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No John, They Still Don’t Love YOU – They Just Hate Him!

Updated: Jun 19, 2023

McCain is dead and naturally all of a sudden the mainstream media and Democrats love him. And wouldn’t ya just know it, the same people who denounce Trump for denouncing the flag-kneelers suddenly LOVE the flag and think it’s an outrage with the way that he lowered it for McCain.

Originally flown at half-staff as Slate put it ‘perfectly in accordance with The U.S. Flag Code’, and about which the far-left publication said ‘Stop Griping About the White House Flag in the Wake of McCain’s Death’, which dictates that when a member of Congress dies, the flag should be lowered “on the day of death and the following day’, the suddenly flag-amorous Left had new requirements – that Trump make a ‘statement’, which would require that all of the flags at government buildings around the country be flown at half-staff.

The irony of the defense albeit tepid, coming from far-left publication Slate, is that they probably hate the flag, McCain, and Trump, yet they’re still coming in with the truth about it. So Trump didn’t originally keep it lowered any longer than was standard protocol, and if the situation were reversed, would McCain have? Highly doubt it. And would the Left have given Trump credit for doing so? Definitely not! They would’ve found something else to complain about.

Yep, as Ann Coulter writes in her new book, the Trump-hating Left has ‘lost its collective mind’, and will use whatever ‘tool’ necessary to hit him, the latest of which is the death of John McCain. There are multiple examples of media outlets crucifying McCain during the 2008 election against their anointed Obama, and of course conveniently forgotten about now so that they can use their newfound (fake) admiration for him against Trump. Never mind the Huffington Post Headline ‘John McCain’s White Supremacist Problem’; Teen Vogue spinning his defense of Obama (against someone who called him an Arab) as somehow being anti-Arab; Slate referring to him as being aligned with George Wallace and the Guardian saying he ‘sided with religious and political extremists’. CBS said he could only win by ‘taking the low road’ and HuffPo also questioned his ‘mental fitness’ to be President. I could go on and on.

It’s the same old playbook they always use against Republicans of course – and which is being used to an insanely magnified degree with Trump – racist, sexist, homophobe, etc. And it’s not ever a surprise, we expect it. I would say ‘prepare’ for it, but until Trump came along, Republicans didn’t, they just cowered, McCain included. He refused to discuss Obama’s ties (20 years as a church member) to Jeremiah Wright for instance. The same Jeremiah Wright who spews vile anti-white, anti-American invective and who allows the self-hating and ridiculous ‘Father’ Pfleger to preach at his Chicago ‘church’, (never mind his connections to Louis Farrakhan). Now just IMAGINE for a second if McCain was a member of a church that said the same type of things but against black people and/or Africa. You don’t even have to, because you wouldn’t be talking about a Senator McCain running for President, because he’d have been prohibited from both! Obama’s association with Wright was a very legitimate issue that voters deserved to know about – whether Obama endorsed his pastor’s anti-American/anti-white sermons – but McCain refused to go there. Did that help him any with the media? Nope, they still went after him. The point is, they don’t love McCain, they just hate Trump! And if they can use McCain’s death, including his spiteful plan to prevent the sitting U.S. President from attending his funeral (while having his former campaign opponent Obama eulogize him) against Trump, they will and are. But whether it’s Stormy Daniels, Omarosa, or any other flavor of the month person or issue that’s opposed to Trump, it’s not because they care about them, it’s only because they hate him!

The sad thing about McCain though, is that they not only found a willing participant, in life and in death, they found it in a Senator who was working to subvert the will & freedom of the American public and his own constituents who voted for him. From calling Trump voters ‘Crazies’ and ‘Tea Party Hobbits’, to facilitating the IRS targeting of Tea Party members by weaponizing audits to ‘audit so many that it becomes financially ruinous’ (Judicial Watch), to voting against the repeal of Obamacare though he promised through two campaigns that he would, to his suspicious involvement with the Trump ‘dossier’, which led to the Mueller Special Council and the interminable investigation of the President. McCain had animus toward Trump, and a lot of Americans have animus toward McCain.

The real issue though, is how hypocritical politics can be, and how ridiculous the media and many politicians are, especially as it relates to Trump, and especially knowing that we can find the videos or articles to corroborate. Some in the Left is even rehabbing W. Bush who they destoyed so savagely if it helps them get at the Big Fish. The same W of course, who though he started the Iraq War that drove the Left insane, and who would never defend himself or criticize Obama, but has now found it appropriate to criticize Trump. The same W who the Left wrote books and made movies about assassinating. Chris Matthews, who called McCain a ‘menacing troll’, asking ‘do the people really want to put up with four years of that?’ now suddenly calls him his ‘role model’. I’ve said before I could go on and on. It’s always crazy in politics but it’s particularly insane and hypocritical with Trump, as they have gone no holds barred.

And the politicians aren’t any better than the media. Obama released an ad seeming to mock McCain’s war-related disability with a campaign ad that ‘he can’t send an email’, (which of course he got a pass on), and as being ‘old’ and ‘out of touch’, and didn’t denounce ANY of the truly vicious things said about McCain or Palin (including Sarah Bernhardt’s saying she’d have her ‘gang-raped by my big black brothers’); but who will be eulogizing him at the funeral to which Trump is not invited. John Lewis, who accused McCain during the 2008 campaign against Obama of fostering ‘an atmosphere of hate’ and ‘hostility’ a climate like the one ‘that led to white supremacists 1963 bombing of a church in Birmingham, AL’, but whom he just 10 years later calls ‘a warrior for peace’. He literally was implying that McCain was creating the environment that the Democrat George Wallace had. Obama didn’t denounce any of that either – race-baiting gets out votes! Ironically though, that ‘warrior for peace’ one is especially amusing, because there wasn’t a BIGGER warmonger in Congress than McCain, except maybe Lindsey Graham. And of course one of the things the newly enamored Left called McCain was, yep you guessed it – a warmonger.

When it comes to Republicans, the media hates you, especially conservatives. Not just dislikes you, but actually hates you. Sure they loved McCain when he went against his party on things like Campaign finance or Obamacare, or when he ran against W. Bush in 2000, who they hated more, but when it came down to McCain going against one of their people, there was no limit, even from a noted general. Wesley Clark (acting as a surrogate for Barack Obama’s campaign) said of McCain – “That large squadron in the Navy [McCain] commanded — that wasn’t a wartime squadron,” adding, “I don’t think getting in a fighter plane and getting shot down is a qualification to become president.” So spare me the faux outrage about things Trump says and does, he’s just beating them at their own game and they can’t stand it.

So to anyone on the Conservative side, take heed – even the RINO’s that betray the conservative principles they campaign on – though they may invite you on, smile to your face, nod and agree with you when you bash Trump, they’re only USING you! They still hate you, wish you didn’t exist and will work against you, and if it came between you and one of theirs they’d take you down just the same.

It just so happens that currently, the ultimate nemesis – Trump – is the one that beat them and outmaneuvers them at every turn and the one they hate the most…who just happens to be your own nemesis as well Senator.

So wherever you are, John McCain, though they may pretend, they were just using you too and no, they still don’t love you and they never did…no matter what they may say.

Image: (Matt York / AP)

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