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Ice-Cream Nancy Tortures Out of Work Americans

Updated: Sep 1, 2023

When the atrocity that is the China Wuhan Virus and subsequent shutdown of the American economy is remembered, there will be a lot of images that come to mind, from the odd scenes people wearing masks everywhere, to the heartbreaking ‘Closed’ signs on businesses, to the streets nearly empty of traffic. But one image, which will be rightfully used to symbolize the despicable nature of the modern Democrat Party is the video of Nancy Pelosi standing in front of her multi-thousand dollar freezer full of gourmet ice cream. All the while, millions of Americans are unemployed and small businesses shuttered, waiting for her to agree to approve the CARES Act recovery money.

As if that wasn’t bad enough, in addition to that stupid, tone deaf video from her (gated) mansion, there’s another one where she gleefully admits holding up – for the second time – funding for the Paycheck Protection Program, a program designated for small business relief.

Thankfully the Trump campaign was paying attention, because they put together an absolutely brutal campaign ad which splices devastated Americans talking about how they’re out of work and having to stand in huge lines for food with Nancy cheesing it up about her ice cream and chocolate. The memes were immediate of her face superimposed on a picture of Marie Antoinette, and the hashtags #NancyAntoinette #LetThemEatIceCream #IceCreamNancy trended for days.

In just the latest idiotic move from the perpetually denture-adjusting Speaker of the House, Impeachment among them, it just may be her Swan Song. Even her fellow Democrats are hammering her for holding up the funding. Kyrsten Sinema may be wacky and inappropriately dressed for the Senate, but good on bucking her party to do the right thing for American workers!

It may be fun to bash Pelosi for her foolishness, but it’s beyond tragic that so many of these dinosaurs who either got rich by being in elected office or richer, are so out of touch with real Americans. Much like Elijah Cummings was in Baltimore, as well as many others⏤she’s been in ‘public service’ for 40 years, and still delivers the same old stale message, with empty results for the American people.

San Francisco actually has a ‘crap map’ to let visitors know where not to step on human feces because of all of the homeless there. Not that they will have to worry about it now, because the state is closed down and no one’s traveling anywhere at the moment.

Yet once in office, elected officials are almost undefeatable.

Most people would prefer hemorrhoids or herpes to Congress (yes, it was an actual poll), yet since 1964, voters have sent their incumbent House representatives back to Washington 93 percent of the time, and Senators 82 percent.

We get the government we vote for. The question is, are we ready for a different option? Has the shutdown finally opened people’s eyes yet?

Between Marie Antoinette Pelosi and her gelato, and the other Democrat dictators like ‘snitch on your neighbors’ Gil Garcetti and Bill DeBlasio, or ‘no to seeds but yes to weed’ Michigan governor Whit-Mao, Democrats have shown what a mere taste of tyranny brings. Imagine if they get the whole buffet?

Blackface KlanRobe Northam is talking about keeping Virginia shut until mid-June, and Whit-Mao was so angry that the minions in her state protested her that she’s talked about extending their shutdown. For health reasons? Nope, for spite! The same person who said that the protesters, who were driving in their cars, were ‘risking lives’ called abortion a ‘life sustaining’ healthcare procedure. Either she’s still under anesthesia from her apparent trip to Ice Cream Nancy’s plastic surgeon or she’s just plain insane! Either way, she shouldn’t be anyone’s dog catcher, much less governor.

Mocking these lunatics however, is only a brief respite from an otherwise crushing heartbreak at what’s happened to the lives of millions of Americans in less than just a couple of months. Not just hopes dashed, but lives destroyed. And with each passing day, more danger of those lives ending, either by stress repercussions such as heart attacks, alcohol and drugs, or violence and abuse and suicide. And yes, of course I’m devastated by the deaths from Coronavirus, especially since they could’ve been avoided if China and the WHO hadn’t lied. But I’m also certain that both the Democrats and the media have not only politicized it, but also padded the death toll numbers, as Birx effectively admitted to by saying that all deaths ‘with’ Coronavirus were classified as being by it.

Yes, I’m suspicious, especially since the final ‘models’ were so far off their projection. Well, that and the fact that both Birx and Fauci have major conflicts of interest with regard to their affiliation with the potential vaccine supporter (and $ beneficiary) Bill Gates. And in fact her daughter is on the Gates Foundation Board of Directors. Not to mention Fauci is on video in 2017 saying that he had “no doubt” President Trump would be confronted with a surprise infectious disease outbreak during his presidency.’

Bill Gates, who, though not a doctor, has gone all over the world promoting birth control, climate change and depopulation, just happened to step down from his position on the Board of both Microsoft and Berkshire Hathaway in March 2020. Isn’t that interesting?

The fact that Bill Gates was talking at the end of last year about a pandemic, just months before we magically have one during the year of the election isn’t the slightest bit odd. Nothing to see here though folks, carry on!

So when the final tale is written about this horrible period in our history, let it be remembered that one person, Nancy Pelosi, spearheaded one of the most despicable, destructive efforts to delay funding to the hardworking men and women of America when they needed it most. Fueled by hatred, having failed at taking President Trump down by other methods, including a ridiculous Impeachment attempt, she held hostage vital assistance to the suffering citizens of her own country as a last ditch attempt to inflict harm on him. I pray that the American people are paying enough attention to see what’s going on and punish Democrats for this and that they send Pelosi into retirement so she can be with her ice cream, babble incoherently to herself and leave the rest of us in peace.

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