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Democrats Deliberately Hurt America’s Children For Politics

Updated: Sep 1, 2023

What kind of people would intentionally hurt children for politics? Democrats that’s who and they did in 2020 and they still are. As I’ve been saying since the very beginning of the PlanneDemic, everything in 2020 and rolling into the Non-surrection of January 6th, was to get President Trump out of office, and everything since has been to keep him out and retain Democrat, RINO and Globalist control. And although so much about the last 18 months has been atrocious - from the hypocrisy on mask and business closure edicts to those imposing them not even following them (Democrats of course) - worst of all was the deliberate abuse of children to achieve their goal. Your children! Your little, helpless, innocent children, who must be masked, othered, discriminated against, treated like crap if they don’t ‘comply’ with arbitrary Democrat edicts. Edicts which don’t apply of course to people like Pelosi, Newsome or Obama, et al, whose Party, the Democrats, is mandating this all over the country. They’re ‘sophisticated’ dontcha know! Rules are for the minions and the kids. What Democrats have done is profoundly evil, and perhaps criminal, and I pray that Democrat voters will punish them for it, though I don’t hold my breath.

It has been exposed that the Teacher’s Union collaborated with the CDC and the Biden regime to keep schools closed to in-person learning last year and their attempts to keep it as such for this year. Through a FOIA request, emails were obtained which show that the ‘American Federation of Teachers lobbied the CDC on, and even suggested language for, the federal agency’s school-reopening guidance released in February. Per the New York Post, ‘Many were puzzled and angered by what they saw as the CDC willfully ignoring the science and slow-walking a return to in-person learning even as mounting evidence showed schools were not a primary source of coronavirus infections as long as they followed mitigation strategies. ‘Science’ didn’t matter.

In a widely viewed CNN interview on Feb 14, anchor Jake Tapper grilled Walensky and demanded to know why the guidelines would allow schools in areas with high coronavirus community spread — known as “red zones” — to opt out of in-person reopening, noting that 99% of US kids fell within those areas, according to a CNN analysis.’ Sometimes Tapper actually does journalism and this is one of those times. They knew the school shutdowns and refusal of in-person learning was hurting children, they knew there was NO ‘science’ showing that children posed any risk of either spreading the virus or contracting it, but they wanted to keep the schools closed anyway. And earlier this month the LA teachers union boss gave away the scoop, "Our kids didn’t lose anything. It’s OK that our babies may not have learned all their times tables. They learned resilience. They learned survival. They learned critical-thinking skills. They know the difference between a riot and a protest. They know the words insurrection and coup," even making the ridiculous claim that school re-openings demonstrated 'structural racism'. How can it be structural racism to keep schools closed when doing so hurts low-income ‘people of color’ most?

It isn’t, and they won’t even be asked that question. And they don’t care about so-called structural racism anyway, (they’re policies are racist) they care about power. Democrat power to be specific. They don’t care about the psychological damage being done to children, particularly developing children, by not being able to either show their own faces, or see those of their friends, to express themselves and see the expressions of others. Not the physical harm of forcing them to breathe in their own exhalations for up to eight hours a day. Not the intellectual harm of lowered academic progress due to being denied their entitlement to taxpayer-funded in-person education. And to add insult to injury, not only did all of the white liberals making these rules send their own kids to in-person, private school, many of the same people tried to keep public schools closed to in person learning.

When they were ‘allowed’ to go back to school, there was a universal mask mandate suggested by the unelected CDC. Biden made the mask rulings for children out of sheer spite, of course, simply because he could – Democrats run the bureaucracy. That’s why he’s going after Florida and Governor DeSantis, who’s resisting these atrocities and who said ‘I’m in your way’ if you try to do these things to Florida’s children. Thank God for DeSantis, but what about the innocent children in Democrat cities and states and the Leftist bureaucrats who want to torture them? The pictures of their pained faces in the masks looking like they’re begging someone to rescue them haunts me and is almost too much to bear. We must care about them and try to save them from this abuse.

