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It’s Open Season on MAGA Hat Wearers; the Covington Media Frenzy

Updated: Jun 15, 2023

From much experience, especially since Donald Trump announced his run for the presidency, I’ve learned to pause when there’s a ‘sensational’ story about something with regards to ‘hate crimes’ or ‘racist’ events in America, particularly as it relates to white men as suspects. They’ve been under attack for a long time now, and ramped up, in my opinion as a result of the presidency of Barack Obama, and obviously there are real incidences, including, unfortunately, most of the school shootings. So very often however, they’ve turned out not to be true, and in fact, perpetrated as hoax crimes rather than hate crimes, usually to fit a ‘racism under every rock’ narrative. From the fake hijab removal by Trump supporters story, to racists notes left on a black Air Force cadet’s door which turned out to be written by himself, to false claims of slurs and swastikas.

You’ve got it, all lies. One would have to wonder, why would someone do something not only so weird and out of nowhere, but also something criminal, as it is a crime to make false accusations. But race-baiting is big business, particularly these days, and even if the only ‘profit’ from it is to destroy the lives of ‘those evil white boys’, the collateral damage is worth it to some. After a multitude of fake rape claims, such as the Duke LaCrosse, Mattress Girl and UVA ones, two recent and current cases – Jazmine Barnes and Covington Catholic – show that not only is there a concerted effort to destroy white men, but that the media is an eager and willing accomplice, even, surprisingly, white men

Before I talk about Covington however, I want to remind everyone about a recent and similar case which created similar and instant race-hoax hysteria – the killing of 7 year old Jazmine Barnes. Barnes, black, was killed in a drive-by in, a case, it turns out was, horrifyingly, mistaken identity (!!!), by what was described by black activists as ‘a white, bearded man in his 40s, who was driving a red pickup truck’, with a police sketch showing a white guy in the picture with a hoodie on. Needless to say, as soon as the sketch went out, the race-hustlers went full DefCon 1. Almost immediately, though no suspect had been arrested, it was being used to inflame passions, including one article written titled ‘White Man Who Shot Jazmine Barnes May Have Killed Other Black People’. The ever present white guy pretending to be black faker and SJW Shaun King, aka Malcolm X, pushed out the ‘white man in red pickup truck’ story.

And though later when he somehow came into possession of the names of the suspects, both black, which he gave to the local sheriff, he still pushed the white guy narrative, and when the real suspects were arrested, never expressed remorse at so actively promoting the racially divisive theory. Nor did Sheila Jackson Lee, who also not knowing the facts of the case early on, immediately called it a hate crime. Of course the irony is that it was a ‘hate crime’, because don’t you have to have hate to shoot to kill someone? Naturally you didn’t anything about the story anymore, after the media and their faithful lemmings in entertainment or the race-hustling business found out the truth about it and didn’t fit their narrative. And poor little Jazmine, killed (at close range) let’s be reminded – in a case of mistaken identity – much like the other black children killed senselessly by their members of their own race, whom the media could care less about, just another senseless loss.

Now to the Covington case, something which as the light shines on it, is both nothing at ALL as it appeared or was presented, but which demonstrates in devastating clarity how divided we are as a country, so much so that I’m starting to get genuinely frightened. So the original story was put out that a group of white boys wearing MAGA hats ‘surrounded’ and ‘harassed’ an elderly Native American Vietnam Veteran (in what turns out actually to be Stolen Valor because he lied about his service) at the Lincoln Memorial. And an image of 15-year-old Nick Sandmann ‘smirking’ at the Native American man as he stood just inches in front of him set the stage for an emotionally inflammatory but completely false ‘white against brown’ narrative. Of course it was accepted as fact, because it’s not just that The Covington Catholic High School boys were white, for instance, but that they were Catholic. And Trump Supporters. Wearing the MAGA hat. At a Pro-Life March. I mean if that isn’t a bonanza of unacceptable traits to justify the subsequent bigotry by the Left I just don’t know what is!

Except that the narrative wasn’t true, and even after having being completely debunked, the social media mob (adults by the way) that have called for Sandmann (a teenager) getting punched in the face, for the school to be burned down (with the students in it) for a school shooting at Covington, etc. still have their blue check marks. There have been calls for violence by ‘celebrities’ such as that sewer dweller and Aphex Twin looking Kathy Griffin and CNN contributors Reza Assclown and Bakari Sellout; a country music ‘comedian’ offering free albums to anyone who punched Sandmann in the nuts; wanna be activist and should be mental patient Alyssa Milano calling the MAGA hat the new ‘KKK hood’, (tell that to the black MAGA Blexiteers who proudly wear it!); even an SNL writer offering her followers offered her followers a blowjob if they physically assault one of the kids from Covington Catholic High School. Yes you read that right – head for a hit! The insanity is at a fever pitch!

