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Not Only Evil But Stupid – Smollett’s Fake Hate Hoax May Land him in Prison

Updated: Jun 15, 2023

he actor formerly known as Jussie Smollett, along with his willing acolytes in the media and Hollyweird, has brought this country through yet another fake ‘hate hoax’, and thankfully, due to the careful and thorough work of the Chicago PD, has been exposed as the actual perpetrator, and hopefully will soon be charged with a felony or perhaps a few. Merely a month after the nation was gripped by the saga of some MAGA hat wearing teens initially being accused but later absolved of having racially harassed the oh so innocent and frail Stolen Valor Nathan Phillips, it’s happened yet again, with Empire actor Jussie Smollett. I know, I had no idea who he was either, but he’s black, gay and an actor, so he was the Left’s newest Victim Hero.

Having not yet learned, even after multiple incidences of what turned out to be fake claims of ‘hate crimes’, from racial to religious, to hold either their tongues or their judgement, all of the usual suspects just had to chime in on what we now know almost for certain was a planned and carefully orchestrated hate crime hoax.

I remember hearing about it and my Spidey Sense immediately kicked in, I mean, really, two white guys in 70% black Chicago just happened to be trolling for a black guy in 1* freezing weather (during a polar vortex no less), with a rope and a bottle of bleach, and oh, MAGA hats? I wasn’t buying it from the beginning. Apparently, neither were the cops, though they took the accusation seriously and did their investigation, diverting resources away from actual and serious crimes. Sorry rape, murder, stabbing and robbery victims, Jussie’s mad at Trump, cops will catch you on the flip side.

Like Pavlov’s Dogs, all of the players in the cesspool that is liberalism, from presidential candidates to Fake News media pundits to the professional impersonators in Crazyfornia, tweeted out their virtue signals, their condemnation and blame at Trump (and by default his millions of supporters), no doubt seeking to reaffirm that his supporters were guilty by proxy, and their hats and their President racist and homophobic. The two profoundly inauthentic carcasses from the Senate, Kamala Willy’s Side Chick Harris and Corey Spartacrazy Booker, threw their ‘I am virtuous because I’m melanated’ cards referencing their horrors of lynching, while the rest of the pack of hyenas jumped into the fray, without a ‘smidgeon’ as Obama likes to say, of hard evidence. The same ‘believe all women’ crowd who tried to destroy Kavanaugh but completely ignore Ellison and Fairfax, came thundering in to rally for Smollett, for after all, he’s got not one but two ‘identity’ cards to throw – gay and black.

Except of course, now we know that not only was it not true – any of it – there were not 2 white guys with MAGA caps hunting him and hurling insults at him, it was two acquaintances of his, 2 black men, who he not only paid to participate in the charade, but who he rehearsed with. And it appears Smollett may have also sent a fake threatening letter to himself as well with their help, with his anger at the tepid response to which appears to have precipitated the fake hoax. If so, that’s mail fraud. So in addition to filing a fake hate crime, could potentially land him in some very serious legal trouble, even prison.

One has to wonder why on earth a tv actor would go to such lengths to concoct such an unbelievable and absurd story, and also who else he was coordinating with? 

I have a feeling that in the course of the investigation we’re going to find out that Don Lemon and perhaps others in the media are involved. Don’t ask me why, it’s just a hunch.

CNN and others, have been known to do fake staging, from weather events to Syria, so I wouldn’t put it past them. And perhaps Robin Roberts was in on it as well. Of course, nothing will happen to them, after all, Al Tawana Brawley Sharp-tongue has a show on MSNBC and he’s actually gotten people killed with his reckless, race-baiting rhetoric. And the media wonder why everyone thinks they’re Fake News?!

It’s funny though to see them start to bail on Smollett, albeit while throwing semi-veiled justifications. Apparently Empire is now writing his scenes out of the show. They’re ‘dropping him like it’s hot’ and kind of reminds me of the scene in Can’t Buy Me Love, when after all the girls had sex with and guys hung out with Ronald because they thought he was cool, he gets exposed, and they can’t get away from him fast enough.

