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Farrakhan, Sharpton, Jesse and Bill: Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse

Updated: Jun 19, 2023

Well, the funerals are over and we survived, thank God! From the seemingly endless Aretha Franklin viewings and 8-hour long funeral to the weeklong John McCain vigil, also known as ‘The McCain Funeral Mini-Series Parts 1-7’, I have a feeling everyone in America is begging God not to let any other celebrity, politician or head of state die any time soon because they just can’t handle it.

The High Drama that is ‘Funeral Week’, and which had everyone re-writing the history of the Democrat treatment of John McCain, culminated in a weekend of some of the most disgraceful behavior I’ve seen in a long time, like a ‘Greatest Hits of Obnoxiousness’ compilation of every post-Trump election SNL, Holly-weird awards show and MSM ‘get Trump’ panel combined. No, not even sending your loved ones into the afterlife is sacred anymore, for as we saw, Trump Derangement Syndrome – or TDS – takes no breaks.

Aretha Franklin was a wonder, a veritable fireball of spirit and soul. I always said that if I could sing for just one day like either Aretha Franklin or Stevie Wonder I could die happy. Her voice could reach deep down into your soul and twist it into a ball of sensations, seizing you in places you may not even have known existed. Originally a gospel singer in the Detroit church which her father pastored, she transitioned to secular music, while always keeping close to her gospel roots. She wasn’t just a singer, songwriter and pianist, she was a Force: an activist with sass and attitude, who sang of and created an anthem demanding ‘RESPECT’ during the women’s and civil rights eras of the 60’s & 70’s. If ever there was someone in music history who deserved to be honored with a dignified, respectful farewell, it was Aretha Franklin, but it seems the funeral planners just couldn’t manage it. See, this time period we’re in is known as Trump Derangement Syndrome and when suffering from TDS, all reason goes out the window, and so it was with the Queen of Soul’s funeral – Disrespect under the banner of respect, dishonor under the guise of honor. And unfortunately in this time of social media and 7-second snippets, despite all the good intentions, of all the ‘remembrance’ that was done, the thing that may be remembered most is all the hate they piled on Trump. Well, that and what happened to Ariana, but I’ll get to that in a bit.

Now to be fair, I don’t know if Aretha arranged and choreographed her send-off herself with as much detail as McCain did. If so, I find it sad and disappointing that she would’ve chosen the cabal sitting in the front row, which would be featured in every single picture taken of the audience, a crew which looked like the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse – Farrakhan, Sharpton, Jesse and Bill. You had Al Sharpton, who couldn’t even get ONE THING RIGHT – spell R-E-S-P-E-C-T right on MSNBC (he spelled it R-E-S-P-I-C-T) preening in the front row like some anorexic rooster; Jesse Jackson looking comatose, and whom you couldn’t figure out was annoyed or mesmerized by the short-skirted swaying Ariana Grande; and a Tales of the Crypt looking Bill Clinton ogling her and talking with Jackson like they were planning to visit their favorite pole-dancer tonight at the Club! And Farrakhan? On the stage with a former President? In any other time, the Sandman would’ve brought out the hook for all of them, but in TDS time, nothing, it seems, is off limits.

There were of course, a lot of performances and a rousing albeit for some reason controversial sermon by preacher Ellis, who also sermonized Aretha’s father’s funeral. But in addition to that reprobate mail-order ‘reverend’ Sharpton and others using the funeral to go after President Trump, the other most talked (and Tweeted) about portion of the funeral was the disturbing behavior of the Four Horsemen plus 1 during and after Ariana Grande’s performance of Aretha’s song Natural Woman. Now Ariana can sing for sure, which is why she must have been invited, but Lord have mercy what she thinking wearing that dress to a funeral!

I mean she might have ‘been invited to the cookout’ because she can sing, but the likely collective gasps and eye rolls of the women when they saw her in that short dress that hid almost nothing, could’ve cause an avalanche – it’s simply not done! But wait, there’s more! After her performance, which captivated the fellas in the front row, she got felt up and insulted by the Bishop emceeing the event, who, though she’s Italian, apparently thought she was hispanic, and said when he heard that Ariana Grande was performing, he thought it was something new from Taco Bell. Yes, this really happened…at a funeral…for Aretha Franklin! So from Trump Derangement Syndrome to molesting the guests, the amazing Queen of Soul did not get the ‘Respect’ she deserved at her celebration of life event, so I just have to ‘Say a Little Prayer’ that people ‘Think’ about what happened and that ‘A Change is Gonna Come’ to the ‘Chain of Fools’ that screwed up her service.

Now in reference to McCain, first let me say that when the meme ‘I survived Funeralathon 2018’ is trending on social media, you know you’ve done something wrong. So he apparently planned and orchestrated his send-off himself, which isn’t surprising, since he apparently ‘wrote’ the description of his life that got circulated by himself as well. I won’t get into whether he’s as great as people thought he was or not, that’s for people to research and decide for themselves. I’ll just say that it seems clear that people with enough power, money, connections and the ability to keep documents about themselves classified, also have the ability to rewrite history in their favor.

