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Crazy People are Teaching Our Children – Wake Up America!

Updated: Jun 15, 2023

In a play on words of the original song, ‘Mama’s don’t let your babies grow up to be snowflakes’, I have to ask – What the hell has happened to America’s children? I know, of course, and am being rhetorical, but seriously, how did we allow ourselves to get here? Where a teacher can get fired for ‘misgendering’ a ‘transgender’ student, but otherwise it would take just shy of an act of Congress to otherwise get them dismissed! And even then, they’d still get paid, they’d just ride a desk instead of teaching students. And I do use the term ‘teach’ loosely, because they’re not really teaching them, they’re indoctrinating them.

I don’t have children, but I am an American citizen and taxpayer, and I’m really astonished at the state of our (mis)education system and what is being allowed to happen. And what I don’t understand most is WHY parents are allowing this to go on? Why are they allowing their taxes to fund professors who teach their children to hate them and the country in which they live? I would ask why politicians allow it, but I already know the answer.

Democrats want this insanity in the schools because it benefits them to have a compliant, indoctrinated populace of engineered idealists who don’t know enough to be able to object. And Republicans are either too ‘nice’ and passive, or too comfortable in their positions that they don’t want to risk the scorn of the maniacal Left. It’s almost understandable, except that we conservatives vote for and pay those a-holes to fight for us, and they’re not!

When discussing the myriad of problems with the mis-education system, we need to understand that rotten fruits come from poisoned roots. At the end of the school cycle, (high school or college graduation) it’s too late to undo the damage that a fifth of a lifetime of continual subversive indoctrination has wrought. Watch any segment of Campus Reform or Jesse Watters and you’ll see that not only do students at the most elite schools toe the typical liberal line on all of the identity politics issues, they can’t recite any of the basics that 12+ years of standard liberal arts education should endow. Simply put, save for a few, a lot of America’s children are just plain dumb. If the education system were assesed under a corporate valuation, we’d describe it as having gone from Blue Chips to Penny Stocks.

We can’t blame them though, it’s not their fault. It’s the fault of parents, ‘educators’, and policy makers. This is the triumvirate of failure that has put the country which spends the highest amount per capita on education – yet is only in 10th place in the world in math and 9th in science – in the shape it’s in. And those numbers are on the macro level for the entire population of 320 million. Break it down by demography and geography and it’s significantly worse, and one of saddest ironies is that the people who suffer the most under the failed education system are often the most likely to vote to maintain it. Needless to say the immediate response from the Left to this report would be to throw even more money at an already failing system, whereas conservatives would say we must offer more and better alternatives until such time as the system is improved to increase those numbers and the opportunities for success that such improvements represent. And yet still nothing would probably change.

When discussing education, I think of the basics and expect proficiency in them – math, reading, English, science, critical thinking. I also happen to believe that exposure to the arts and music rounds out a good education, but the basics must be met first. One of the problems with the current education system is that it’s been changed from a factual liberal arts based system, i.e. 1+1 = 2, to a ‘feelings’ or humanistic centered model, such as the philosophy of the Dr. Spock book ‘Baby and Child Care’. Where self-esteem is considered more important than personal responsibility, and Instead of parents having authority over their children, the children became the center of the household, to such a degree where many modern parents are terrified of their own children. This is the rotten fruit of the entitlement philosophy that feeling good is more important than doing good, and has created a generation of snowflakes so inept at life, despite having spent (at least) 4 years in college or university, that they now need ‘adulting’ classes to teach them basics such as how to pay bills, pay off credit cards, cook, and change a flat tire. Um, forgive me for being naïve, but isn’t that what PARENTS are for?! And no, in case you’re wondering, I’m not kidding, look it up for yourself if you don’t believe me.

Yes, after spending 12 years being shuffled from box to box in a system where the geniuses in charge are spending undo time, money and energy litigating to determine in which bathroom an infinitesimally small part of the population can urinate, you then take on massive student debt because the elites lied and told you that you need a college degree to be ‘successful’, you now have to take a class to figure out how to pay your bills. I would say to change your diaper but hoping at least you’re done with that phase by this point. Though of course, now there are people who are actually doing that too, role playing as babies. Nope, not kidding there either, sadly.

This all leads one to wonder, wtf has happened to our country and why have we allowed it? There are many answers to this question, and I will be exploring them in more depth in the future. I think one reason though is because parents are just plain tired. With the breakdown of the family, there are more households where either one or both parents are working, and/or where single parents are working full-time and perhaps just too tired to do the type of in-depth monitoring they should of what their kids are learning with all of the other responsibilities they’re shouldering. This was all part of the progressives’ plan of course, to create so much brokenness in the structural systems that uphold civilized societies, that they could slip in the cracks and institute their insanity. Otherwise it couldn’t have happened.

One example of campus craziness for example, happened at Mizzou, where a crazy teacher, Melissa Click, was caught on tape asking for students ‘muscle’ to block journalist from filming at one protest and was seen cursing at cops at another. Some good news though, is that the fallout over that was tremendous. She was fired, and Mizzou subsequently had to close several dorms because of falling enrollment. After all, who wants to go to a school where such lunatics are in charge? Alumni also frown on such scandals at their alma matters. There is case after case of these types of events happening at taxpayer subsidized colleges and universities, where radicals are subverting the Republic from within, and a wholesale rethinking and reorganization of our education system must be undertaken or we’re going to be in very serious trouble in this country.

There is a bit of hope though, and from a rather unlikely source – the cell phone. This instrument, while it has its major downsides for the population as I’ve discussed previously, is actually the great informer and equalizer – at the touch of a button, students can and do, record all manner of inappropriate behavior by their teachers. From the overreach of campus police in restraining students, to the bias of teachers against students who think differently from them politically (reference the MAGA hat example), to a black teacher actually telling her students that simply being born white makes you a demon. Yes, this actually happened. It goes on and on, but thankfully though, there is now evidence, and thus recompense, and hopefully, Education Secretary DeVos is stealthily undertaking some of these measures to improve the system. Our future as a Republic depends on it.

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