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Lincoln Project Hates Trump, Loves Pedos. Interesting…

Updated: Sep 1, 2023

It’s a bad week for the Never-Trump crew at the Lincoln Project. It appears they have a pedophile problem. Yep, that cackling group of ‘Republicans’ who hate Donald Trump and worked so hard along with Democrats against him have been exposed, no pun intended, as having a pedophile in their midst, and hiding it. And what’s worse, the same media that went on and on about the fake Russia hoax, is helping cover for them. The ‘journalists’ that knew about Jeffrey Epstein, knew about Harvey Weinstein, hid info on the Lincoln Project founder John Weaver’s texting of 14 year old boy so it wouldn’t come out before the election. Just like they ignored Tara Reade, just like they ignored Hunter Biden’s laptop and the info on potential criminal sexual acts against children, including his own relatives.

So it’s come out that John Weaver, a married co-founder of The Lincoln Project, the group that said Donald J. Trump was ‘unfit for office’ and spent millions running ads against him, sent sexually explicit messages to young men, one as young as 14. As of now, according to the New York Times, 21 men have accused Weaver of online harassment. According to Maggie Astor, who ‘broke’ the story formally although Ryan Girdusky of The American Conservative had put it out 3 weeks prior, Weaver ‘sent them inappropriate messages, including explicit offers of professional help in exchange for sex.’ As of this writing, 11 of them had spoken on the record’.

Perhaps worse than the offense, however, is how many people seemed to know about this as well as those running cover for them! MSNBC’s Mika Brzezinski, whose husband potentially killed an intern, has the pie faced troll George Conway on his show, one of the LP’s founders, looking like he’s in a hostage video lying through his teeth, saying "It's terrible and awful...I didn't know John very well. I frankly only spoke to him a couple times on the phone early on in the Lincoln Project." Except that Conway wrote an Op-Ed with Weaver in 2019 for the NYT, as well as Steve Schmidt, Rick Wilson, about wanting to defeat Trump. And have you seen Schmidt and Wilson? They’re creepy, maybe we should look into them too!

Republican strategist Karl Rove said Monday he had been aware of allegations of sexual impropriety against The Lincoln Project co-founder John Weaver for more than 30 years. Holy shit, 30 years??? Remember when Cindy McCain said ‘we all knew about Epstein’? And who could forget that infamous video of Amy Robach bitching that she had the complete story on Epstein but NBC wouldn’t let her air it? She KNEW that girls and women were being sexually abused and trafficked, and could have not only saved them but future victims, but what was she mad about? That she had the story first and wasn’t able to put it out there and get the credit. Not that girls were potentially being raped, but that she hadn’t broken the story.

So what’s happened here is that the Democrats, you know, the MeToo folks, worked with the Lincoln Project, likely knowing about Weaver, thereby enabling a pedophile that they’re now running away from. They were willing to make a deal with the devil to get rid of President Trump. Unfortunately, this just shows that Democrat voters are even more stupid than I thought, for after all, they already had the multiple videos of Biden touching little kids: very inappropriately at least, and molesting at worse. Even the left-wing media had written and talked about it when they thought Biden had no chance.

The powerful in Washington are being exposed, no pun intended. This situation shows that the entire Washington, New York and Hollyweird establishment of media and entertainment is nothing but a well-orchestrated charade of propaganda designed to manipulate minds and create specific outcomes, all at the expense, literally, of the general public. President Trump was 100% correct, the Media truly is the enemy of the people. They’re the ones who actually run the show. I have to wonder, not only did President Trump object to endless foreign wars, while seeking to defend our OWN border, exactly opposite what the globalists and neo-cons wanted, but he was relentless in going after child-sex traffickers. And now the same people who are for open borders (a major thoroughfare for sex traffickers) are the same ones who’ve been caught enabling sexual predators. Coincidence? I’ll let you decide.

Needless to say, Weaver has voluntarily stepped down, the LP founders & members are trying to absolve themselves of guilt and the accomplice media are trying to make it go away, especially since many famous Democrats supported the Lincoln Project. Likely Weaver won’t be charged either, because the Deep State protects its own. The Left is pouncing on the fact that Weaver’s a ‘Republican’ (he’s not, he’s a RINO) and are outraged that he’s ‘come out’ and is now using the Kevin Spacey ‘I’m gay’ defense to excuse trying to have sex with a teenager. It’s priceless to watch them scramble even as it’s sad for the state of the country.

This exposure itself is one of the main benefits, among many, of Donald Trump’s candidacy and Presidency. They’ve gone mad and can’t control themselves. Their Trump Derangement is literally destroying them. It’s only early February 2021 and already a fake ‘insurrection’ was staged to blame Trump; Biden has been installed and is breaking all of his promises & voter remorse is already setting in; normal Joe’s are kicking Wall Street’s ass exposing the elites disdain of their constituents and ironically bringing Right & Left together against hedge funds; and the self-righteous Lincoln Project creeps and their accomplices exposed as hanging with predators. It’s all a byproduct of the ‘Trump Effect’, and with each passing day, President Donald J. Trump is looking better and better.

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