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Keep Your Soy Boys Feminists – I’ll Take the Alpha Male!

Updated: Jun 16, 2023

From the ridiculous Gillette ‘toxic masculinity’ ad to ‘The Future is Female’ narrative by female politicians, to the incessant harping on the ‘gender pay gap’, I’m so tired of hearing about both ‘toxic masculinity’ and about women – and I’m a woman. Because liberals ruin everything and because liberal women are insane, we are now nitpicking every single solitary word, phrase, look, statement, etc. made by men, to the point where they can’t even be men, and this radical feminist jihad against men and masculinity is getting really annoying.

I’m also getting really sick of these radical feminists encouraging women to play the perpetual victim. First you say you want us to be equal to men, but then you don’t want females running for office to be criticized. You say you want women to be taken seriously, but then you elevate someone like Cardi B. You say you want to be respected but then you dress like Kim Kardashian. Sorry ladies, you can’t have it both ways. You can do what you want, yes, but you can’t dictate people’s reaction to it. If your boobs are hanging out and dudes are looking, or you’re wearing Daisy Dukes and you get a cat call, don’t blame ‘toxic masculinity’, blame yourself. Just saying. And don’t try to say I’m advocating any type of assault or anything, I’m not, I’m just calling you on your hypocrisy and this demonizing of men while neglecting to take responsibility for your own choices and behavior.

Because the Left owns the media and entertainment, they set the ‘narrative’, and the narrative is currently that men are the problem. You see it everywhere, like in tv commercials where men (particularly white men) are portrayed as bumbling idiots while the woman is portrayed as strong and intelligent. Sometimes it’s subtle, sometimes it’s blatant, but it’s seeping into the subconscious of Americans and it’s a big problem. It didn’t start with the Gillette ad, they’re just taking it farther now. You can probably blame it on Trump Derangement Syndrome, as his unapologetic Alpha Male swagger has made them lose their minds.

And now the American Psychological Association is trying to stigmatize boys with new Guidelines for Psychological Practice with Boys and Men’, calling traditional masculinity harmful, an ‘ideology out there affecting boys and men of ‘traditional masculinity’ (with) harmful effects tied to traditionally masculine traits, including being competitive, aggressive, and stoic’. Well, duh they’re aggressive, they’re males! I mean have you watched National Geographic? And in mocking the Left’s narrative or ‘diagnosis’, I’m obviously not justifying bad behavior, I’m just acknowledging the realities of what the Left claims to support, which is science! Males have more testosterone, therefore they are more aggressive. If I took steroids, I’d be more aggressive too. But what about toxic ‘femininity’? If you think women can’t be ‘aggressive’, you’ve been living in a cave. Without any women. But what does this designation by the organization deemed with providing psychological care for boys mean for the future of men in America? Women, especially mothers of boys and women who are not radical feminists, should be very concerned.

Modern or ‘Fourth wave’ feminists aren’t asking for ‘equality’ anymore, they’re really advocating for the bullying and marginalization of men. Many (though not all) ‘gender studies’ professors are lesbian activists, some ardently man-hating, so that’s not surprising. The ones who aren’t lesbians though, are just as radical and some just as man-hating, teaching their students that even consensual spousal sex is rape, so they’re just as insane.

Putting the man-haters aside, if you got rid of men, what would happen? You think women are so great? Trust me, you’ll be praying for more men in the room when you get a whole group of women PMSing at the same time.

I’m only half-joking when I say that, but it’s to illustrate this ridiculous paradoxical gender gymnastics liberals play whereby they say they want ‘equal rights’ when in fact they want special rights. They want ‘equal pay’ but they don’t want to put in the same hours that men do and they want to be able to take off work to have a baby. Now whether or not you think they should have that right is not the issue, it’s whether the argument for things like ‘equal pay’ are legitimate, and they in fact are not. It is already against the law to discriminate in the workplace, so the ‘gender pay gap’ is a myth because there are varying factors making up any pay ‘disparities’, mainly childbirth and overtime hours, something which women make choices about.

The same women who mocked Mike Pence for not going anywhere with a woman who was not his wife, are the same women who complain when in the era of rampant MeToo allegations, some of which are false, misleading or consensual, hiring managers may be hesitant to hire women or send out office notes that there will be no ‘one-on-one’ mentoring or travel between men and women. So when you can’t get a job because your CV says ‘women’s studies minor’ degree on it and employers see you as a future lawsuit, you can thank your professors.

While there may be legitimate issues in the workplace or elsewhere regarding inappropriate behavior that should be addressed, much of this is a by-product of the hysteria created by women who cry foul over everything because they don’t know how to be women without diminishing men. I’m a conservative woman and I don’t want some soy-boy man-bun skinny-jean wearing man with soft hands who uses more hair products than I do. I want a man who’s strong and who can yes, do ‘manly’ things like change a tire, lift heavy things, cut the grass. I may be able to do some of those things too, but when I need to center a 100 lb. cabinet on the wall, I want a man around. And that doesn’t make me some lace-collar wearing Stepford Wife damsel in distress, it makes me a woman who knows that there are actual differences between men and women, which I celebrate.

Real women want Alpha Males, but liberal women don’t know how to handle them, or feel like they’re betraying the ‘sisterhood’ by wanting them, which is why they need things like 50 Shades of Grey.

They don’t know how to own their own strength and womanhood and still let the man be strong.

As a woman who voted for Trump, I’ve received a lot of despicable comments from Hollyweird liberals, especially for his ‘grabbing them by the p—y’ comments, at which I laugh. Have you seen the movies Hollywood puts out? Give me a break! And you all probably listen to rap and hip-hop right? That’s what I thought! Have a seat – you’re not outraged at all, you’re just mad he’s a Republican. If he were a Democrat, you’d not only have held the Access Hollywood tape, but explained it away as a nothing-burger and accused Republicans of being prudes. Would I like to have a woman elected president? Sure, that would be awesome, but only if she’s a conservative, because after all, simply because we share having a uterus, doesn’t mean she shares my values. I vote with my brain, not my vagina.

Yes, women have struggled to make our place in history, and it’s not yet perfect, but we’ve come a damn long way, and just because a horrible corrupt woman didn’t become president doesn’t take away our achievements. Nor does wanting a strong man by our side, it compliments them.

If you support women so much, why haven’t you praised Kellyanne Conway for being the first female to run a winning presidential campaign? Or Ronna McDaniel for being the first female head of the RNC? Or Marsha Blackburn as the first female Senator of Tennessee? Condoleeza Rice the first black female Secretary of State. No, you don’t support those women because they don’t share your ‘values’, which is precisely my point – just because it’s a woman, doesn’t mean I want her in charge.

Plenty of evil women have been in charge, and their companies, cities, states and countries have gone to hell under their ‘leadership’, so please quit your kvetching feminists, I don’t wanna hear it.

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