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Don’t Let Democrats Memory-Hole Their COVID Atrocities

Updated: Sep 1, 2023

To the parents whose children have suffered so much over the course of the past two years I say this: TELL YOUR CHILDREN WHO DID THIS TO THEM! Tell them it was the Democrat Party who hurt themON PURPOSEfor politics and power. It was the Democrats who were willing that they should be forced to hide their faces; to stay at home away from their friends, lonely; to not be able to learn at school. It was Democrats who caused their parents to lose their jobs, their businesses and maybe even their homes. It was Democrats that were willing to do all of this to them in order to win an election.

It was all about politics and getting Trump out. Everything. As I’ve been saying from the very beginning of the PlanneDemic, everything that happened in 2020 was to get President Trump out of office. From the lockdowns, to mail in ballots, to the Saint George Floyd riots, it was all a coordinated effort to provide a way to get him out, and nullify the achievements made during his 1st term. I’m not sure yet whether the virus itself was created specifically for that purpose, but it definitely became a convenient tool for it, and they achieved their objective. Coronavirus destroyed thousands if not millions of American lives and dreams, but it helped pave the way for Biden’s installation. ‘By any means necessary’ indeed.

onsider this scenario: It’s a Presidential election year and Trump is on target to get reelected, handily. Then along came a new virus from China. At first, Democrats dismiss the severity of it, in particular because Trump shut down travel to China; for which of course they call him racist. Then they realize the gift they’ve just received and plot to capitalize on it. Their chief medical bureaucrat Fauci suggests we shut down the economy for 15 days ‘to slow the spread’, the stupidest idea ever conceived, and for which I pray Trump one day admits extreme regret for accepting. I do understand why he did it. What could he do though when they told him 2.1 million Americans would die? They are the experts after all, right?

In Democrat-run states – crucial swing states mind you - they deliberately put Coronavirus-positive elderly patients back in nursing homes, killing them, which helped inflate the death toll numbers, something they used to blame Trump. The fallout videos out of China as well as relentless media hype reports had already scared everyone into insanity and then all these people in America were dying. This led to massive lockdowns of healthy people – quarantines they were called. Because it was so ‘dangerous’ to go out, of course we must have expanded mail-in voting, something that has never before happened in our history. Sure the postal union had endorsed Biden, but nothing to see there folks.

Over the next months, schools, churches and small businesses, deemed ‘non-essential’, closed, while weed and liquor stores, abortion clinics and big box stores would stay open. Stores which sold stuff made in China which had brought us the virus in the first place; a bitter irony. Over and over Democrat politicians, who implemented mask mandates and travel and business restrictions, would be seen breaking them, mocking their constituents rule-following. Rules are for peasants after all.

You were not allowed to visit your elderly loved ones, bury your dead, or attend the funerals of your family members but Saint George Floyd the junkie criminal had like 8, with thousands of mourners and golden casket. So did John Lewis. You weren’t allowed to protest the lockdowns which had crushed your business and which were harming your children but thousands of delinquents were allowed to loot and burn buildings and march through the streets for ‘social justice’. And of course you were racist for objecting.

During the campaign and even months into the Biden regime, they always said there ‘would never be mandates’, either of masks or of vaccines, vaccines which were conveniently withheld until after the election. Then on a dime, not only did they continue to push for school closures - Democrats are owned by the teacher’s unions after all, teachers who hate the kids they ‘teach’ – they implemented vaccine mandates. Remember the dancing nurses and other healthcare workers who were called heroes for a year? They were fired for not getting vaccinated. Yet remember when every Democrat said they’d never take the ‘Trump vaccine’ while he was in office? Yeah, me too.

Over the past year, they’ve continued to harm children by forcing them to wear masks In school in blue states, and often keeping the schools closed and forcing them into online learning. Kids have been berated by their teachers for not wearing them, one girl even arrested. As I’ve written in a previous article, one kid was slapped by his bus driver for not wearing a mask. ( The most vulnerable citizens, the elderly and children, abused for the sake of politics and power.

Suicides, self-harm, child and spousal abuse, emergency mental health visits, drug overdoses, the list goes on and on. And something that’s not talked about as a repercussion of closing churches, beyond the denial of freedom of worship, which is that AA & NA meetings were closed. Most people probably have no idea that many of those meetings are held in churches. When they were shut down, the meetings were also shut down, throughout the country, likely the cause of some of the 100,000 overdoses that happened in 2021. Sure, meetings were held on Zoom, but if you know anything about the 12-step recovery process, in-person meetings and interactions are crucial for newly recovering alcoholics and addicts. By taking away that option, even the most intrepid souls probably gave up when left to themselves and their own struggle. It’s hard enough when you do have the meetings, never mind when you don’t.

In addition to forced vaccinations there has been extreme abuse of anyone who has objected to them. They’ve been called anti-science, traitors, murderers, etc. for refusing to get jabbed with the experimental MRNA ‘vaccine’, a vaccine which we now know killed every animal it was tested on. What is essentially the largest human trial of an experimental vaccine has created absolute monsters who have felt justified in actually saying that those who don’t take it should be fired, imprisoned and even shot. This from the ‘my body my choice’ crowd.

And now, after all of that, all of a sudden these same monsters, in unison as they obviously got their scripts, are doing a 180 and saying we should move on from the PlanneDemic. That creepy Dr. Wen from CNN who just 5 minutes ago, said you should be prevented from participating in society for not being vaccinated now says ‘The science has changed’. No the ‘science’ hasn’t changed, the polling has changed, and it’s showing Democrats getting annihilated in the midterms because people are over Coronavirus. Just this week, three Democrats have been photographed maskless in front of groups of masked kids and people are outraged. (Republican Youngkin won in deep blue Virginia over stuff like this.) Any surprise in the course of 24 hours almost a dozen states announced and end to masks?

But that’s how Democrats work - it’s an election year, they’ve checked the winds. Biden used to have good polling on Coronavirus and now he doesn’t, so they’re like ok folks, pandemic’s over. Except no, it’s not over, and you’re not off the hook. We’re not going to let you off easy. You’ll be made to pay for what you’ve done, how you’ve hurt this country. And to the liberals who are finally waking up to what’s been done? I’m glad you’ve got some sense now, but you don’t get credit for coming to the realization that the people you put in charge of the house were arsonists after the house has burned down.

Maybe it’s strictly bad polling, maybe it’s in part due to what’s going on with the Canadian truckers, who’ve got the world’s rulers terrified. Maybe it’s a combination of both. Whatever the reason the tide seems to be turning, I’m glad as it’s a plus for Freedom, something that we’ve had a lot of here in Florida, thankfully, but which has been lacking in the rest of the country. I don’t trust Democrats for a second because they’re evil, and no one should, because they always have ulterior motives, plotting and planning, with something up their sleeves. Regardless, not only must there be a reckoning for what they’ve done and they be held accountable – the Democrat Party and their abettors - but we must NEVER EVER let something like this happen again. If we manage to survive, cherish the precious gift of your Liberty, knowing how much it hurt to lose it.

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