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Fathers Matter! Democrats Should Elevate, Not Diminish Them!

Updated: Sep 1, 2023

Fathers matter. Girls need fathers and boys need fathers, especially boys in fact. And no matter how much the Democrats push to endorse single motherhood and marry them to government dependency or people like BLM to abolish the nuclear family, denounce biological gender roles and promote the state over the family, it’s true. Countless studies show that a 2-parent home is the best environment for children to grow up in and that the absence of the father in the home is a major contributor to poverty, low-education, crime and addiction. And no, ‘trans’ women are not men, so they don’t count as ‘fathers’.

Someone who talked about fatherhood all the time and which has always stuck with me is rapper Tupac Shakur. As one of the most beloved and respected rappers of all time, as well as a very intelligent and deep thinker, his words hold great weight in the culture, particularly black culture, where father absence has had particularly devastating consequences. But the importance of fatherhood applies in all cultures and communities; and policies, particularly Democrat policies, which de-emphasize the two-parent, nuclear family and promote single motherhood, are a major factor in the societal breakdown we’re experiencing. Go into any jail or prison in America and ask how many of the inmates grew up without a father and you’ll see the painful results of bad policy in stark relief.

The reason I mentioned single motherhood in the black community, is that they were the Democrat Party’s test case for what would ultimately be the deliberate breakdown of the traditional family. For instance, before the ‘Great Society’ legislation that Democrat Lyndon B. Johnson instituted, black children were more likely than white children to grow up with both a mother and father in the home. Just about 27% were not. After this legislation, it’s about the reverse, which means that just half a century later, about 72% of black children have an unmarried mother. And who are Democrats most loyal voters? Black women. Is that a coincidence? I’ll let you be the judge. These illegitimacy numbers are increasing for both whites and hispanics as well, which is not an unintentional by-product, it’s the goal. If you want to marry people to the government, you have to replace the head of the household, which is traditionally the father. And that’s what has happened.

Obviously a great father is the ideal, and that isn’t always the case, I understand. My father certainly wasn’t perfect, and neither was his, but regardless, he was there. He worked hard and took care of his family, and having him there provided a sense of safety. One time I was mugged at the entrance to my apartment complex coming in late at night and while terrified, all I could think of was telling my father and that I was grateful he was there, it made me feel safer. Certainly as I mentioned, not all fathers are good and some should not be in the house, but the general principle that it’s best for children to grow up in a two-parent household with a biological mother and a father, stands true today as ever and no amount of wishing, hoping or denying that will change it.

Not having ‘a man in the house’ creates a void, and voids get filled for nature abhors a vacuum. It’s often the reason why young men join gangs, the feeling of being part of something and yes, having a father figure. As Tupac said, ‘take a look at my family, a different father every weekend…I was looking for a father, he was gone. I hung around with the thugs, and even though they sold drugs, they showed a young brother love.’ Not having a father informed so much of his identity and while he loved his mother deeply, he often talked about the difficulty in finding his identity as a man because he didn’t have a constant father figure in his life. He was an incredibly talented young man who could’ve not only had a long and successful career and been a leader for his community, but the streets and the ‘thug life’ that gave him that identity and family also cost him his life. Such is it with so many.

As we celebrate Father’s Day during this crazy Cultural Revolution we’re enduring, stand firm in the reality that a father is a biological man, not some woke definition of it, and that they matter very much in a child’s life. Promote that and don’t apologize for it. Don’t buy into the farce of ‘toxic masculinity’, if anything, we need more masculinity, because a lot of boys and men now a days are too soft! Promote the societal structure and organization that have produced the greatest stability throughout the millennia and that is the nuclear family. The issue is not whether it is a perfect achievement, but rather that it is the correct aspiration. There are certain principles that should not be compromised and this is one of them. Fathers matter, period, and to all of you fathers out there, work as hard as you can be the best one you can be, it’s the most important thing you’ll ever do.

Happy Fathers Day

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1 Comment

Unknown member
Jul 18, 2021

Well said. Could do a whole podcast on culture. Lol. I’ll have to find the study talking about how bad it is to remove the father from the home and how that has been the purpose from the government in the past.

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