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Rabid for Roe! Feral Feminists Jump the Shark on Kavanaugh

Updated: Jun 19, 2023

I’m a woman but please don’t hold it against me, I’m not a feminist. In this #MeToo era you almost feel like you have to qualify that, lest every man you encounter shudder with fear that you’re going to suddenly go all Linda Blair in the Exorcist and accuse them of something. You know, like breathing? Yes, this week has been a complete shit-show with these Supreme Court hearings in the Senate, showing that not only should we be absolutely terrified that these people are in charge of our government, but that the Left has gone so far off the deep end and learned nothing from their electoral losses over the past decade, that they’re willing to sacrifice a boy scout to prove it.

Let’s be honest here, the SCOTUS hearings are about one thing and one thing only – abortion. Well, that and denying Trump his nomination, but that would just be a bonus. The shrieking hyenas and SJW beta males who want to sleep with (but are secretly terrified of) them, worship at the altar of abortion. So much so that they will destroy anything or anyone who gets in the way of them being able to have them. With a reminder that Hillary was supposed to win – a supporter of up to the day of delivery abortion – one of the reasons that liberal women went so crazy and put those idiotic hats on their heads was because they thought Trump’s win threatened their right to screw first and ask questions later. Just saying.

No, the feral feminists brook no interruptions in their feticide indulgences, they can’t even be reasonable enough to say that 5 months is enough time to make a decision. Remember Abortion Barbie Wendy Davis and her pink running shoes, hero of liberal women everywhere for her 10 hour filibuster? She stood against a Texas bill that would ban abortions after 5 months (they like to say ’20 weeks’ because it sounds nicer) and contained requirements that Davis filibustered: that abortion clinics employ doctors with admitting privileges at local hospitals and meet the standards of ambulatory surgical centers, which have more staff and equipment. You know, in case the woman has complications? Cuz it’s a surgery? Where you’re going all benihana on the baby inside you? Yes, even those reasonable terms were unacceptable. Now mind you, if the same women wanted the baby and it was born prematurely at 5 months, they’d all be demanding 10 nurses at the NICU save it. But not so much when it’s a ‘choice’, and sometimes – when the mood strikes – they choose no. Yep, for the cackling harpies, it’s all about abortion.

For politicians in general of course it’s all about power, but for the feminists it’s about the unrestricted right to terminate your offspring. So hey, if you have to accuse some cis-gendered white Republican man of sexual misconduct, (it’s not rape or anything like it that he’s accused of, but it makes for good headlines) destroy his life and that of his family and 2 daughters, why that’s just collateral damage. Plus, even if he didn’t do it, he’s got white privilege, right? So he deserves it anyway. This is where we’ve devolved to as a country.

Now as a woman, I obviously wouldn’t make excuses for any type of sexual impropriety, and if I thought he did it I’d be against him. But I don’t think he did do it, any of it, and the way Feinstein handled it is completely suspect and confirms my skepticism that it was strictly political. If she actually cared about Christine Ford, and about ‘women’, why didn’t she make it known immediately when she got the letter? And if Ford didn’t want it exposed, why did she send the letter? I don’t even ask why she didn’t mention it at the time it supposedly happened, but rather why would she wait until now? She could’ve come forward when he was selected in the first place. Except that it’s obvious, which is that they hadn’t destroyed him in the hearings and despite all their efforts, Kavanaugh was going to be a Supreme Court Justice. It was their hail Mary pass. She herself is a liberal activist, as is her attorney Katz with the crazy eyes. And what’s with these Leftists and their crazy eyes anyway? Ocasio-Cortez, Katz, Schiff, etc. they all have those big crazy rabid-eyed expressions on their faces, but I digress.

Anyone who denies that this entire spectacle is political is lying, they know it is. It’s political, it’s payback, and I think it’s going to backfire, because they always take it too far. I believe they’ve jumped the shark, but we’ll see in due time. The Democrats are taking a gamble because they think they’re not only going to take back the House, they think they’re going to win back the Senate as well. That’s based on past conventional wisdom of course, which is that the party out of power usually wins back one or both houses of Congress in the midterms. And their media is telling them the same thing about the mid-terms that they told them about the 2016 election, which they got wrong then, and hopefully is so now.

