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Impeachment Mania – Just the Latest Effort to ‘Get Trump’

Updated: Sep 5, 2023

When it comes to the Impeachment saga, the only conclusion that even the most moderately intelligent person watching the sh*t show that is the Democrat Party’s never-ending ‘Get Trump’ effort can be is that they think their voters are stupid. What else could it be but that? And they must be right, their voters who support this must be stupid, to put up with this ridiculousness, this coup of a duly elected President, and to believe a single thing told to them by either their elected officials or the media which orchestrates them and lies to us.

It’s nothing less than a big ‘F*** You’ to the American people that these people are collaborating to undermine their vote and expel the person they voted for. For self-appointed ‘Champions of Democracy’, Democrats are sure eager to subvert it when they don’t like the results. But the truth is, they obviously have nothing. Think about it. If they did, they wouldn’t have to go through all of these theatrics. For instance, why isn’t Pelosi taking a formal vote on Impeachment now? And no, of course doesn’t it seem at all suspicious that there were changes to the whistleblower rules made so conveniently before a planned and orchestrated impeachment inquiry, this Mueller 2.0? Nah, don’t be a conspiracy theorist you silly rube.

They’re playing a very dangerous game though. If a crook like Hillary Clinton isn’t prosecuted but a duly-elected President is removed from office because they don’t like him, the Left, the Media, the Never Trumpers and the Globalists are just begging for a Civil War.

Rush already said we’re in a cold civil war, but if these clowns keep this up, we’ll be in a hot one soon enough. Maybe it’s time to Dox those who are participating in this charade and let them know how it feels. Our side normally doesn’t do things like that but maybe we should. Maybe we should start employing the exact same tactics as the Left. Why aren’t there protesters outside Shifty Schiff, Nasty Nadler or Nutty Nancy’s house with a bullhorn like they were at Tucker Carlson’s or Mitch McConnell? Or Soros’s? Or Obama’s? He has 4 of them after all! And he is the real culprit in all this. I wish I had the money, I’d be organizing it myself!

Meanwhile, there were 10 overdose deaths in one 26 hour period in Ohio this week, which is an average weekend of murders in Chicago, an atrocity which also goes on unabated, but not a single Democrat makes a peep about either of those things! Nor about the efforts of conservative activist Scott Presler, who is going around the country cleaning up (& exposing the filth in) liberal enclaves like Baltimore and Los Angeles, the districts of those ‘oh so caring and compassionate’ Democrat politicians. And when they’re ignoring the will of the American people or not busy with their Trump takedown efforts, Democrats are busy legislating to give illegal aliens healthcare (at taxpayer expense), and deciding how they can further terrorize Americans in the bathroom with their insane ‘gender-equality’ obsession. Priorities people, priorities.

What Democrats don’t seem to understand or accept however, is that a lot of DEMOCRATS voted for Trump in 2016, many who had voted twice for Obama, and they’re livid about all of this. They are normal, hardworking taxpaying Americans who just want someone they elect to actually work for their interests for a change. So when the ball busting bull in a China shop Trump came along, they gave him a chance, because the other people they’d voted for weren’t doing anything to make their lives better, and they were calling them Deplorable and Irredeemable to boot.

Something which is confusing however is that Democrats have to know about but for some reason disregard is that there is also growing black and hispanic support for Trump. In fact just this week⏤President Trump will be hosting the 2nd Young Black Leadership Summit at the White House, at a time when the #MAGAChallenge rap movement is still going strong on Twitter, and Candace is working Blexit across the country. And while small in number compared to the general number of black Americans who regularly vote for them, Democrats dismiss and disregard these people at their peril. Black conservatives are active, enthusiastic, bold and fearless, many filled with the inspiration of their Christian faith, making them surely a force to be reckoned with. I’m not quite sure what the GOP writ large is doing to court and attract black voters, but thankfully Trump has opened that door in his unconventional style and inspired people to walk through it.

It’s obviously going to be a full-on assault against Trump from every angle until the election. Even that cackling witch Killary is out making the talk-show rounds, saying things like that Trump is an illegitimate President. I’m old enough to remember when she Tweeted out in outrage: ‘Donald Trump refused to say that he’d respect the results of this election. By doing that, he’s threatening our democracy’. But it’s she who won’t accept them – still! It’s a good thing Trump doesn’t have any rabbits, Hillary acts as crazy as a jilted mistress.

So as I’ve said before, stay the course Patriots, President Trump needs us now more than ever, and not just on social media, but active in our communities, to knock doors, make phone calls, whatever is necessary to make sure we get every single vote out for 2020, not just for him but down-ballot.

I know many of the Republicans suck, but we need the reprieve of Trump to win of the Presidency with a Republican majority until we can straighten the other stuff out. That’s what they’re really afraid of too.

They know Trump won’t be a lame duck President, he’ll be a ‘no holds barred’ President with nothing to lose by knocking heads and busting kneecaps, figuratively speaking, and will work to Drain The Swamp with abandon. And with a $4.1 trillion trough at stake, it will be a fight to the finish by the Swamp-creatures to keep the Swamp flush. Let’s not give them that option.

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