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President Trump Makes Liberals Miserable (& it's Delicious!)

Updated: Sep 5, 2023

What a strange time to be alive. Everything has shifted to such a degree that, liberals have become the finger-wagging scolds they used to proclaim conservatives to be. They’re always bitching about something, finding reasons to be upset and protesting, and Lord have mercy but they love to protest! Of course, they’re Soros-paid protests and the protests bring a paycheck so it’s understandable in a way, but still. Relax liberals, you’re doing pretty well! Other than restrictions on killing babies and not allowing people with mental disorders sign up for the military, things are good, even for you!

I guess it’s a consequence of such a decadent, comfortable society as ours that privileged (and mostly white) liberals can spend so much time being aggrieved about everything, but it’s still tiresome. And it’s not just that, they’re spreading their misery around to everyone else just like Obama wanted to spread the wealth. From the Furious Four, aka ‘the fraud squad’, who can’t say enough bad things about America, to the apoplectic so-called ‘trans’ people who’ve now forced a Canadian salon to close because some transvestite bully tried to force a woman to wax his balls and she didn’t want to, it’s like living in Dante’s Inferno for real. And speaking of that Canadian salon, where the hell are the feminists about this anyway? How far we’ve come from sanity to where a man can basically try to force a woman to wax his balls and liberals criticize the woman! I literally pray for an EMP at this point!

Conservatives are now the ones laughing and liberals are always scowling. Not in movies, though, not yet anyway. Hollyweird still manages to put some funny stuff out, even if they have to throw the requisite and nauseating SJW garbage in there every once in a while. No, on set they’re ok, but once they’re off set, they’re off the rails, take Robert DeNiro for instance. Here you have one of, if not the, greatest actors ever, and he’s so insane over Trump that he’s basically negated anything he’s done because off-screen he’s such a douchebag. Same with Johnny Depp, an amazing actor who used to be a beautifully handsome man. Now he’s just a pathetic middle aged, makeup-wearing corpse, threatening to assassinate the President. Note to Johnny Boy – you’re not actually Jack Sparrow, you just play one on tv!

The irony about it however, and I’m certain they don’t mean to do this, they simply can’t help themselves, is that every time they go crazy it’s like a free GOTV ad for Republicans. Whether creating fake hate hoaxes like the Covington Kids, Smollett or Erica Thomas, or with kneeling for the Anthem and dissing Betsy Ross. Or actually saying that not only was the Apollo Moon Landing somehow sexist, but siding with the Soviets over America! From a New York Post article this week, “Cosmonaut diversity was key for the Soviet message to the rest of the globe,” the writer, Sophie Pinkham, wrote. Her piece reads like something from an old issue of the Soviet newspaper Pravda boasting of the achievements of the Soviet space program… Sure, Communists tortured and executed dissidents, starved their own people by the millions and operated gulags — but have you heard about their amazing space feminism and space intersectionality?’ Clearly this person needs help! I have that Michael Jordan gif in my head as I write it!.

Scott Jennings of the LA Times understands, surprisingly, that this incessant outrage and perpetual tantrum, while surely just a natural reaction to being miserable, likely in part to punish the world for the election of Trump, only helps him, and push more voters to him! As he rightly observed…

“Every time a liberal loses his or her mind over a hat, tank or Betsy Ross, that person causes center-right voters to tighten up in their Trump support. The love for Trump varies across the Republican spectrum (probably more than you think), but the unifying item is that we cannot allow those infected with Trump Derangement Syndrome to run the country…Liberals — and by extension, the presidential candidates who compete for their unhinged affections — seem downright scary to Americans who have now been labeled racist and Nazi for voting for Trump or thinking Betsy Ross (an anti-slavery Quaker!) was a pretty cool American matriarch.”

It’s not simply that it’s annoying that liberals whine that the new Lion King is somehow racist, (everything is after all); that the character of James Bond which was written for a man, should now be a female; or that every character of a previously released movie now be released with a member of the Oppression Olympics subgroup instead of just creating new characters (Ariel). Or that you can’t wear a MAGA hat in public without having to be strapped, or at least always on guard for potential violence. No, it’s that these are the people who want to be in charge! Of ev-e-ry-thing! What you earn, what you keep, what you spend, how you spend it, even why you spend it. Because you’ll p probably it on something racist of course!

These are the people who’ve so polluted the educational system that our children can’t tell whether they’re boys or girls. They’re so ‘woke’ that they refuse to enforce crime or vagrancy laws, which naturally result in more crime and vagrancy, often in the communities they claim to care about with their ‘wokeness’. They’re the same people who claim to care about illegal aliens, but then vote against giving them humanitarian aid in order to stick it to Trump. The same people who claim Trump is homophobic, anti-immigrant and endangers journalists by calling fake news ‘the enemy of the people’, but cheer when a gay immigrant journalist gets the s*it beaten out of him by Left-wing Antifa thugs. And of course, they’re the same people who cry about so-called ‘kids in cages’, but think it’s perfectly fine to abort a baby after birth.

No, Scott Jennings from the LA Times, we cannot let these people run the country, or the state, the city or the county; or the schools or even a damned food truck! They shouldn’t be running anything. We can’t give them a single ounce of power where we can help it, because they are not only miserable and crazy, they’re dangerous. Trump Derangement Syndrome is real and ought to actually be classified as an illness, (the cure for which of course: the Red Pill but I digress).

I personally don’t want them to stop acting like lunatics, it’s the best advertising we can get, if not for Republicans and conservatism, it’s certainly effective against Democrats and liberalism. People may like crazy on the movie screen, but they don’t want it in their neighborhoods! From complaining about everything America, to erasing history, to policing everything from speech to thought but not the actual streets, liberals really do destroy everything good in life. They always take everything too far, and normal sane people don’t like where that leads, as evident by the outrage over the recent video of cops being disrespected in DeBlasio’s New York. So if you can’t cancel liberals from your jobs, families or lives, at least you can cancel them from your ballots and show them with your vote that you’re not buying what they’re selling.

If you think that it’s just a choice between really crazy or somewhat crazy and that leads you to vote for Trump and Republicans, I’m ok with that, at least you won’t be voting for anymore additions to the Furious Four and their psycho ‘squad’! #LeadRight America, for sanity’s sake, and don’t give these miserable cusses any more power!

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