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Creepy Joe’s #MeToo Reckoning

Updated: Jun 19, 2023

Well, it looks like Creepy ‘Uncle’ Joe is toast. Not the warm, buttery, good with eggs and bacon kind of toast, but like 2am Waffle House toast. He may not know it, believe it or accept it, but he’s done, he simply cannot run for president – he’s been Kavanaughed. By a Bernie supporter at first, and now three more women have come out about his ‘inappropriate behavior’, so it’s just a matter of time, and this is probably just the beginning. Of course, everyone has always known about Joe Bidens’ ‘handsy’ reputation, but only now, when he might run for president, and based on polling data, possibly win the Democrat nomination, do they pull this political assassination. He’s probably feeling ‘Fostered’ right now, politically speaking of course. 

Seriously though, the fact that this is an issue now ought to be offensive to any thinking person and anyone who calls themselves a feminist, (which of course I do not). If the same behavior he’s always been exhibiting is unacceptable now, why wasn’t it unacceptable then? He’s been doing it forever, and on video! It’s a rhetorical question of course, the reason is always the same – politics. They’re taking Biden out because the party of ‘#MeToo’ simply can’t abide someone who has so much evidence against him of ‘unwanted touching’, ‘non-consensual touching’, ‘forcible kissing’, etc., that is, unless they’re sure they can win. They can’t be seen as hypocrites (except apparently in Virginia), especially since they know Trump will use it against them. They wouldn’t care if it were any old Republican they were running against, who they know wouldn’t ‘go there’, but Trump’s not, and they do.

I knew it when he said the word ‘creepy’ with reference to Biden a couple months back that it would be part of his playbook. Trump is ‘not your grandfather’s Republican’, one of the ‘go along to get along’ country club types. He’s a street brawler who fights back and isn’t afraid to roll in the mud and throw punches, and in fact relishes that – just what the Republican Party needs! Of course in this case, it’s Democrats doing the ‘hit’, but in a way, it’s Trump by proxy, because they have to weed out the low-hanging fruit as they know Trump will fight like they fight! It’s guerrilla warfare, and he’ll give no quarter.

Biden’s potential opponents did the predictable dance, knowing that while yesterday they would’ve defended him, made excuses for him and deflected to whatever they could say Republicans had done. Nowadays, however, if he’s competition, not so much. Fauxcahantas said she believes Flores, as has Klobachar, once Bill Clinton-loving but now conveniently denouncing Gillibrand, and Julian Castro. No one has any idea who he is, but apparently he’s running for president.

I’d almost feel bad for Biden, but not only am I more infuriated and disgusted with every new video I see of the way he pets, tries to kiss and yes, I’m gonna say it, seems to almost fondle, little girls (what’s wrong with their parents?!) But in my opinion he’s kind of a jerk and a phony and just another ‘politician’ for almost 50 years, who’s gotten rich on the taxpayer’s dime (and possibly illegal political dealings with the Chinese) while scolding half of the American population. So no, I don’t feel bad for him, and much like the phrase ‘live by the sword die by the sword’, when you play in politics and are willing to throw daggers at people who deign to disagree with you, you have to take the boomerang when it comes back your way.

Anyone paying attention could’ve seen this anyway, there have been several articles saying that this is not Biden’s ‘time’. He’s old, white (would be 78 if he ran in 2020), and male – 3 strikes!

It’s been coming for a while, from the Time article – ‘America shouldn’t target Biden Being Biden’ in 2015, (perhaps a prelude to what he would’ve gotten if he ran in 2016?) to more recent articles. Among the recent headlines; NYT – ‘The Wrong Time for Biden’; Vox – ‘Joe Biden, Lucy Flores, and the “Creepy Uncle Joe” problem’; WAPO – ‘Joe Biden’s affectionate, physical style with women comes under scrutiny’; the Hill’s – ‘Biden controversy splits Dems on generational, political lines’; to name a few.

I actually think it’s all BS anyway, they’re only looking at who they think can beat Trump, which they apparently think Biden can, and some have even said as much. From Mika who says ‘You’re eating those who can beat Trump’; to the actress turned activist and all around nuisance Alyssa Milano who says his ‘leadership is what our country needs’ (what happened to believe all women?). From Pelosi who said it’s ‘not disqualifying’ for a presidential candidate; to Valerie Jarrett, who had no such understanding and sympathy for Roseanne, but defended Biden, as did the cohosts of The View.

“Joe is a hands on kind of guy!” said Whoopi Goldberg, who asked why the accuser couldn’t have simply asked him to stop touching her’; and Joy(less) Behar said “It’s a long way from smelling your hair to grabbing your hoo-ha…I mean let’s tell the truth.” When Sunny Hostin referenced the ‘power dynamic with the former vice president taking advantage of his political position…and said maybe they’ll stop seeing Biden smelling women’s hair or kisses on the forehead’, Whoopi actually said “That pisses me off…I don’t want Joe to stop doing that!”.

The reason Democrats wanted Biden in the first place is that no one in the modern Democrat Party who’s getting any attention has been anywhere in between the Coasts except for liberal enclaves like Chicago, Madison and Austin. They don’t know, nor want to know, anyone who might be one of those ‘smelly WalMart Trump supporter’ types (as Strzok referred to them), which they think ‘Uncle Joe’ with his ‘folksy ways’ might appeal to. They don’t like those people, but they’ll take their votes! Which is also why fellow Democrats are supporting Biden and excusing behavior from him that they wouldn’t abide from any Republican. When it comes to the war of politics there’s one standard for Democrats and one for Republicans. If it weren’t for double standards, Democrats would have no standards at all.

This is just the beginning of course, and it’s going to be Hunger Games meets MMA, a cage fight like nothing we’ve ever seen before, making the 2016 Republican debates look like child’s play. We’re going to see contortionism, particularly by the Democrat white men that would make Cirque du Soleil blush, in fact it’s already started, with both Bobby Francis and Biden apologizing for their whiteness. It will be the ‘wokest’ Democrat primary ever, and will be interesting to see who, if anyone, is left standing.

Biden is an easy mark, because there’s irrefutable evidence, but if this hit on Biden is from another ‘white male’ candidates’ team, they better not get too cocky.

The Left’s Jihad against white men hasn’t abated, it’s just on pause. It’s like playing Twister on tequila trying to keep up with the ever-changing rules on behavior and identity politics, and many can’t, as Bobby Francis recently discovered.

He was lavished with praise against Cruz, but then the same people went after him immediately after he announced for president. They criticized him on everything from his Vanity Fair magazine cover to his announcement speech with his wife fawning over him like a Stepford Wife, to him secretly feeding her their baby’s turd.

Yep, 2020’s in full swing folks, and we’re going to witness the religion of identity politics slaughter and sacrifice those who practice it. They will reap what they’ve sown with their dividing of the nation, of their merciless balkanization and demonization of America. In their rush to the finish line to go up against the Big Dawg, they will slay each other along the way, not only crippling their own party, and likely the complicit media along with it, but providing President Trump with a treasure trove of weapons with which to defeat whoever emerges victorious. I’m looking forward to it, let the games begin.

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