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Freedom or Socialism? That’s the Real Choice For America in the Midterms

As we head into the November midterms, it’s becoming ever clearer that not only do we have an incredible divide in this country, but the implications of that divide could very well decide our future for generations. That divide is between the false allure of the Socialist Utopia agenda being sold by the Left, or the redemptive American values of Capitalism and Freedom on the Right.

Obama has come out and endorsed both Gillum for Florida governor and Ocasio-Cortez for her district in New York, both self-described socialists, so the cloak is off and they’re all out of the closet. From those two candidates to Cynthia Nixon to Bernie, the Democrats have gone full Marxist, embraced socialism and aren’t even trying to hide it anymore.

Conservatives were mocked when we called Obama a Socialist by the likes of Think Progress and Huffington Post, because those media outlets understood that at the time, the American people would never have knowingly voted for a Socialist for major political office and the word still had negative connotations. They might have believed he was one, and been ok with it, but they knew Americans weren’t ready to accept it. They’d need to prime the well for it, perhaps such as entertaining the affable Bernie Socialist Sanders in the primaries against Clinton, and why not? He was something new, he brought ratings and he excited the youth.

Now the media is as Establishment as it gets, so they weren’t necessarily for Bernie actually winning, no, they were all in for Clinton, and they never thought he’d actually be a threat. Problem with Bernie is that he caught on. He was popular, more so than her, as was his brand of Santa Claus economics – Free everything! Free healthcare, free college, etc., free, free, free. To impressionable young people, fresh out of state-run indoctrination camps known as ‘schools’ and saddled with tens or hundreds of thousands of dollars in student loans they had no clue as to how they’d pay back, and no job prospects in the idiotic fields they’d chosen (gender studies anyone?), free college sounded great.

Ask them how they’d pay for it, and it’s ‘Tax the rich’ of course, followed by the usual MSNBC proffered talking points. Never mind that Bernie supporters – mostly white liberals – were often the children of ‘the rich’, tax our parents more anyway, we hate them.

No, these young skulls full of mush as Rush rightly calls them, don’t understand the foundation of America; the liberty documents, the historical works of Locke, Smith or de Tocqueville; had probably never read the Constitution. I mean, some Ivy League schools today don’t even require you to take American History for a History degree! Can you believe that? So these young people, inspired by their Marxist professors and the idiots of Hollywood like Michael Moore and Sean Penn prattling on about how great Cuba and Venezuela are have no clue what living in those countries under Socialism would be like. To them, suffering means having to wait until October for Pumpkin Spice Lattes, or having to wait because of a delayed shipment of their new iPhones.

And when they speak of this glorious Socialist Utopia they always use the Nordic countries as the reference point, which is an irrational example. For one, they are each very small (having only about 5 million citizens per country), and culturally homogenous, and it’s much more easy to manage a population 5 million than 320 million, especially when you’ve been culturally and ethnically similar for millennia. For another, they’re not actually ‘socialist’ in the sense they are perceived to be, they are mostly free market economies which happen to practice generous welfare economic policies, provided for with high taxation. Again, easier to manage with 5 million people, not so much for 320 million.

What our dingbat Socialists actually want though is more akin to the Cuban or Venezuelan socialism (nationalization and increased central-government control) they just haven’t felt comfortable saying it out loud, so they soften the sell with using the Nordic countries as the example. In the pictures, everyone’s pretty, it’s clean, safe, they seem happy, etc. Well, except for Sweden, which is now the rape capital of Europe courtesy of Muslim immigration because ‘diversity is our strength’ and it’s ok for them to rape Infidel women, but I digress.

What I find interesting that no one seems to have caught onto though, particularly by the ‘ultra-woke white liberal SJW’s’ (and even black Bernie supporters), is that the Nordic countries are all white. So wouldn’t referencing an all-white country as the ideal be racist Mr. White Bernie Bro? When ‘old white man’ Trump asked why we don’t get immigrants from Norway, he was called a racist, but when ‘old white man’ Bernie from all white Vermont says we should have Nordic-style socialism? Not a peep. It’s a rhetorical question of course. Bernie and the other white liberals virtue signal correctly so they get a pass – funny how that works.