There have been a lot of very disturbing stories and videos out lately showing just what these demons are doing to children, based on arbitrary Democrat edicts and junk science. One example was by the Ryanair staff at Valencia airport, who forced Callum, 12, to have a Coronavirus test, despite being exempt because of autism. He was crying as they continued without mercy, refusing to stop. If you know anyone with autistic children, you know as bad as this would be in general, it’s magnified for them. Ryanair later apologized, but so what? The damage was done. In another incident, a bus driver smacked a student on the bus because they didn’t want to wear their mask. In yet another, a ‘teacher’ in Las Vegas taped a student’s mask to their face. And just this week, a video came hit the airwaves of a daycare worker forcing a crying toddler in day care to keep on his mask. I couldn’t even watch the entire video I was so shaken with anger. She’s EXTREMELY lucky that that poor child was not mine, because she would never be able to write again nor ever have a need for fingernail polish, and I’ll leave it at that. These are just a few examples of this cruelty to children, and anyone forcing this upon children should be in prison or worse. And understand: this is who Democrats are.

What’s happening in this Coronavirus insanity period is so beyond the pale that the response to it must be equally beyond the pale. In the instance of that day care worker, a good doxxing and home visit is appropriate for the torture she put upon that innocent child and I hope it happens. Many of my mutuals on Twitter who are fathers had to pause on the platform because they were so angry, likely imagining the vulnerability of their own children they’re forced to send to state institutions. I hurt for them and I’m sympathetic, but it’s important to see what’s actually happening. We need to be angry. We need to be angry enough to stop this assault on our children and take back the schools and this country, by any means necessary. We’ve allowed this to happen, and it needs to stop, now!

And something that’s not getting enough attention that makes this even worse: all of the Democrats and even the small number of Republicans, who’ve shut down your businesses, your schools, your travels, etc., have NEVER missed a paycheck. I repeat. NONE of the people in the government bureaucracy, be it local, state or federal, have missed a paycheck. And how do they get those paychecks? Taxes. Whose taxes? Your taxes of course. Your tenant doesn’t pay the rent because of the eviction moratorium, but do you get to stop paying your mortgage, insurance, bills or taxes? Nope. And naturally, it’s coming out that many of the Democrats that have been calling for the eviction moratorium, like Ayann Presseley, have gotten what? You guessed it, income from rental properties. There’s so much that is being exposed about the atrocities of these liberal Democrat hypocrites that it’s almost too much to keep track of. And I’m not even going to get into CRT and the sickening sexual stuff indoctrination they’re forcing upon innocent children. You can go to my website to see the many articles I have on those subjects.

What is happening is, as always, rules for thee but not for them. Democrats know that they can get away with almost anything because they know they will not face any opposition from the feckless eunuch ‘leadership’ in the Republican Party, so they do whatever they want. They have no shame either, so when you point out their hypocrisy it doesn’t bother them, in fact they delight in it. With this said, why people in blue state America aren’t marching in the streets en masse like they are in France, Italy and starting to in Australia, against the vaccine passports is beyond me. There are protests here and there, but not that many. I pray they do before it’s too late, but I often wonder if maybe we’re just too comfortable in America.

I live in the amazing free state of Florida so it’s been relatively normal here, all things considered, thanks to our great Governor DeSantis. There have been some inconveniences and annoyances, all caused by Democrats, but for the most part it’s been ok. But if I lived in another state, such as Michigan, New York or California? Well, let’s just say they should all be glad I live in Florida. And I don’t have children, so those policies aren’t something that affects me directly, though I ache for them being put through all of this. But this assault on our children continues all over America, and parents need to stand while they can now and prevent any further atrocities happening to their children before it’s too late and they can’t be fixed. Children depend on the adults in their lives to protect them and we’re sending them into institutions which literally seek to do them harm. But the reality is that they work for us, and we need to remind them of that and give no quarter to these tyrannical demons. That and work as hard as they can to vote every single one of these Democrats out of office.

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