However, to any sane onlooker, the circus that happened in the Senate – with Democrat encouragement – the shrieking Soros-paid protesters, including the crazy Handmaid’s Tale crew and one women even simulating menstruating all over her clothes (who thinks UP this disgusting, demented behavior?), don’t paint an attractive figure. They, like Antifa, look insane, and by default, make Democrats look insane. And the elected officials are just as bad! The way Hawaiian Senator Hirono angrily said “I just want to say to the men in this country: Just shut up and step up. Do the right thing for a change” was stunning. I mean, can you just imagine if a Republican man had said something like that about women? You don’t have to imagine, you know what would happen – he’d be finished! Add to it that the media, Democrats A/V paramilitary wing, is legitimizing Creepy Porn Lawyer Avenatti, and you have to wonder exactly who’s advising them and what the hell they’re thinking! Do they not know people are watching?

The other reason you know it’s about abortion and not really about sexual misconduct or abuse of women is because Ford’s accusation stems from 36 years ago – with scant few concrete details – and DNC Vice-Chair Keith Ellison’s are from within the past 2 years, and they’re not being talked about in the mainstream media, or if so, given only cursory mentions. And he’s still the Vice-Chair! And his girlfriend Karen Monahan actually called the police, and so too, did a previous girlfriend in 2005. But because he’s a Democrat, checks the identity politics boxes and supports abortion, he’s off the hook. Well, not really thanks to the intrepid Laura Loomer, but if it weren’t for her, you wouldn’t hear boo about Ellison. And let’s take Bill Clinton, Harvey Weinstein, Ted Kennedy – who actually killed a woman! I could go on and on. And those were true and accepted as such. What about the fake rape accusations? Tawana Brawley, Duke Lacrosse, UVA, Mattress Girl? Those accused had their lives ruined over false accusations while the Democrat-elected men who’ve actually committed atrocities got off (no pun intended) scot free because they were Democrats. Kirsten Gillibrand has neither apologized for, nor been asked by anyone in the mainstream media to apologize for, bringing that liar Emma Sulkowicz (Mattress Girl) to the State of the Union. Disgraceful!

And a truly sad, if extreme, case of false accusation was one made against Emmitt Till. Emmitt Till was lynched and brutally murdered in Mississippi in 1955 at the age of 14, when a white girl claimed he had sexually harassed her, something that would’ve obviously been verboten in that extremely segregated state. His murder was one of the impetus’s for the Civil Rights Movement, and the accuser, Carolyn Bryant later said she’d made it up, thankfully setting the record straight, but a young boy was killed because someone made a false accusation! How many men are in prison based on false accusations, including of rape and sexual crimes, and Democrats, who supposedly care about criminal justice reform, aren’t event considering that Kavanaugh could be innocent, because he potentially poses a threat to their sacrament of abortion. In fact, a man was released just this week – after 27 years – after being wrongly convicted of murder. He can never get those years back, just as Emmitt Till’s family couldn’t get his.

As I said, as a woman, who by nature, size and stature, is vulnerable to the very thing being discussed, and have experienced situations before, I’m sensitive to the issue and would want justice to be applied wherever it is due. But as a human being, I cannot abide the idea of sacrificing the reputation of an innocent person for political gain, and that’s just what I believe is happening here. We can only hope that rational women understand that next it could be their husband, boyfriend, father, brother, uncle or son accused and have their lives destroyed, even literally perhaps, as the MeToo witch-hunt has already resulted in suicides. The other irony is that Congress paid $17 million of taxpayer money to settle sex abuse allegations against some of them, and now they’re going to be the ones passing judgement on Kavanaugh. What I wouldn’t give to know who those a-holes are!

Thankfully however, according to a new Gallup poll, Republicans, likely due to the popularity of President Trump, have their highest favorability in 7 years, so maybe reason is breaking through all of the noise! The only hope is that reasonable people, sane people, if there are enough still left, see this charade for what it is, divisive and dangerous political posturing for the mid-terms and 2020 – and protecting abortion at any cost and at any stage – and understand that these liberal lunatics are who they’ll be giving power to if they either stay home or vote Democrat. The 2018 mid-terms are just as important as 2016 was. At that time we were on the very edge of the cliff, but make no mistake, we’re still on the cliff, and one foul wind could send us over, beyond the point of no return. Make the right choice America!

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