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Dave Chappelle Gives the ‘Woke’ Left the Vapors!

Updated: Sep 5, 2023

He’s not a Trump supporter, doesn’t even like Trump and in fact, he really likes Obama, but somehow or another, comedian Dave Chappelle is now getting skewered by the Left and likely on the verge of being called a black white supremacist and ‘cancelled’ by the Left because, well, that’s what they do. He’s shaken up both comedy and free speech, much as Donald Trump did with politics and political correctness, and liberals are really, really mad.

Full disclosure, I haven’t watched his new special, Sticks and Stones, nor do I know much about Chappelle other than he once walked away from a $50 million deal from his successful show and that he refused to wear a dress in a scene of a movie, after questioning why black men seemed to always be wearing a dress in movies. I’ve never watched his show, and the stuff I’ve seen with him makes me think that he may actually be racist against white people, even though he talks a lot about other’s racism. But I do know that when anyone in Hollyweird goes against the grain they’re in trouble, and in particular, black people.

The reason it’s so important and ‘controversial’ is that Chappelle’s new standup show is talking and joking about issues the Left will simply not accept any questioning or mocking of. And keep in mind, Chappelle does his fair share of poking at white people, and I don’t find all of his jokes funny, not because I’m white but because I just don’t think they’re that funny, and I love to laugh, even at myself! But I do laugh at some of them, because, like with some stereotypes, they’re true and funny. For instance, the use of the Southern accent to reflect rednecks is a stereotype, and naturally not all Southerners are rednecks, but some are, and the reference makes sense, and the audience laughs, both black and white.

He takes on a lot of ‘controversial’ subjects, from abortion to race to cancel culture, and there are people on both sides with opinions on all of them. However, the one which is getting him the most attention and heat is the part about ‘the alphabet people’. In the victimhood hierarchy of the ‘Woke’ Left, the highest victim and sacred cow of which one must never mock is the LGBTQA-Z, particularly ‘transgender’. And certainly people who identify as such shouldn’t be harmed, but they also shouldn’t be elevated to some type of sainthood status, which seems to have happened. He joked about them and all hell’s broken loose.

Chappelle uses the word n****r in his routines – a lot – sometimes it’s funny within the context of a joke, sometimes it’s not, but it apparently hasn’t really been a bone of contention for any of the producers of his shows or specials. But using the word f****t is. In the new skit, he references the fact that the he was speaking with a Netflix executive who said he couldn’t use the word f****t in his skits, which he questioned. ‘The comedian delivered a bit about when he pitched sketches and was called out by an exec for his usage of the f-word but not on the n-word, noting that the exec said he can’t say it (f****t) because he is not gay. He then noted that he is not a n****r either.’ And that therein is the rub.

This small but extremely significant part of the special is garnering even more attention than saying that if women choose to get abortions and men have no say, then if women choose to have the baby, men should have no forced responsibility. And that’s saying a lot, because feminists go crazy over that argument. But it is simply forbidden to say anything in the slightest bit humorous or questioning about the LGBTQ crowd, even though the Q stands for ‘questioning’. That’s why they’re mad and that’s why they’re going after him, trying to ‘cancel’ him.

Beyond the vice grip the Left has on free speech which has all but castrated comedians, they’ve also been exposed by Chappelle for the hypocrisy of their outrage and incessant claims of being ‘offended’. The same white liberals who’ve laughed with him making dozens of jokes about black people have zero problem with him using the word n****r hundreds of times, simply cannot abide when the tables are turned on them. They will not be mocked. They’re steaming and it’s glorious to see.

Much like the journalists who are now freaking out that conservative Trump supporters are scouring their social media accounts for cancelable offenses, the ‘Woke Left’ has the vapors about anyone making fun of their team. Among other liberal media lamentations, Buzzfeed – of all sites – says Chappelle’s show is ‘unnecessarily offensive’. Yes, Buzzfeed.

We’ll see what the end result is, but so far, though the ‘professional critics’ on sites like Rotten Tomatoes, aka the snowflakes, have it rated poorly, the actual viewers rate his show very highly at about 94%. While the appreciation of and opposition to it are in some part along politically ideological lines, that’s not entirely the case. Some people, even some liberals, are just glad to see real jokes being made about real issues, and long for the days of irreverent, even ‘offensive’ comedy.

What happens next will show if America is ready to shut down the Woke Left Gastapo or submit to their brownshirts, but hopefully Dave Chappelle has broken through the matrix and will help Make Comedy Great Again.

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