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How Trump, Candace Owens, Kanye, and #WalkAway Blew Up the Political System

Updated: Jun 19, 2023

Obviously it all started with the first 4 words from Trump “I’m running for President”, but the 9 words I’m referring to are ‘I love the way Candace Owens thinks’ and ‘#WalkAway’, and the absolute tsunami they’ve created.

The wonder that is Candace Owens came about seemingly out of nowhere, a beautiful black unabashedly pro-Trump conservative making funny, witty and hit-you-between-the-eyes-with-truth YouTube videos about all things liberal insanity. From those about ‘coming out’ as a conservative (it’s easier to come out as gay these days) to political correctness, to the actual history of the Democrat Party (the party of slavery, segregation and the KKK); her videos went viral, and she blew up immediately. Perhaps it was people wanting so badly to see blacks courageous enough to come out so publicly as conservative and Trump supporters, (no one gets worse treatment than black conservatives) or perhaps it was because the videos were so well done, or a combination of the two, but with Candace, a star – and a movement – was born.

There was a lot of skepticism about her at first, and perhaps still remains for some, due to her background as a ‘hate crimes’ victim, founder of a doxxing website, a former Bernie supporter, etc., and you can research and judge for yourself, but as for me – I’m Team Candace. I personally have been saying for about 4 years, long before Trump asked ‘What do you have to lose?’ during the campaign, that if black Americans voted overwhelmingly for Republicans for even 1 Presidential campaign, it would change the country overnight. Why you might ask? Because blacks vote 85-95% for Democrats almost without fail, and for Obama it was 97%, even though they are some of the most socially conservative, church-going people in America. This unquestioned loyalty is quite confusing, considering majority-minority black neighborhoods – ALL run by Democrats – have high crime & murder rates, high unemployment, high dropout rates and failing schools and an overall bleak outlook for many of their citizens. Yet and still, for 60 years, they continue to vote Democrat, so why is that?

There are a variety of reasons, one of which, and perhaps most important, is that somehow Democrats have convinced black Americans that they are (perpetual) ‘victims’ and that Republicans are racist, despite Democrats own abhorrent and undeniable history of such. With this, by default, Democrats have managed to become the ‘rescuers’ of these ‘victims’ from said racist Republicans. It’s a sinister yet effective plan, and has created many very comfortable politicians; however, people are waking up and in my opinion, bringing us to a political exodus that of biblical proportions.

When Kanye Tweeted ‘I love the way Candace Owens thinks’, it caused an cultural earthquake, a social media tsunami! Candace became a global persona virtually overnight, and people wanted to know who Kanye was talking about and why. Then Chance the Rapper’s follow-up Tweet that ‘Black people don’t have to be Democrats’ cemented in the collective conscience the question – Why DO blacks vote Democrat? Fast forward to Brandon Straka, founder of the #WalkAway campaign, a gay liberal who realized that all of the reasons he became a liberal; to oppose racism, bigotry, discrimination; had now become what liberals were advocating for, thus began what I consider the natural evolution from the earlier Candace Owens bomb dropping to today.

Now, after #WalkAway, (where you’re encouraged to post a ‘testimonial video’ on YouTube with your Walk Away story – and which consist of those from an incredibly broad perspective – gay, feminist, socialist, etc.), whereas before you’d have only 2-3 or so black conservatives with channels making videos, you have dozens doing them. Naturally it is not being reported much if at all in mainstream ‘news’, but they’re aware of it and Democrats should be terrified, as polls suggest Trump’s support among black voters has doubled since he became President.

While it’s uncomfortable for me to discuss this matter in reference to ‘politics’ when it’s actually about people, fellow American citizens, I believe that there must be a shift in voting in order to achieve a shift in outcome, and since Democrats get the black vote so overwhelmingly but have failed them so miserably, voting differently would shake things up, and I think & pray we’re going to see that in dramatic fashion.

Modern liberalism, which isn’t ‘liberalism’ at all, but rather progressive anarcho-faschism – is a destructive ideology that is now manifesting itself in the most vile behavior – violence, bigotry, reverse-racism, suppression of speech, thought-policing and more. And the only solution to eradicate it is for enough people to denounce it. I believe too, that with the history of slavery in America, only when black American citizens, the descendants of those brutalized slaves, achieve parity (to include the right to think freely), will America be set free from this sinful past, which is why I’m focusing this particular aspect of the Walk Away movement.

So Trump announced, ran and won and got a very respectable proportion of the black vote for a Republican. And in the year and half since his victory, with all of the tumult and media summersaults trying to paint him as a Grand Kleagel (oops, that was Democrat Robert Byrd, Hillary Clinton’s mentor) and Hitler himself (himself a Democratic Socialist), his popularity is actually increasing among all ‘minorities’. People are indeed wondering ‘What DO I have to lose’, and are leaving the Democrat Plantation as Candace calls it. As for myself, I too love the way Candace Owens thinks, am grateful Trump (and not Hillary) is my President, and am confident that the #WalkAway movement will be not only transformational – in a good way, not like Obama wanted – but that it’s only just the beginning.

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