So McCain, apparently permanently smarting over Trump’s comments about him, and himself suffering from Trump Derangement Syndrome – a man with terminal brain cancer – spent his last dying days planning, along with his royalty-like funeral, to get back at Trump. It started of course with the dossier, then with the Obamacare vote, but continued with him taking shots at Trump at every stage of his posthumous remembrance as well. In his book released this year, the guy who sang flippantly about bombing Iran, and who never met a war he didn’t like, wrote of Trump: ‘I’m not sure what to make of President Trump’s convictions,’ adding ‘The appearance of toughness or a reality show facsimile of toughness seems to matter more than any of our values’. Now, whatever you think of Trump’s behavior or bluster, this comes from a man who twice betrayed his constituents on repealing the financially crippling Obamacare; who mocked and disparaged American citizens as ‘Tea Party Hobbits’ and worked to financially destroy them with audits simply for exercising their constitutional rights; and conspired on the fake dossier to bring down the duly elected President of the United States…of his OWN party! This also from a man whose ‘values’ included cheating on his first wife (and teenage children) while she was dying from of all things – brain cancer.

In his final written letter to be delivered post-mortem on the Senate floor by his campaign manager, he again just had to take shots at the President, obvious though not directly by name, with his ‘hide behind walls’ comment on Trump’s hard-line stance on immigration, and inferring his patriotism had somehow ‘sown resentment and hatred and violence’, which is ridiculous on its face because all of the violence comes from the Left. He didn’t say however, ‘I’m deeply sorry for all of the American citizens who’ve been raped and murdered by illegal aliens because Democrats want them for votes and my party loves cheap labor’, but basically insinuated that you’re a bigot if you think you should have the right to know who’s in your country and to keep criminals out of it.

Naturally the media, the Left and the Never Trumper Republicans loved it all, as I describe in my article ‘No John, They Still Don’t Love YOU – They Just Hate Him!’, and they also loved that he didn’t invite his Vice Presidential nominee Sarah Palin nor several members of his failed 2008 Presidential campaign team to the funeral, but especially Palin, they really hate her! In addition to the rebuff of Palin, he also disrespected her in his book by writing that he regretted picking her. Now was that necessary? Is that not cheap and petty? And he shouldn’t have regretted picking her, because at the time at least, she was beloved by conservatives, particularly women, and it was she, not him, who energized the base to turn out for him, and I daresay he would’ve lost by an even bigger margin had she not been the nominee.

The piece de resistance of the Resistance Funeral though and perhaps saddest – beyond of course the fact that the Three Amigos of Biden, Bush and Obama, each with self-righteous pride, used the opportunity provided by his death to take their own jabs at President Trump – was Meghan McCain’s performance. This young woman who, with her purposefully dramatic & scolding tone during her emotional speech – despite her obvious love for and grieving over the loss of her father – simply could not resist using the occasion to rip President Trump. And look, I get it, she’s hurting and she has a beef with the man, but I don’t understand why she or any of these people would not only expend so much of their energy on him, but think it’s appropriate to hijack a solemn event like a funeral to score political points. But I guess that’s where we are now. It’s sad to me that she couldn’t just express the wholeness of her love and loss for her father without cheapening it with pettiness. And for the invariable questions of ‘Well what about Trump’s pettiness’? I ask – So? Do you reward it in kind? Is that how you want to honor and remember your loved ones at this sacred moment, the last you’ll ever have to show how valuable to you the person you’re saying goodbye to is?

So the Trump Derangement Syndrome is real and fully alive, nurtured faithfully within the hearts of the Resistance. So much so that it blinded them to the ugly display of their own bitterness, even on the most solemn of occasions. They do not and did not ‘go high’ as Michelle Obama so haughtily proclaimed, they go as low as they ever and always have. I guess funerals are the new ‘Red Carpet’ and the Resistance will be setting up shop at these once solemn ceremonies like buzzards over a fresh kill for an opportunity to take a whack at Donald Trump, the guy who beat them. They do so at their own peril, however, as this behavior and all like it is the very reason he’s President and their continued insanity will likely only ensure his re-election.

As for me, I love it, it’s what we’ve known about them all along, that their self-righteous sanctimony is just a ruse for their own hypocrisy, lies and intolerance, and I’m glad they’re being exposed. They don’t actually care about the people they claim to represent or entertain, they ‘deplore’ you, dismiss you, and disparage you at every turn, especially if you’re conservative, and at this point, ANY Trump voter, even the ones who voted for Obama twice, well you’ve all suddenly become racists. They don’t even stop to ponder why you voted for Trump, (including the 13% of black men who did), they just rebuke you for it. So I say let ‘em have at it! Let them continue to illustrate their Trump Derangement Syndrome, and make sure to get it all on tape.

From using funerals to bash him, to lying with Fake News (and lying about lying – ahem CNN!), get it all out there, let everyone see what they’re all about. They don’t actually care about you or about America, nor will they fight for you or your family, and in fact, they’re all fighting for everyone BUT Americans and their families, only illegals and theirs! But for all his flaws and shortcomings, there is one guy who’s taking the most ferocious attacks in the history of this country who IS – and that is President Donald J. Trump, and thank God for him!

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