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Chill, Greta, Chill – The Left’s Latest Human Shield Scolds the World

Updated: Sep 1, 2023

Liberals always use human shields to shut down debate, whether illegal aliens, refugees or kids with Asperger’s who yell alot, as in the case of Greta Thunberg. Ann Coulter talked about it in her book Godless: The Church of Liberalism, in her usual Coulter way, snarky and bitchy but making a good point about the 9/11 widows. ‘Yes, the left’s human shields were first identified in “Godless” regarding the “Jersey Girls.” Liberals send out little kids, widows and grieving mothers to make their arguments so we can’t argue back.’ And so it is with Greta, you can say anything at all you want about the children of conservatives, including President Trump’s teenage son Barron, but heaven forbid you criticize the mini Eva Braun Greta. After all, don’t you know she has Asperger’s?

Regarding Barron Trump, I wasn’t one of those who lost their minds over the woman who brought him up at the Impeachment hearing and frankly, anyone who did is full of it. I felt it was more of a diss on Trump than Barron. Nonetheless, they have said the most disgusting things about Barron, including the late Peter Fonds who said he ought to be put in cages with illegal aliens and raped. Putting aside the fact that it must mean Fonda thought illegal aliens were rapists, it does illustrate the sheer hypocrisy of the Left for getting the vapors about Trump’s Tweet to Greta, whereupon he called her being named Time Magazine’s Person of the Year ridiculous. Democrat Congressman Hakeem Jeffries brought it up during last week’s hearing feigning outrage over it as part of the reason Trump was so loathsome he ought to be impeached. The faux outrage is really quite nauseating.

There’s a huge difference between Greta and Barron which of course the Left will never acknowledge, which is that Greta put herself out there as the spokeswoman for climate change activism. She’s a petulant brat (Bolsinaro was right to say it) scolding the world with her ridiculously dramatic theatrics. Barron hasn’t done anything like that; he’s just an innocent kid who happens to be Trump’s son. If he had put himself out there, he’d be fair game. And remember what the Left said about Palin’s kids, including her son Trig with Down Syndrome? No outrage though, just justified jeers and nods from the Left. She’s a conservative, after all, so it’s ok to go after her. But not poor Miss Greta. The Left is like Hamas and Hezbollah, and Ann Coulter is right, they use humans shields to attack others and then cry for sympathy when the attacked fight back.

The Time magazine readers chose the brave Hong Kong protesters, who are fighting and dying for freedom and the right to sovereignty promised by China in the handover. But they’ve praised America and Trump for one, and the media and multi-nationals are owned by China for two, so naturally Time can’t put them on. And I have no doubt at all that such a conversation was actually had.

The editor of Time arbitrarily chose a scowling Swedish girl, who’s white ironically – the Left hates that – and who, if she was a conservative spokeswoman, would certainly be called Hitler Youth.

It’s the same old story, anything or anyone who goes against Trump and his voters and their values, will be elevated, and anything they support will be demeaned. My question is this though: how long until the goal-posts change for Miss Greta Thorny burg, and the SJW Left turn on ‘the white girl’ and get angry that a black transgender activist wasn’t chosen to lead on the issue? You know it’s coming.

A lot of the problems we have in society is because we’ve elevated children and devalued parents. And that’s part of the Socialist mission – make the state the authority and by proxy, ‘the government’. And who ‘runs’ the government? The Left. It’s a massive power grab sought to influence society in such a way where there simply is no resistance. Which is incredibly ironic, since their anti-Trump movement is called ‘The Resistance’. I did write after all that liberalism is a schizophrenic ideology though, so it’s not really a surprise.

So Greta, enjoy your (brief) time in the limelight child – a ‘light’ generated by fossil fuels mind you – for it won’t last. Like Agitator Avenatti, the man-child Beto and the ’from super-heroine to complete flop’ Kamala, you too will be relegated to the dustbin of history of liberal dreams and idol worship. It’s how they roll.

Like a Kleenex they’ll use you up and throw you away when your value to them is over. But go easily and don’t resist when they’re through with you, lest you reap their wrath and see their true colors. On second thought, yes, resist, I’m looking forward to the entertainment. But in the meantime – Chill, Greta, Chill.

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