It’s also funny, not in a haha way, but in an astonishing way, how no one seems to know that in the once wealthy country of Venezuela, lauded by the Left for the former President (commonly known as dictator) Chavez (and now Maduro), people who are unable to leave, now starving, are eating cats, dogs and zoo animals. Yes, you read that right – zoo animals! I shudder as I write it, so I assume the reader’s reaction is the same, that and the heartbreaking nausea at the thought. I bet if you asked all of the white liberal Starbucks groupies in Manhattan how they felt about eating little Fluffy and explained that she’d be on a kabob now in Venezuela, Trump would win NYC hands down. White liberals do love their dogs after all. Of course the liberal media doesn’t report about the realities of Socialism, because it would vindicate the Right. And because the Left also don’t accept the actual horrors as a fate acompli result of socialism, they just think, like the addict who thinks they’ll be able to control it this time, that it just hasn’t been done right…we’re smart enough to get it right this time! Kind of like when Obama said ‘We’re the ones we’ve been waiting for’.

Back to the kids though. I get it in a way, these kids are being taught to be helpless, sheltered by their helicopter parents from many of the ‘hard knocks’ of normal life that build strength, character and courage, so when someone who looks like your grandfather says ‘the government’ is gonna take care of you when you’re scared witless you’re not going to be able to take care of yourself, it’s alluring, even if his wild gesticulating hands are kind of frightening. And that hair of course. That and the fact that the ‘movement’ makes them feel rebellious because he’s an old hippie. Except the irony is there’s nothing ‘rebellious’ about being part of the Left these days, they are ‘the Man’. In fact, they’re so in lock-step that somehow Conservativism is the new Punk, the new rebellion – go figure! Hard to imagine but true. Free speech is as rebellious now against the modern day Democrat as Sid Vicious was in his time.

The problem with Capitalism, and I don’t claim we have it in it’s pure state, as there are government regulations and interventions, but it’s freer than most, is that it includes failure, something the Left won’t abide. And to be sure, failure sucks, but it’s necessary in a free society. Not only is it necessary, but it’s often motivational. Edison failed 10,000 times before inventing the light bulb for God’s sake. Can you imagine one of these modern Snowflakes persevering at something that long? No, we’d be in darkness if it was up to them, and they probably blame him for ‘global warming’ anyway.

Capitalism also includes inequality, also abhorrent to the Utopianists, which is ironic too, because it’s as if they people who blame the Right as being ‘anti-science’ seem to have never watched the National Geographic Channel – Inequality and failure abounds in nature, why should humans be any different? There can be no perfect ‘equality’, because humans aren’t perfect. Even if everyone had the same amount of capital distribution, they would use it unevenly, that is without government regulation. Some would invest and grow it, some would save it, some would squander it, etc., because people are different, individuals who approach things differently. And that therein lies the issue – freedom and individualism versus government control. Bigger government or smaller government? More taxes or less? More restrictions or more options?

It’s easy to sell illegitimate ideas to uneducated people who live based on ‘feelings’, which is why, in hindsight, it seems that emphasizing ‘self-esteem’ over character, civics and responsibility in ‘education’, could likely have been a deliberate plan to soften and subjugate the populace. Spend a few minutes watching KGB defector Bezmenov’s YouTube videos on how to subvert a nation, and you can see these indoctrinations and underpinnings woven all throughout the educational system. And lest anyone forget – as Lenin said, ‘The goal of socialism is communism’. From rioting against Free Speech to demanding Safe Spaces to bullying the world’s biggest rapper over a hat, we’ve lost the culture as well as our way as a Free People in a Constitutional Republic.

The inmates are running the asylum and it’s just getting worse. And amidst the other insanity that has occurred since Trump’s election, the Kavanaugh atrocities are just the latest. The subversion of Due Process by the Radical Left should terrify every American! Along with the presupposition of Free Speech and freedom of religion it is one of the greatest rights we have, and keeps us from living as a third-world dare I say it, shit-hole.

All of these issues are intertwined and our values under attack, and as I’ve said before, we’re not in the clear just because Trump won, we merely bought time, and not much time at that. The Soldiers of Socialism are marching on – out in the open. Obama endorsing those two candidates is throwing down the gauntlet, it’s saying I challenge you with my truth, no longer in the closet, no longer hidden. He has by default admitted to sharing their values and positions, thus to being a socialist, it can be construed no other way. He was steeped in Marxist ideology by his mentors growing up, so it’s no surprise, it’s just no longer surreptitious.

We thus have a choice to make in the mid-terms. If Democrats win back the House and/or Senate, they will impeach President Trump, and tie him up with hearings and likely lawsuits, stifling the agenda for which he won, an agenda based on fortifying the founding principles of constitutional governance by foundational principles, not capricious whims.

It’s not alarmism to say it either, it’s fact, they’ve stated as such. We have a chance to turn this ship called America around, to thwart this encroaching Socialist Progressive movement and set our sights back to the Constitution. The mechanism for this is our vote, and when faced with those options, my vote will always be for Freedom, what’s yours?

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