Justice May Finally Be Coming Patriots

After waiting for what seemed like forever for the Horowitz IG report’s release, many Americans are extremely frustrated and angry that it concluded ‘no political bias’ which predicated the opening of the Russia hoax investigation, or coup, against candidate, and now, President Donald Trump.

Sure, it blasted the FBI for all kinds of abuses and violations, but in the end, the final determination was that ‘although there were several procedural errors, the FBI was justified and lacked political bias when it launched its investigation into Russian interference in the 2016 election and the Trump campaign’s ties to Russia’. . No political bias???? When I read that I was sick to my stomach with fury and despair. If you can’t find political bias in the texts between two of the lead investigators in the investigation – Lisa Page and Peter Strzok – you can’t find sand at a beach.

I immediately Tweeted my anger to Sean Hannity, who has become the Rachel Maddow of Fox News with his perpetual promises that any minute now all of these treasonous bastards will be perp-walked to the gallows. Tick Tock my ass. I also Tweeted President Trump to remind him that the coup against him was not just against him, but against US, the American voters, who chose him to be our President.

I knew this was just an assessment report and not the final step or the end of the investigation, and normally I take time, step back and wait for everything to shake out. But, I was distraught. And so it was until both Barr and Durham put out statements saying they disagreed with certain findings of the Horowitz report, that one in particular, and Barr holding interviews confirming as much⏤I was relieved and remain so.

You see, we Deplorables, the American patriots who took a chance on this most unlikely candidate, Donald J. Trump, have been waiting patiently for justice. For those people who’ve spent millions of our tax dollars not only subverting our own votes by instituting a coup against the person we elected, the Russia Hoax, but then subsequently the impeachment ruse after their initial efforts failed. We’ve been violated and besmirched as much as the man himself, called everything from Deplorable and Irredeemable to racist, Nazi and ‘human scum’, the latest courtesy of that creep Joe Biden. We’ve been spit on, beat on and lied on, and we’ve held on to the slimmest hope that someday, someway, there would be justice.

And then the report dropped. Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama, John Brennan, James Comey (and the others) were walking free and Trump was being impeached. It was too much.

Donald Trump, as candidate and as President, has exposed what we always knew but could never prove – the American system is rotten to the core. From the lies that have now been revealed about the Afghanistan War, to the falsehoods that the Republicans actually stand for anything they campaign on, (defunding Planned Parenthood and securing the border), to the Democrats and their allies being the most demonic duplicitous forces in the country. And that’s just a small fraction of it. Terms like ‘Drain the Swamp’ were no mere quippy rally cries, they are goals, and we knew if anyone had even the slightest chance of doing that or even coming close, it would be him. And now they’re trying to remove him from office. Never mind the threats against him and unparalleled security concerns for his life.

We must have justice in America. From the local level to the federal level⏤the system must work fairly for the majority of the people. It hasn’t always been that way of course, and for a long time not even close, but we must get there. It’s too hot, the country is too on edge not to strive for that and to produce actual gains toward that end.

It’s not an exaggeration to talk about terms like ‘civil war’ right now, it’s a natural cycle that groups of people, when divided, come to clashes, and we’re due. But also, because we’re seeing very clearly how much is wrong.

We can see with our own eyes that these clowns who ‘represent’ us are getting wealthy in corrupt fashion on our own labors while at the same time doing so much to undermine those they claim to represent – us. They take from our pocket by force and then force us to accept things we would not, also by force. Don’t want men in the women’s bathroom or trannies teaching the tots? Shut up and obey rube, or we’ll fine you and destroy you. And that’s just one example.

So my hope has been restored, at least in the short term, that justice is in fact coming, at least with respect to this abominable coup attempt. AG Barr’s initial statement that there was in fact ‘spying’ on Trump and that it was a ‘big deal’, his speech to the Federalist Society, and his recent interviews outlining what is a clear understanding and opposition to the abuses of government officials against candidate and then President Trump indicate he seems to mean business.

I say ‘seems’ because I will not believe anything until I see actual prosecutions and people going to jail. You or I would be in jail already. They should be too. But at least it’s reassuring. You simply cannot be permitted to use the weight and force of the government apparatus which is supposed to serve the will of the people to subvert it. Nonetheless, on the eve of the most consequential election of our lifetime, 2020 will be a dangerous year for the Republic. Pray Patriots, and may God help us!

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