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Democrat ‘Leadership’ Brings Weakness, Destruction and Chaos

Updated: Sep 1, 2023

Cities are burning from coast to coast, storefront glass shatters, criminals loot businesses⏤innocent men and women, young and old, are beaten and even killed on the streets. People are being terrorized. When will it end? Is the ultimate goal of the Left to destroy America?

Every night on the news, it becomes more evident that these are coordinated, well-funded groups, hell-bent on destruction and most assuredly in concert and with the approval of the Democrat Party and the media. Will those who routinely vote for Democrats finally wake up?

Everyone can see that what is happening is just an extension of the Op, (Operation) that was the coronavirus PlannedDemic and just the latest ‘get Trump’ effort, since everything from Stormy to Mueller to Impeachment has failed, and actually made Trump stronger. Even if they are Democrats and hate Trump, the way the rioters in the streets are destroying and terrorizing their cities and neighborhoods will make them want Trump to drop the hammer and make it stop. When there are fists, bricks and molotov cocktails coming at you, safety is a very unifying force. And Americans want safety.

In the span of 3 months we’ve gone from relative calm, albeit with political sparring, to sheer hell, where we’re watching the country literally get torn apart. What appears as nothing more than wild petulant children are marauding the streets of America, in big cities and small, terrorizing the populace into a shocked and frozen submission, wondering how the hell we got here.

People who have guns but are afraid to use them because they’re not confident their Democrat ‘leadership’, who’ve been harassing them over masks and ‘social distancing’ while letting criminals out of jail, won’t prosecute them instead of the lawbreakers. And law enforcement are not only under siege themselves, but don’t in many cases have the backing of their elected officials either, look on both fearfully and helplessly as they’re either told to stand down, or become overwhelmed by the sheer volume of people going up against them. America is essentially in a domestic Civil War, it’s just not yet been officially declared, and only one side is fighting.

The Civil War began long before Sumter, but that was the catalyst that brought it into fruition. In America, there has been a lot of tension for years, even decades, with the political Left getting away with an astonishing amount of provocation against the Citizenry: from Occupy Wall Street (which began under Obama and which is the genesis of all of these Leftist revolutionary movements) to Black Lives Matter to Antifa. The Left to include the media, are expert social analysts and have figured out that in certain circumstances, some people will riot when inflamed with passion but others won’t, the latter enduring an increasing level of chaos and insanity by the former without retaliation. We’ve basically taught them how to manipulate us like Pavlov’s Dogs.

It’s important to look back to the beginning of Donald Trump’s Presidency to understand where we are now. Sure, some of it is basic political maneuvering, agitating their Democrat base so that they get out and vote, for it is election season after all. And Biden was slipping with black voters, so any racial incident is ALWAYS an opportunity for Democrats, who, in the words of Rahm Emmanuel ‘never let a crisis go to waste’, which is why Black Lives Matter ‘protesters’ are out.

But that’s only part of the story and not even the most sinister, which is being evidenced all over America by the newly designated terrorist group Antifa, effectively the Democrat Party’s Stazi, brownshirts, or paramilitary wing – take your pick. A group of give no fu**s n’er do wells, mostly higher-educated, upper class self-hating white suburbanites (or rich urbanites), who, desperate for a ‘cause’, have become the SDS (Students for a Democratic Society) of the 21st century, and are now running roughshod over America.

In case you don’t remember, the rallying cry of Antifa during the Inauguration was ‘become ungovernable’. So what does that actually mean? Well, Portland. In what looks like a perpetual scene out of One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest or 12 Monkeys, the inmates are running the asylum, i.e., Antifa running Portland, and because of the complicity of the mayor, it’s the equivalent of a ‘failed state’ within a state. It might as well be Baghdad under ISIS, and with their Black Bloq attire, they look the part. And much like ISIS and Al Qaeda members, many if not most of these terrorists are not the poor, uneducated, or downtrodden, but actually affluent, college educated and maybe even have both parents at home. But those parents have created monsters who now brutalize the citizens (and taxpayers) of Portland, a once beautiful city.

The same scene is now being implemented en masse all over America at this very moment. Emboldened by feckless elected officials, themselves either outright revolutionaries themselves, with that bent, or just politically correct eunuchs and useful idiots convinced if they’re only nice to the lions, they won’t eat them.

These foot stomping perpetually tantrum-throwing adult children now make the rules, while their suburban soccer moms and helicopter parents cower in fear of them. It’s the Democrat-created Frankenstein on steroids.

And now they’ve tasted the power and will not let it go, they’re taking scalps.

Over the past couple of days, these tyrant toddlers have successfully demanded and compelled the law enforcement of two major metropolitan cities to ‘take a knee’, obviously in reference to Kaepernick. The children forced the teachers to submit. That’s where we are. These are the Democrat spawn now holding the entire American population hostage. The only question now, as we stare into the flames engulfing our country is, when will it STOP, and will America punish the Democrats who fund and support it?

Image: AP

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