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For Democrats, Identity Politics Is All That Matters

Updated: Sep 1, 2023

It’s official! Sleepy Joe, or whoever is actually running his dumpster fire of a campaign, has finally made his VP pick, and it’s Kamala Harris, the far-lefty from Commiefornia who was picked exclusively because she has melanin and a uterus. So now that it’s done, it would be great if we could talk about and analyze her candidacy from a policy perspective, but that will not be the case. We are to simply appreciate the ‘historic’ nature of the pick – she’s a black female - which means you can’t question her or criticize her. And God forbid you pronounce her name wrong, there will be panels on every major network to condemn you. Unless you’re Joe Biden of course, who mispronounced her name within 24 hours of announcing her selection. Democrats roll like that after all.

It’s an interesting choice, considering she was one of the first ‘big name’ Democrats to drop out, and was dubbed even by many in her own Party as profoundly fake and flip-floppy. There’s even a pretty brutal Politico article out about her titled ‘The Media’s Sudden Crush on Kamala Harris’, in which Jack Shafer writes: ‘Last fall she crashed and burned, and the pundits had a million reasons why. Now she’s just the energy the Biden ticket needs. What changed?’ Also that ‘During the campaign, Harris waffled so hard on health care it’s a wonder she wasn’t added to the IHOP menu.’ The NYT described her when she dropped out, describing her ‘unraveled’ campaign and explaining her aids had become ‘given to gallows humor about just how many slogans and one-liners she has cycled through.’ They’re right, and she’s awful, but when you’re desperate as a Party and left with Joe Biden as your candidate, you do what you have to do. Even Barack Hussein O supposedly said 'Don't underestimate Joe's ability to f- things up!' Identity politics is all they have left.

As YouTuber Ali Alexander dubbed her in his personal anti-Harris jihad, Kamala Harris is sort of like a ‘black Hillary’. And it does feel that way, from her cringey fake laugh to her fake Southern Drawl that pops up when she’s in front of a predominantly black audience, to her flip-flopping on policies and endorsing the most absurd positions for convenience, and I’m not just talking about with Willy Brown. She changes her stance as often as the weather changes in Florida, and adopts whichever idea she thinks will win her favor. So much so that in a CNN townhall when Erin Burnett asked her whether we should ban straws and red meat she said yes. The way she hesitated you could see her mind calculating if the answer would help her. You almost expected her to say ‘and if you like that, we’ll ban indoor plumbing and toilet paper too’!

Watching that exchange with Phony K reminded me of the interview the other cackling cringemeister Hillary had on The Breakfast Club with the infamous ‘hot sauce’ answer. It was a truly bizarre question to ask in the first place, but when asked by the hosts about something she always carries in her purse, she said hot sauce. “Now listen, I want you to know that people are going to see this and say, ‘She’s pandering to black people,'” host Charlamagne Tha God told Clinton. To which she stunningly replied “Okay, is it working?” jokingly. That should have been game over for her as it was next level pandering that should’ve been deeply offensive. But it shows how Democrats not only pander to black voters, they always get away with it, winning 85-95% of their vote.

Not so with Kamala Harris in the primaries however, she was less popular with black voters than even the whiter than white Tom Steyer. Plus, she’s (partly) black, yes, but she’s not an American of Descendant of Slaves, so she doesn’t share the black American experience or history. Neither did Obama, but he was more crafty and slick and at least he went to the racist church of Reverend Wright to give him street cred. His mother was white but American born. And yes I know that all of this race politics is tiresome and boring, but with Democrats it is what it is, so it’s important to understand how it works. Race-baiting is how they stay in business.

The hope thus is that both with Biden’s perpetual gaffes, including the mind-blowing ‘You Ain’t Black’ comment, Harris’s prosecutorial record and just generalized Democrats being exposed as supporting policies that have harmed their most loyal constituency, people will wake up. Polls suggest that all of this Democrat-funded rioting and looting as well as insane ‘Defund the Police’ proposals, an effort they somehow think will attract black voters, are actually repelling them. They don’t want unsafe communities any more than any other American citizen, and many are seeing ‘Black Lives Matter’ for the frauds they are. Democrats have it wrong as usual, and they always go too far. I pray they have a big surprise waiting for them on election day. The country’s survival depends on it.

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