at the White House. (I would include the word-salad spinning Oswald Bates wanna-be Michael Eric Dyson, but he’s so ridiculous he’s not worth including in the conversation).

Sellers said ‘Kanye is what happens when negroes don’t read’, Setmayer said ‘Kanye is the house negro of the Trump administration’, and Lemon called it a ‘minstrel show’, and laughed condescendingly when the other two dropped their insults of Kanye on his show. It was like a black version of “Mean Girls’ with a twist. Putting aside the fact that all of them are STILL on the air when you know that any conservative would’ve been fired in an instant had they said that, it reflects the core issue of what is happening among black Americans now and which, as I see it, is the primary goal of Candace Owens’ crusade to ‘Red Pill’ the black community, which is to ask – who and what defines ‘blackness’? As I’ve discussed this previously, I won’t expound too much on that issue here, suffice it to say there is an internal battle to define it that has not merely been shaken up since Trump entered the political fray, but exploded with the entrance of Kanye West’s support of him.

And that brings me to the Turning Point Young Black Leadership Summit, a conference for young, conservative black Americans between the ages of 15 and 35. These brave young people (as their elder black conservatives before them) have taken it hard on the chin to come out as conservatives in general, and specifically as Trump supporters, and now among the other guest speakers, their President is going to be speaking to them. The one whose very name, though once celebrated endlessly by rappers as well as other Hollyweird celebrities, now causes them to lose their minds as he lives rent-free in their heads. In Trumpian fashion, it will most likely be promoted heavily and perhaps even broadcast nationally, say on C-SPAN, Tweeted out – naturally, etc. It’s a big deal, and how Trump and how Candace Owens, Brandon Tatum and Turning Point handle it will potentially impact not only the 2018 and 2020 elections, but likely the country as a whole, perhaps forever.

People like winners, and they like the limelight. They also like things that are new. Candace is new, fresh and bold, and unafraid to speak her mind. As is Brandon. Being from ‘the hood’ as he describes it, and a reformed former misbehaving youth, he has a perspective that speaks to a portion of the demographic that Democrats have taken horribly for granted and that Republicans heretofore had no hope of ever reaching. Brandon is that bridge. He’s charming, funny, smart, wise, and speaks in a way that shows he’s legit – he knows what he’s talking about. So when you have a guy like Brandon talk about how he grew up as a black person who voted Democrat just because ‘black people vote Democrat’, it’s a message that resonates. It’s the spoon full of sugar before delivering the Red Pill of Conservatism. Combined with Candace, a beautiful black conservative woman who’s fierce and a fighter, it’s a KO punch!

Of course, there will be people who hate-watch just to confirm their own bias, and some of them will get inadvertently captured by the MAGA spirit in spite of themselves. But there will also be many that watch because they know, deep down inside, in a place they perhaps haven’t even wanted to admit, that something is very wrong with this unquestioned marriage to the Democrat Party. They’ve been sold a bill of goods as they’ve watched the black family fall apart, Democrat-run schools fail their children, politicians betray them, sons go to prison, etc. They’ve heard that Democrats ‘care’ about them, but they’re not really feeling the love. And now, since they have a lock on the black vote, all Democrats seem to care about is ‘The Dreamers’ – illegal aliens. It’s like ‘What about MY Dreams?’ Our kids have dreams too, when are you gonna care about them?’

60 years after the passage of Civil Rights legislation which enshrined their right to vote, and an unrequited loyalty to the party that gets 85-95% of their vote automatically, many are starting to wonder ‘what the hell do they have to lose’? Hallelujah!

The time has come for this conversation, for this reckoning, and Candace and Brandon, among the many other brave black conservative Trumpers now boldly speaking out, are just the people to bring it! Charlie Kirk, the founder of Turning Point USA, is great and has provided a wonderful platform, and white people can pray for, support and promote it, but this is an in-house job, and must be solved within the black American family. It is the piece of the puzzle that was shelved with the murders of Malcolm X and Martin Luther King Jr., when the Civil Rights era went astray, and the Welfare Reform Law created the devastating effects thereof that linger to this day.

Trump has checkmated the Democrats with their most faithful constituency and is aggressively courting black voters. We’ll see if it works and I pray it does, because as long as Democrats can successfully exploit the sin of slavery unabated, we will be tethered to that injustice in perpetuity with no hope of ever moving beyond it. But one thing is certain – Trump likes to win – and in my opinion, to challenge and succeed against Democrats on this battlefield that they’ve held undisputed for so long would not only be a win for him, but a win for America. And that would truly ‘Make America Great Again’!

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