The good thing though, if there is anything, is that even from the beginning, a lot of black people on social media, from influencers to the general public, didn’t believe Smollett and were casting doubt on his story. This is crucially important, because race-baiting has been so profitable and useful, that to have a star on an all-black tv show have his ‘hate crime’ story be viewed skeptically means that perhaps reason is breaking through all the noise, and people are seeing just how manipulative the media really is. I was surprised at how critical Mr. ‘Everything is White Supremacy’ Tariq Nasheed, no fan of President Trump by far, has been of Smollett and the liberal media pushing the narrative on his behalf, which have been shutting down anyone who questioned the story.

What people are missing, and should breathe a deep sigh of relief about, is what could have happened in this case. Apparently, he was trying to create the scene deliberately in front of the cameras, but he did it in front of a broken one or something like that, and thus there was no video of the ‘beating’. But what if there were? A famous black, gay actor beaten up by two white men wearing MAGA hats? In a nation seemingly more divided by race after the first black president than before, and on a hair-trigger of mass unrest, we could’ve seen a Rodney King type of situation, with the media only too happy to perpetuate that narrative.

There are many problems exposed in this case, but the main one is that in elevating victimhood, the Left has made it a goal and a virtue in and of itself, which not only sets up horrible entitlements in people, but an inherent and necessary division.

It’s why they must balkanize people, put them in groups, and collectivize them, to strategically pit them against others. It’s also why so many Democrats were so quick to speak out, without any facts; it benefits them, while it hurts America. Never mind at the same time the Chicago PD were investigating Smollett’s lies, Democrat constituents were being raped, murdered and assaulted, and resources possibly diverted from their aid. Resources are finite after all. But these people are anonymous and unhelpful to the narrative, so they are ignored.

Supposedly two dozen detectives were assigned to the Smollett case, in a city with thousands of shootings and homicides every year, including at the time of his investigation a 1 year old child, Dejon Irving. But unlike Trayvon Martin or Michael Brown, no one will ever know his name, save his family and their friends, because it doesn’t benefit them in any way. Politicians will not know it, celebrities will not Tweet indignantly about it. Black Lives Matter will not riot about it, and the ‘woke’ white liberals will not ‘hood travel’ from their suburban homes to protest about either. Not even the gun grabbers will be shouting about it, because there is no tangible benefit to them.

Thus we have to ask why he did it in the first place? I can only assume that like so many others suffering from Trump Derangement Syndrome, that his visceral hatred of Trump, and assumedly all of the people who he thought evil enough to support him that he would try to smear by proxy, stole his sanity and made him do something so stupid. But I think there’s another reason, and that is because Trump is winning. He’s winning for America and against the Leftward tilt the country’s been going in. He’s fighting the culture war in a way that no Republican ever has. He’s given voice, strength, and a fighting spirit back to the forgotten men and women who’ve felt helpless and hopeless as they’ve seen their country devolve into debauchery and depravity without their consent.

They’ve not been asked if they want what’s forced upon them, but it’s been forced upon them nonetheless. And they’ve been told they better like it and shut up or they’ll be destroyed. And it’s not that they’re this ‘ist’ or that ‘phobic’, it’s that they’ve been told that their values are bad and the only way to ‘coexist’ with the ‘new’ values is to abandon their own. That’s not ‘tolerance’, that’s tyranny.

Trump is like the parent that makes you eat your vegetables, tie your shoes and do your homework when all you want to do is go play outside – barefoot – and eat candy. In this age of extreme permissiveness, where children are coddled, given participations trophies and told they’re ‘special’, discipline and a ‘law and order’ mentality is like garlic to a vampire. He’s working to change the culture, which they thought they had completely owned and reoriented, and it’s making them literally crazy. From Steve Scalise’s and Republicans attempted assassination to the Kavanaugh and Covington debacles, to Smollett’s abomination; and from the Deep State to the media and entertainment to the politicians; they’re demonstrating that they will apparently do anything to stay in power…anything. May God help us, for we truly are in a battle to save America.

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