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Fake News Media Threatens Freedom Everywhere!

Updated: Sep 1, 2023

President Trump was 100% right when he said the mainstream media was Fake News and he would know, he’s been dealing with them for decades. As a businessman from New York, however, though he’s had somewhat of a love-hate relationship with them, he probably wasn’t prepared for what he would experience as candidate and then President. The people who once fawned over him and had him on their stations nonstop for ratings turned on him with a viciousness only a cobra strike victim might understand. He’s lucky he’s tough, he needed it, and that toughness is what has helped to expose the corruption of the fake news media for what it is, a threat to freedom across the globe. One of Trump’s criticisms of them was not only about what they played or printed that is false, always favoring one side, but also they don’t show, which is a valid point. Sins of omission can be as bad as outright lies, especially if the people pushing narratives are the same people with the power to disseminate or hide information, such as Big Tech, which colludes with Democrats. There are many ways to create or circulate fake news, and the mainstream media has perfected it, from the alphabet majors to the taxpayer subsidized NPR and PBS, all run by those on the Left. It’s why everything that trends on Twitter is negative against conservatives for instance. So what’s meant by ‘fake news’ and what are stories they choose to not cover that are as important as what they do cover? One example is the downplaying of the extreme violence and chaos perpetuated by Antifa and BLM. The media has been absolutely relentless about reporting on the non-insurrection of January 6th, while either ignoring or downplaying the 6-8 months of marauding by the Democrat-funded brown shirts burning, looting, breaking and in some cases, killing, all over the country last year and even into this year. No, of course the violence in Portland is not an issue and that fire you’re seeing behind me, a la CNN, is actually a peaceful burring of that building. Nothing to see there! Another issue is Coronavirus. The press went apoplectic when President Trump promoted hydroxychloroquine for the virus, to the extent that they took people off of social media who shared a posts or videos touting the drug which has been used for over 50 years and was and still is, shown to be effective. So not only did they discount the effectiveness of it, they refused to allow the information to get out into the public for people to judge for themselves. That is lie by omission as well as commission. There are many other examples, from the reality of the Russia Hoax investigation to Hunter Biden’s laptop and corruption, which the fake news media, along with their Big Tech allies, sought to silence to achieve a certain outcome. Many of these issues were not only important to informing people before the Presidential election, but also for personal safety. With the information on hydroxychloroquine, for example, if it weren’t for President Trump promoting it and making it available, State Rep. Karen Whitsett, a black Democrat whose life it saved, might have died. But were Democrats happy she lived? No, they censured her. And the media shamed her. So many other incidences could be cited, but the principle is the same: the world needs an honest media to simply present the news and not push a narrative. Not having that enables powerful, indeed nefarious people to subvert the will of the voters and the freedom of the citizens. It’s how dictators emerge. That’s where we are now. CNN shills for nana-killer Cuomo because his brother works there, while hammering Republican relentlessly, even if it’s lies. And even when undercover videos from Project Veritas verify their deception, they don’t apologize, but rather double down. Rinse repeat everywhere you look. In a world that’s so interconnected and with ‘news’ curated and disseminated by such a small amount of companies, we simply can’t afford to have a one-sided narrative-driven media lying to the people. #FakeNew #FakeNewsMedia #MediaBias #CnnIsFakeNews #Trump #BrookeTalksAmerica

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