If You Thought the Last 2 Years Were Wild… Just Wait!

After electing Donald J. Trump President in 2016 in perhaps the most unusual and unlikely election in history, American or otherwise, the American People (or rather the dead and illegal alien voters) have somehow decided to give the Democrats back control of the House of Representatives, the branch of government that initiates laws and taxes. I repeat – to the Democrats. And with Nancy Pelosi as Speaker of the House. The same Nancy Pelosi who can barely speak without looking like she’s grinding her teeth like a crackhead. And the youngest but least informed person elected to Congress, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, Ms. Abolish Ice and ‘I’m not an expert on this stuff’ but I’m gonna speak about it, as well as a Somali woman who married her own brother. Just to name a few!

As it goes today, we’re still in the government shutdown, it’s been over two weeks now, and while it’s been reported on to some degree, all negatively against Trump of course, it will now be feverishly so given that the Christmas break is over and the Democrat Destroy Trump media is gearing up for 2020. Of course they’ll never report with accuracy or impartiality either the legitimate reason for the shutdown – stopping illegal immigration and funding for the so-called ‘immoral’ Border Wall (on which Trump campaigned and won) – or the fact that every single Democrat now crying over the plight of illegal immigrants are on video indignantly opposed to the ‘immorality’ of illegal immigration and it’s negative effects on American citizens. It’s almost like they don’t know about YouTube. Which of course they do, they just don’t care about liberal hypocrisy on this issue, nor, apparently, do their voters.

The real truth is they don’t care about ‘immigrants’ at all, or they’d be completely outraged about the horrific murder of a legal immigrant, Officer Ronil Singh, a Fiji-born officer (with a new 5-month old baby) who wanted to serve his new nation by being a cop, by an illegal immigrant. No, they care about one thing only – VOTES! And they’re hedging their bets, logically it seems based on California voting habits, that the new arrivals will vote Democrat. And when I say ‘new arrivals’, I don’t mean any immigrants, I mean hispanic immigrants, which tend to vote 70-80% for Democrats. As I’ve written before, Democrats didn’t want to allow the Vietnam refugees in, likely because they assumed they might vote for Republicans. You can be quite sure that if Democrats thought that the ‘migrant caravan’ being bussed up from Central America was likely to vote GOP, Pelosi would be installing the concertina wire at the border herself.

So we begin a new year with already built-in upheaval, both because Democrats are still insane that they lost, and to Trump of all people, and because we’re already in campaign season, with Fauxcahantas Elizabeth Warren leading the way. For some reason the losing fake-hispanic Robert Francis O’Rourke is still being peddled as a potential candidate, Biden apparently pouting that Obama just isn’t into him anymore and Hillary is posting throwback pictures of herself, Bill and Chelsea in the White House on Twitter, and still trying to find the ‘real’ Hillary’s voice. Between that crew alone, you have 3 of the most inauthentic people in politics and one pedo-predator looking Creepy Joe Biden with all of his kid-touching, and it’s fireworks from the start. Hell, I’m tired already, and it’s only the beginning of the year!

And though they’re pushing the chaos narrative, don’t get the jitters over the Mattis exit, he opposed most everything his Commander-In-Chief is for, except perhaps whatever new war might be on the horizon. I like Mad Dog, but as he himself said, President Trump has ‘the right to have a Secretary of Defense whose views are better aligned with yours’, so I’m glad he resigned. We voted for Trump to kick our enemies asses, yes, but to stop wars, not start them, and to be strategic about the conflicts we engage in, not, as General McChrystal said, just sort of ‘muddle along’! And seriously though, how horrible and flippant a thing to say about a war that is not only the longest one in our history, but has claimed so many lives, limbs, and lights, leaving many of our warriors broken in mind and spirit, some losing the ultimate fight with despair upon returning home and committing suicide? It’s an all-volunteer military yes, but we can’t send them lightly or for any longer than necessary! So let’s bring them home!

Yep, it’s gonna be wild, so stay the course Patriots, Trump and the country need you, especially as we see yet again the President’s own party keep going against him. Much like the almost 40 Republicans in Congress who resigned before the election, rather than waiting, supporting the Party and trying to keep the House, we can likely expect similar betrayal defections, and maybe just outright hostility such as the new op-ed by the failed Mitt Romney, (what’s wrong with Utah anyway?). Politicians always operate in political timeframe increments and most Republicans, sadly, still have little courage, ever yielding to the relentless onslaught of the liberal media. And the Establishment Deep State is still fully operational on Mission Destroy Trump. Just remember one thing, when the members of (both) political parties go after Trump, they’re going after you too. They should look in the mirror though, because they GAVE us Trump. So as I said, buckle up Patriots and MAGAs, if you thought the last two years were crazy, the next two are gonna make that look like child’s play. God Help Us!

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