None of this is unexpected from the Left though, they’re insane – literally. What’s really disappointing however, is how quickly some on the right were to condemn the Covington Boys, so fearful they are of being called racist or affiliating with anyone who’s called that, without any evidence that it exists, and some so Trump-hating to the extent they’ll throw their own under the bus, such as that snarling guttersnipe Bill Kristol. Even Hugh Hewitt, an otherwise reasonable voice, fell into the trap. But even their own school was quick to jump on the bandwagon and almost expelled them. You also have of course, the open-borders contingent within the Catholic Church, who continued to pile on, with one, Bishop Foys almost seeming to cosign the abuse of the boys for being Trump supporters and by default supporting the Wall.

In case you haven’t learned what really happened yet, the black Israelites were yelling horrible things at the Native Americans involved in the Indigenous People’s March, apparently timed to occur in the same area as the March for Life. You can watch the whole video to get the gist, but suffice it to say the Black Israelites (henceforth B.I.) were not standing in solidarity with the Native Americans at all! The Native Americans actually asked them to stop yelling at them they were being so awful. But when the B.I. saw the Covington kids, some with their MAGA hats, they directed their attention at them, with full-on racist vitriol, calling them ‘children of incest’, racist, crackas, fa**ots, etc., and they, the B.I. were the ones saying ‘Build the Wall’, as a mocking reference to them being Trump supporters, not the Covington kids.

When the group of Covington kids were standing there waiting for their transportation, the B.I. were continuing on, and in order to drown out the hateful rhetoric, the group started doing their school chant, which they’ve done for the past 10 years at the Lincoln Memorial after the march. It appears it’s at this time is when Nathan Phillips, a far-left Native American activist, approached them, not the other way around, and began to beat his drum in the face of the kid in the front, Nick Sandmann. At first, it appears the boys thought he might be standing with them against the B.I., and they started clapping their hands, but after a few minutes, they realized the guy was taunting them. It was at that point that the photo/video was taken of Sandmann ‘smirking’ that blew up the Internet.

In context, however, you have a teenage boy minding his own business after getting called the most vile names, and an old man comes up to him, within a few inches, and stands there, looking kind of crazy, beating a drum and chanting in his face. What would you do? He could have stepped back and back down, but he didn’t, he just stood there and took what was unprovoked, undeserved abuse. I can promise you, if the ethnicities were reversed, if Sandmann were Native American or black and a white guy had done that to him, the narrative would not only be completely different, there probably would’ve been fighting, and that Savannah Guthrie would never have even considered asking him if he owed anyone an apology. She did at least a somewhat fair interview with Sandmann about the incident, even if I don’t agree with the premise of her questions, which is that he or the teens was at fault for anything. And of course, the lunatics, who probably haven’t even watched the entire video, are still sticking with the ‘but they wore the hat, therefore they’re racist’ narrative, still threatening the kids online and going after Guthrie for even interviewing the kid. Even after the Black Israelites ADMIT that they started it!

Time is a great revealer and it’s been revealed that the boys were actually the ‘victims’, and now will likely be permanently scarred, mentally and reputation-wise, with it literally affecting their future opportunities thanks to the likely algorithms now being set up by Google. And reporters are digging into all of the boys pasts to find something, anything at all to ‘prove’ that they are the racists everyone thought they were and therefore justify what happened. In a rare bit of truth however, Joy(less) Behar, in a discussion with the heifers on The View, acknowledged that the media jumped the gun on the incident because ‘we’re desperate to get Trump out of office’.

And there you have it! Everyone who has the courage to think for themselves, to openly support President Trump take heed – you, and your children, particularly your sons and especially if they’re white, have a target on your back, just like Trump has on his. It’s open season on MAGA hat wearers, so you better understand that. It’s not just white guys either, as some black Trumpers have also been abused, such as the Haitian guy who was harassed at Cheesecake Factory in Miami. But like the bull to the bullfighters red flag, the red hat triggers the Left and they’re full on batsh*t hysterical now, especially with 2020 just around the corner. They will take no prisoners, so be on your guard. Stand firm and fearless, establish your coalition, work to increase the MAGA movement and watch your 6 at all times. They don’t know who they’re dealing with though, and if you’ve ever seen the video of the fat kid getting bullied who finally snaps and gloriously body-slams the bully, you push people too far and you get smoked! Just know they’re coming for all of us, and Freedom itself hangs in the balance, as does America. God help us!

Image: Screenshot Today Show/NBC of Covington protest

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