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Comrade Cortez Wants Bigger Salaries for Congress

Updated: Jun 16, 2023

In the never-ending saga that is ‘Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez says’, which is indeed never-ending, the Socialist darling of the left has actually said recently that Congressional representatives need bigger salaries. The same Congress that is less popular than lice, colonoscopies, root canals and Nickelback. Yep, that Congress. And yes, Nickelback sucks and yes, it’s hilarious that they were included in a poll, though they would probably have been beaten out by Maroon 5, but I digress. And yes, I know I digress a lot, but I’m still going to do it!

So Comrade Cortez Tweeted out: “Members are paid more than avg – but job reqs 2 residences + we can’t take tax deductions for work costs,” Ocasio-Cortez tweeted. “No one wants to be the one to bring up increases, so instead ppl take advantage of insider trading loopholes & don’t close them for the extra cash.’, which is basically like saying, ‘If y’all don’t pay me more I’m gonna have to figure out a way to cheat’. Of course that’s being hyperbolic, but in a way it’s true, right?

Here is this person who’s making $174,000 a year, 2 ½ times the median income in the country, (and much more than I make) and she’s complaining. Add to this the recent video chat she did where she was talking about how as a member of Congress ‘if you’re doing what you’re supposed to, you’re working all the time’. Yeah, cupcake, it’s called work! Suck it up! And I pay your salary, go get back to it! Well, actually, you’re a radical communist disguised as a socialist and I don’t want you making any policies that affect me, so actually, just go get some coffee til you’re voted out.

The way she thinks though truly encapsulates the overall problem with how people view government, which is now a $4 trillion industry. It wasn’t always that way, and it was never intended to be that way, you were supposed to go in, get some things done for the people, and get back to your real life. It wasn’t supposed to be a full-time job or a lifetime ‘career’. The phrase ‘all politics is local’ exists for a reason, which is that you’re supposed to be able to both petition and confront your politicians in your hometown, not ruled by Lords or Kings and Queens from faraway places. And ‘public service’ is supposed to be about ‘serving the public, not campaigning for the next election, or enriching one’s own status or bank account, which is exactly what it’s become. Perhaps not for our earnest little Marxist – yet – but she’ll bend sooner or later, they usually do.

There is a common consensus that she’s given too much attention, and I agree, but this issue, along with so many other things she says, are a goldmine for conservatives, and especially for a snarky writer like me. But it’s also important to be able to use her perpetual nuggets of insanity as ‘teachable moments’. What people should be hammering home, and they do, is that this never-ending increase of and affection for, ‘government’, is the problem, and has created the problems the elected claim to want to fix. True, you have to deal with the reality of what is in place now, and the government is enormous and we have to work within its current structure to change it. And I would certainly agree that all barriers should be put in place to prevent elected officials from being corrupted – maybe forbidding elected Democrats from having freezers perhaps? Seriously though, we should be talking about the fact that government being that big IS the problem. With that kind of money sitting in a trough waiting to be plucked, be it from lobbyists, activists or just plain thieves, what’s to prevent corruption from happening?

There’s so much money that goes unaccounted for it’s amazing anything gets done at all. And yet with all that money taken from the pockets of the hardworking taxpayers, we’re STILL $21 trillion in debt.

But here’s this 29-year-old former bartender, who, by the way, still owes her own taxes for a ‘business’ she ran, wanting to create an even bigger opportunity for corruption by putting the government in charge of everything in the economy. I mean who does she think the ‘government’ is anyway? It’s made up of humans who do the very thing she says she wants to stop. Yet she wants to give them even more power? Maybe if she was ever willing to debate a conservative or go on Fox News or talk radio she could be enlightened on another way to think about it. I’m not holding my breath.

It’s the same mentality that is reflected over and over with regard to how liberals behave themselves and how they demand you behave. For instance, Al Gore lectured America on ‘climate change’, and received an Oscar for it, while he flew private and his own house was using 10x the national average in power. Or their concern about ‘income inequality’, but their solution is to give other people’s money rather than their own. Even Politico and the New York Times have acknowledged this. In Politico regarding the 2008 election they noted that ‘the eight states with residents who gave the highest share of their income to charity supported Sen. John McCain, while the seven states with the least generous residents went for Barack Obama.

NYT Nicholas Kristof, himself a liberal, said ‘Liberals show tremendous compassion in pushing for generous government spending to help the neediest people at home and abroad. Yet when it comes to individual contributions to charitable causes, liberals are cheapskates.’ From the filth left behind at Standing Rock, the Women’s March and Occupy ICE Portland, to their own hypocrisy about ‘caring’ but not actually ‘giving’, liberals so often demonstrate a ‘do as I say not as I do’ attitude, and the American people are sick of it. Especially when they keep coming at us for more.

It’s all so maddening that it defies belief. It’s why Brexit happened, it’s why Trump was elected and why so many other ‘populists’ around the world are being elected too – this idea that ‘government’ is a place for a comfy career where taxpayers should subsidize your lifestyle so you can push legislation that either goes against the will of your citizens (like mass immigration in the EU) or benefits your donors.

And yes, I blame Republicans too, more in fact, because they’re the ones that supposedly stand for fiscal conservatism. And they better get their acts together or they’re going to face a reckoning and all be thrown out of office, the MAGA coalition isn’t having it!

So yes Comrade Cortez, in addition to promoting your America-bankrupting Green Cow Fart Deal and complaining about ‘working all the time’, please do petition for higher salaries for Congress, it’ll just piss people off even more and make them want to vote Republican. I know we have our own Swamp Creatures, and we’re working on that, but so long as you keep up with your incessant lunacy, and that of your other comrades, particularly the new Furious Four Freshman radicals, you’ll ensure both a Republican sweep and Trump re-election, which will give us breathing room to undo every horrible thing past liberals and complicit Republicans have put in place.

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