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Political Correctness Kills – Liberals Choose Wokeness Over Wisdom

Updated: Sep 1, 2023

Why do Western countries and their citizens seem to hate themselves so much? Instead of blaming China for the deadly Wuhan Coronavirus which originated in Wuhan China, the mainstream media is running cover for China and attacking anyone who criticizes them.

Dr. Giorgio Palù, a professor of virology and microbiology of the University of Padova, recently said that concerns over “politics” and being perceived as “racist” delayed Rome’s response to the deadly virus that originated in China. A proposal to isolate travelers coming from China was deemed as ‘racist’. Palù told CNN that the Italian government failed by refusing to impose a wider and stricter lockdown earlier on, instead of the initial restrictions that focused on 11 areas that Rome placed in a “red zone.”

We should have done more diagnostic testing in Lombardy where there was a big nucleus. Dr. Palù also believes that politics delayed the government’s reaction, which he decried as “lazy in the beginning,” saying there is “too much politics in Italy.” Florence even launched a ‘Hug a Chinese’ Day initiative after Trump announced China travel restrictions. Italy is now the epicenter of the coronavirus pandemic sweeping the globe.

In America, the same media which underplayed the threat of the coronavirus in January, with several dismissive articles from NYT and others, are now calling for a national shutdown beyond what many governors and municipalities have already done.

These people want the person they call ‘literally Hitler’ and a dictator, to actually become a dictator. And naturally, the ‘never let a crisis go to waste’ ala Rahm Emanuel crowd is taking every opportunity to not just shut down and effectively destroy businesses small and large, but to seize unpresented and unconstitutional powers for themselves.

Some democrat mayors are suspending concealed carry permit licensing and shutting down gun stores as ‘non-essential’. Because naturally when you want more power, you have to take away the power of your subjects. And to be fair, it’s not just Democrats. I’m really not happy that my governor, DeSantis of Florida, shut down all in-house dining of restaurants, which has already crippled if not killed most non-fast-food restaurants in my county. But in general, when it comes to taking advantage of a crisis for political gain, no one is better and more fearlessly brazen as Democrats. Alinsky would be so proud.

Why would sane people be so enthusiastic to commit national suicide? Why would they be willing to put their own country at risk by not taking measures to isolate visitors from a country which is known not only for being a Communist country with no human rights, but where a deadly virus originated and about which they lied?

Why do so many comfortable, western nations and citizens hate themselves that much as to put themselves at risk without even the slightest pushback? The answer is simple, at least to thinking people. Political correctness.

Political correctness as an ideology is so insidious that it literally requires one to hate oneself in order to adhere to it, but by adhering to it you proclaim your own virtue. By committing suicide, whether culturally or nationally, by submitting to and worshipping on the altar of political correctness, you both absolve your guilt and proclaim your virtue.

So when you’re an Italian who ‘hugs a Chinese’ that came from a virus-laden country, you may die as a result of that, but at least you won’t be called racist. And that’s exactly what happened there.

Outside of China itself, Italy became the epicenter of the Wuhan Virus devastation, killing thousands of elderly citizens. It got so bad that they started refusing admittance to anyone over 60 who showed symptoms. Most of the people were in their 80’s and 90’s, so that’s probably good news to the population control crowd, some of whom cruelly called the virus the ‘Boomer remover’, but with that annihilation of treasure comes a loss of a wealth of history and experience that one can only hope the younger generation desires to preserve. However, from what we’ve seen of the unfettered immigration into Italy and other countries in Europe, it seems unfortunately that may not be the case and it may be too late.

To signal their own virtue and own Donald Trump⏤liberals have created an environment that threatens not only our country, but the world at large. And unfathomably, even in the midst of the devastation wrought by the lying Chinese government’s virus, they’re still doing it.

Despite multiple incidences – on video – of the media referring to it as every iteration of the Chinese Virus, Wuhan Virus, Chinese Coronavirus, etc., when President Trump referred to it as the Chinese Virus, they absolutely lost their minds. Thankfully though, as is always the case with this fearless and bold President, whenever reporters press him on it he never backs down, continuing to call it that and reiterating that it did, in fact, come from China!

There are too many other incidences of destructive political correctness that are occurring as a result of the Left’s innate desire to seize power and capitalize on crisis, from the many mayors, sheriffs and state’s attorneys who are pushing for letting criminals out of jail, to Nancy Pelosi stuffing all manor of idiotic political correctness mandates into the Coronavirus Relief Bill like ‘diversity quotas’ and Green New Deal insanity, but that would require another article altogether.

Passivity is also dangerous, not paying attention to what our elected representatives are doing and demanding and making transparency happen. We found that out with the despicable actions of the three Republican and one Democrat Senators (who are supposed to represent us) who knew about the possible implications of Coronavirus on the economy and dumped their stocks without warning the rest of the country what they’d heard in their briefing. I may be a partisan, but I’m not a ‘Party person’. I give NO quarter to crooks, even when they are on my team!

Suffice it to say, when all of this is over, if we survive it as America, I hope people will see what is going on and realize that Liberty is not a passive asset.

We can’t outsource our manufacturing; we have to understand we can’t outsource our Freedom either.

It is as Reagan said, something which must be continually fought for. Freedom of Speech, which is anathema to the Leftist ideology of political correctness, must take the forefront again so that in telling the TRUTH about things.

We simply can no longer afford to sacrifice sanity on the altar of political correctness any longer. If we can do this, we can get to a place where America is not only in a better place, but a more free one as well.

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