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Democrat Cruelty And The Lockdowns

Updated: Sep 1, 2023

Liberal Democrats are cruel, vicious people. Think that’s harsh and untrue? Just take a look around the country at the number of businesses that are being forced to shutter because of the dictatorial decrees of Democrat elected officials. It’s not happening (for the most part) in Republican led districts, it’s where Democrats govern - a term I use very lightly.

Under the guise of ‘safety’, based on the reported but questionable (by thinking people) statistics about the China Coronavirus, Democrats have arbitrarily shuttered and kept shuttered, small businesses as well as churches while at the same time permitting liquor and weed stores and abortion clinics to remain open unrestricted. You can’t worship in person at church, but you can kill your baby up until the date of birth, including stoned or drunk if you so choose. How does that make sense if not because Democrats hate small business, God, and basically America.

The insane irony of this entire China Virus situation, or as I call it, the PlanneDemic, is that even though it came from China, the only products we’re allowed to buy are sold at big box stores and made in China. The way businesses are now ‘meeting’ is on Zoom, which is allied with the Chinese Communist Party, and if you criticize any of this, Big Tech, which is in bed with the CCP also, will ban you. And to make it worse, our elected Republican ‘representatives’, who are supposed to represent us but apparently also represent China, refuse to eliminate Section 230, which protects American Citizens against censorship by China-supporting Big Tech companies.. And they wonder why we voted for Trump!

There is so much that is wrong with the lockdowns and the mask muzzling, (I won’t even get into the masking of children!) but perhaps the worst injury is that so many of the Democrats declaring the lockdowns and mask mandates don’t even follow their own rules themselves. There are so many to mention that it would take a whole additional article, but some notable examples of Democrat hypocrisy include: Ice-Cream Nancy Pelosi, Greasy Gavin Newsome, Whitmer (or as I call her Cyborg of Satan Whitmao), Killer Cuomo, Lunatic Lightfoot. I could go on. Where I live, the Tampa mayor, who I call Nanny Castor Chavez, after strong-arming the County Commission to impose a never-ending mask mandate on us, almost immediately gave blood on a mobile bus with you guessed it – no mask!

Of all the ridiculousness and hypocrisy of the Democrats power grab, the piece de resistance of insult is Comrade DeBlasio of New York. Not only has Wicked Wilhelm obviously purposely destroyed New York City with the shutdown of businesses and restaurants, which is bad enough. Not only did he insult his residents with that despicable Christmas tree he chose, which he then blocked them from watching the lighting of. No, those insults and more aren’t even the worst of his atrocities. He closed down Times Square so none of the taxpayers who pay for the New Year’s Even Ball Drop could WATCH it live, then proceeded to dance with his wife in Tiimes Square. Gut punch, salt rub, rinse, repeat. Such is the level of cruelty of these people.

And don’t give me this ‘We’re in this together’ bullshit either, we’re NOT! Not a SINGLE government official at ANY level has lost a paycheck, which comes at our expense no less, while at the same time they’ve made millions lose theirs. This at the same time they not only fudge the numbers for both financial and political gain, but then put out these obnoxious flash mob videos of doctors dancing. Which is it? Either the hospitals are full and the morgues are overflowing or you have so much time on your hands you can choreograph dance videos. Because it can’t be both.

When caught in their hypocrisy, Democrats feign some remorse and issue slick apologies which are as phony as they are, such as the laughable video of Greasy Gavin. They don’t mean it and it’s obvious, like with the New Mexico mayor in Cabo, or the Chicago teacher in Puerto Rico. But some don’t even apologize, such as Ice Cream Nancy. No, she actually blamed the salon owner for the picture that came out of her getting her hair done without a mask – two things forbidden for the minions in her state. But she ‘represents them’ she said to Wolf Blitzer. She ‘feeds them’.

No, Muriel Bowzer shutting down restaurants in DC over Christmas and News Years is as cruel as when Obama shut down the World War II Memorial during the government shutdown of 2013 for maximum pain, a truly vicious and despicable act. And as I said, Democrats don’t even pretend to care anymore. Truth is, they don’t have to, they get voted in anyway. All they have to do is say the other side is racist and voila, re-election. It pacifies both guilty white liberals and black voters. Of course we know now that because of Dominion voting machines some of those elections might be rigged, but still, Democrats race-baiting is a successful endeavor. Plus, their voters don’t see any of this on the DNC media anyway.

So Democrats will go on being the vicious creatures they are until they’re stopped. And mind you, I’m exceptionally harsh on my own Party, but the Republicans for the most part aren’t out their deliberately causing such harm to their citizens. My governor, Florida’s Ron DeSantis, and South Dakota’s Kristi Noem have shown that maximum freedom, combined with common sense, allows for both safety and success, a formula that all elected officials should have as their core mission for their constituents.

Unfortunately, that is not the Democrat Party’s mission, theirs is destruction. They are Communists. Yes, I said it, Communists. How else can you explain their behavior, where they deliberately destroy small businesses (independence) and churches (God) while enabling and promoting abortion (evil) and intoxication (destructive). All the while enriching the very nation whose lies brought us the crippling virus in the first place – Communist China.

So yes, the modern Democrat Party a cruel cadre of Anti-American, anti-Freedom despots bent on destroying our American way of life. With slick oratory but forked-tongues, feigned compassion but active subversion, they’re crushing the lives and spirits of everyone they were elected to represent. They don’t care about Americans, they hate them. Sure, they love their taxes and their votes, but they hate the American people. It’s obvious now, it can’t be denied. The question for Democrat voters then, is Why do you continue to vote for them? And the question for the rest of America as we watch Democrats destroy the country, is Why are you letting them?!

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