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Not Just Any Female for President Will Do!

Updated: Sep 1, 2023

As the field of 29 Democrats running for President gets whittled down to what will ultimately be the ‘Last Man Standing’ between Bernie and Biden, there is a lot of handwringing going on in the progressive and feminist Left over the fact that Fauxcahantas has dropped out and essentially there are only 2 viable candidates running, both of which are men. Old, white men to be exact, a group they hate.

There is frustration, finger pointing and name calling – the usual tropes like sexism and racism among the most common. There’s just one problem with that complaint. There actually still is a woman in the race, Tulsi Gabbard, who is also a ‘person of color’ (I hate that term!) who Democrats have done their damnedest to ignore, dismiss and destroy.

In what is obviously an attempt to marginalize Gabbard, she’s been excluded by the ‘champions of women’ Party from the next debate, yet she’s still in the race. I’ll admit I don’t know why, since she’s not getting any traction at all, but I wonder: since Tulsi ‘persisted’ will Killary interview her for her next book ‘The Book of Gutsy Women – Part Deux’?

She won’t⏤because much like conservative women in the Left’s eyes, even liberal women are invisible and unimportant if they go against the grain. Apparently they’re not champions of all women, just some of them. Not to mention that Hillary hates Tulsi.

So newsflash Democrats, male and female alike – you built this! You, who were so wokety-woke with identity politics that you banished any reasonable Democrat from your ranks ultimately got crushed by your own revolution.

No one who was rational from the Center could survive the rabid attacks by either the SJW’s or the Bernie Bros, and no one from the Left could out-Bernie, Bernie on the Left. So rather than discuss issues normal taxpaying Americans actually cared about and could support, you went so far Left that you gutted your bench. This is your fault!

Though there was an abundance of people running, there were few actually viable choices. But if Democrats were smart, they would’ve supported one of the candidates who are reasonable, intelligent and normal, someone like John Delaney who understands and can communicate about real issues, not the nonsense the Left is currently peddling. He would’ve been a good person to put up against Trump and about whom I as a Deplorable would’ve actually been concerned. Instead, they destroyed themselves with perpetually taking their wokeness temperature and because they candidates couldn’t evert be woke enough, they’re now stuck with 2 old white guys. It’s delicious to watch, but it’s not good for the country.

We should have debates on real issues and not divide each other based on stupid things.

Besides the fact that Fauxcahantas really does look like a car dealership balloonman with her spastic arm-flailing, she ruined her own chances by both lying about so many things and being supremely inauthentic. Say what you will about Trump, he’s real and people relate to that, they see through b.s. and they did so with Warren. It’s too bad in a sense though, because the ideas put forth in her previous book ‘The Two-Income Trap: Why Middle Class Mothers and Fathers are Going Broke’ are important and if considered, could change the conversation about what kind of America we want to be and economy we want to have. A non-stop nose-grinding work until you’re dead lifestyle or an economy which supports healthy families and a healthy society.

Whether you believe the government should be involved in any of those things aside, at least we would be talking about real issues instead of cow farts and transgender bathrooms.

But Warren pushed that aside to appeal to the smallest liberal minority she could find and took herself out of contention for average Americans. Sure, she successfully face-peeled Mini Mike after the failed sexism hit on Bernie, and it was fun to watch, but it didn’t help her own campaign any. Americans are sick and tired, even Democrats apparently, of the incessant liberal balkanization into this group and that and just want to relax, live their lives and not walk on eggshells. The constant harping on identity politics precludes that.

As a woman myself, I would love to be able to vote for a woman for President of the United States. I don’t think there’s any reason not to. And when a woman is just doing her job strongly and successfully and not dribbling on about how she’s a woman, someone like Maria Bartiromo, I don’t even look at them as women. I may think she’s pretty or dressed well, but I just think of her as being a person doing a good job. And that’s the way I think it should be.

Unlike Nancy Pelosi, I would certainly never vote for someone simply because they have a uterus.

Now the DNC is changing the rules to shut down the last woman standing, so it seems that it’s not so much about a woman running or winning but rather a certain type of woman, and apparently as we see her stalking around the talk shows, on Hulu and beyond, for the Democrat establishment, apparently it’s Hillary. She still has her fangs firmly ensconced in the Democrat Party’s neck and appears to be maneuvering to swoop in at a brokered convention, push bumbling Biden aside and assume her place on the throne. The Hillary for VP idea is a joke, so I don’t even entertain that. Hillary would never concede to that, she’d Epstein Biden before Inauguration Day.

If that is the Democrats’ strategy, it would be the most cynical, diabolical play ever, but I put nothing past these power-hungry Globalists. Everything is on the line in 2020 and they will stop at nothing. As for me, I’m a proud ‘Woman for Trump’, and there’s absolutely nothing that could make me vote for a Democrat, woman or man, who supports executing babies until the day of birth. I’ll happily wait to vote for a conservative female for President when the time comes. And mark my words, unless there’s just massive cheating for Hillary or perhaps Michelle Obama, the first female President of the United States will be a Republican.

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