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It’s Either America or Liberalism, You Can’t Have Both!

Updated: Sep 1, 2023

Liberalism can never bring happiness. Have you ever seen liberals happy? Some of the wealthiest, most influential people on the entire planet are liberals, and they’re some of the most miserable, hateful people. And not just because Trump is President, they were crazy over Bush too. They think that if we would just implement their ideology, the world would be a better place and all would be well. It’s a fantasy, but they’re wed to it.

Whereas conservatives seek to keep things that are good and work, such as the Constitution, and correct or improve what doesn’t, liberals seek to change everything and therefore have no foundation and instead are rootless, perpetually trying to find happiness and redemption ‘over there’. It’s what leads them to regularly nurse the mythology of socialism, the goal of which, as Lenin said, is communism, a fact reinforced by the latest Project Veritas drop of the commies in the Bernie Sanders campaign who actually talked about gulags and re-education camps. Part of it is their own hubris, whereby they just think they’re smarter than everyone else. They say about socialism ‘we just haven’t tried hard enough’, or it wasn’t the right people implementing it, we know how it should be done. Kind of like that schockingly arrogant but not surprising statement by Obama that ‘we’re the ones we’ve been waiting for’.

It’s the addiction of ideology, that this time it will be different. Every evidence to the contrary only makes them dig in their heels more. No amount of bones, skulls, statistics or even bloody carcasses in real time dissuade them from their dream. Liberalism denies human behavior, thus fantasizes about the utopia they believe their policies will bring. And despite the claim of being ‘pro-choice’, there actually is no ‘choice’ at all. The choice is their way or the highway.

There is no freedom in liberalism, there is only conformity or destruction. Fall in line or be crushed. By default it requires and mandates control over its subjects to achieve their power.

Because is it rootless, the goalposts of liberalism are forever changing to such an extent that even the ‘wokest of woke’ can get cancelled when they go against the mob. The Trump-hating Stephen King is experiencing that very thing right now in relation to the #OscarsSoWhite hashtag trending again now because he said that art ought to be judged not on diversity but quality. Verboten! To the progressive left there is no quality without the requisite identity group diversity representation. And I could care less personally about what a group of overpaid, overprivileged professional pretenders say about anything, but it is pretty delicious to watch them skewer each other.

The problem is that they don’t limit it to their own. The fascistic Left turns its sword, like the cultural jihadists that they are, on everyone. They are the bullies they claim to rail against. Despite their claims to the contrary as anti-fascists, they are the totalitarians who can’t bear dissent and will crush it with every means at their disposal. Unfortunately, because of the long-term complacency of the Right in their foolish abdication of the culture and academia, the Lefts tools are many and well-fortified.

The irony is that though the Left claims to be so, Conservatives are actually way more tolerant, even of things they oppose, than liberals. Conservativism has ‘evolved’ for lack of a better term, into the true party of ‘tolerance’, whereas even if we don’t agree with a particular opinion, behavior or lifestyle, we don’t cancel people for having it, we just request that you don’t shove it down our throats. Ours is definitely more of a big tent. On the Left, the road is so narrow that even when you think you have the correct map, coordinates, and set your GPS for your route, the location can change on a dime. There is no security, constancy, relief, there is only walking on eggshells, hoping not to piss one of these emotional toddlers off.

Despite how intersectional you might think you are, (and I absolutely hate the word intersectional), you can never be woke enough. You can never relax and feel that you’ve gained membership in the club, you’ll forever be a potential target, with even the slightest misstep. Old Stephen King is learning that the hard way. Even Martina Navratilova backed down on saying it wasn’t right that real women should have to compete against biological males who ‘identify’ as women. Crazy, huh?

Liberalism is a schizophrenic ideology, with an ever-changing rulebook that no one can possibly understand, much less abide. It’s a ‘never let a crisis go to waste’ philosophy which creates crises in order to gain control.

It’s about power and subjugation, not about freedom and liberty. It’s anathema to freedom. The only freedom an individual has under it is the freedom to think like the herd. The good thing is that at every turn it’s being exposed, especially when it turns on itself and liberals go after each other – as Kevin Hart, Dave Chappelle, Martina Navratilova and Stephen King, among others, can attest. The question is if it is enough, and what is the breaking point? When will there be a point at which an overwhelming consensus of people stand up, fight back and say enough, including liberals? Or perhaps, especially liberals, since they’re the ones that make the rules. Let us pray it’s sooner rather than later, for we’re already at a breaking point in America.

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