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Fauci – The World’s Most Dangerous Fraud

Updated: Sep 1, 2023

Is it too much to say that ‘doctor’ and Democrat operative Anthony Fauci, the person most responsible in my opinion for the catastrophic destruction and fallout from the Wuhan China Coronavirus, is the Charles Manson of ‘science’? Well too bad, if the Left can call Trump Hitler, I'm saying it. Fauci, that Elf on a Shelf garden gnome, has not only been wrong on everything, but is shown to have deliberately lied to the American people while bowing to and covering for Communist China. As head of the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), or what I call the Coronavirus Disinformation Center, he is the world’s director of operations and response to the PlanneDemic. Everyone around the Globe takes their cues from him. He’s a dangerous, destructive force for liberty-loving people.

Never has one person had as much power as little Oompa Loompa Fauci, and he knows it. It’s why he stays on television. And now that he’s a celebrity, of COURSE he doesn’t want the PlanneDemic to go away, it would make him irrelevant! He knows the Beta boys Toobin themselves to pictures of Fauci if you know what I mean and women follow him like ‘Fauci Girls’. Look on Twitter and see what the white liberals say about him, it’s moronic! If he said cutting off their own fingers would stop coronavirus (& make them virtuous, which is their real goal), they would literally do it. And I do mean literally, a word they love to use apparently, considering some have said ‘I would do literally anything Fauci said to do’.

So saying Fauci has the cult-like influence of Charles Manson, also vertically challenged (no offense to the Shorty's) isn’t a stretch in an era where seemingly intelligent people exercise outside with their diaper masks on without a single person around them for 600 hundred much less 6 feet. You could totally see a modern day Squeaky Fromme whack some pregnant woman if Lord Fauci said to do so. With a mask on of course. Remember, Manson, wasn’t even there the night of the murders, but he was convicted and sentenced to death for being the ‘mastermind’ behind it. Fauci’s handiwork has killed hundreds of thousands, both directly by his negligence to tell the truth and follow the actual science, but also by his capriciousness and perpetual flip-flopping on lockdowns and school closures, which has caused incalculable devastation and harm, from drug overdoses and horrendous child abuse to suicide.

Has Fauci criticized China for not allowing American scientists into Wuhan at the beginning of this nightmare in order to figure out how to stop it from spreading? Has he criticized Tedros from the World Hoax Organization for lying for China or Neil Ferguson from the Imperial College in London who wrote the global lockdown suggestions but then summarily broke them to get laid by his married mistress? Has he criticized China themselves at all? Nope. He’s an apologist for the Chinese Communist Party. He re-funded the Wuhan lab, from where the Chinese Coronavirus came, after Trump had defunded it, and now he’s out there with the also broke her own suggestions for travel Scarf Queen Birx talking trash about Trump. He should’ve never even been appointed to that task force by W.A.P. Weak Ass Pence in the first place, and to be fair, President Trump should have FIRED him or at least replaced and marginalized him early on when he saw what was going on.

So yes, I know saying Fraud Fauci is like Charles Manson is going to trigger the Left, and maybe even some conservative snowflakes. But I’m going to take it even one step further by saying that Fauci should be tried for treason in America and he, Tedros of the WHO, Neil Ferguson, and Xi of China, should all be tried in the Hague for Crimes against Humanity. It sounds extreme I know, but we’re in extreme times. The Citizens of the World have not only been abused by their elected (and unelected) ‘representatives’ for so long and just when so many of them were standing up in righteous populist concert to demand their Rights, along come the Globalists to smash them down again, whether by stalling Brexit or trying to oust President Trump, or by shattering the world with a planned virus. So I don’t care about anyone’s feelings. We need to tell the truth, and the truth is that Fauci is a traitor and I give No Quarter to traitors.

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