Reclaiming My Time - Disrespectful Democrats Go Low with Barr

Updated: Aug 3, 2020

If you wonder why our country is so screwed up, one look at the Nadler-run hearings with Attorney General William Barr will answer the question. It looked more like a Kavanaugh Hearings 2.0, with each House Democrat falling over themselves to out-douche each other, than a legitimate governmental oversight inquiry. Those disgraceful politicians just showed America why they should not be given any more power than they already have, and that what they currently have should be taken away in November. It also illustrated why even some of the most heretofore ardent Democrats are leaving their Party. They simply can’t abide such atrocious behavior. After all, when you lose Leo Terrell, you should know you’re doing something wrong!

Nothing says ‘I can’t wait to vote for those people’ like watching a bunch of blowhard politicians being rude to and interrupting the guest appearing before them right? In what were obviously scripted and choreographed talking points meant to create clips for the mainstream media to manipulate for their minions, the Democrats must have thought they were being clever. They weren’t, they were just being gross. And Rush Limbaugh made a great point: if they were proud of it, it would’ve been trending all over mainstream media, but it wasn’t. The Left keeps thinking Twitter is America, but thankfully, for now at least, not only are most people not on Twitter, but they also don’t appreciate rudeness.

It was difficult to watch the Attorney General be disrespected that way, and I had a visceral reaction to seeing Democrats cut off so many times, with their annoying ‘Reclaiming My Time’ antics. Especially by people who are such idiots. No doubt the DNC media will splice his answers to make it look like he was refusing to answer, which was difficult because they refused to let him. The hearings appear to be nothing more than a Democrat campaign marketing scheme, the bad behavior encouraged by the base it seems, as Andrew McCarthy wrote this week: ‘They act this way because their voters expect and demand that they act this way.’

In contrast, even when they’re strong and forceful against those they politically disagree with, Republicans don’t treat witnesses in any way as rudely as they did Attorney General Barr. Hopefully people watching, even those who don’t like Barr or Trump, recognize this fact and are disgusted by such behavior. Barr was a trooper of course, and fought back as much as he was able within his constricted time, but it was a low point for the country, among the many the Democrats are creating.

The circus was an example not only of why people hate politics in general, but also why people are so hesitant to run for office or work for government if they’re ideologically on the wrong team. That team would be the Republican or conservative team of course; liberals and Democrats do just fine in government, in fact they own it. They’ve set up almost the entirety of the federal, state and local government infrastructures as their own little fiefdoms and only a straggling Republican here or there gets through. And even when that happens, they’re is promptly marked for destruction. It’s amazing any Republican runs much less wins with the headwinds against them. Sure, some counties and states are majority conservative, but even then, you get crucified in the media, all of which except Fox are liberal, so even when you win, you still lose in a sense.

It’s obvious we’re beyond any chance to ‘meet in the middle’ at this point, especially with such a pivotal election coming up. Democrats haven’t been able to get rid of Trump yet and they have little time or patience, so they’re going for broke, throwing caution and their normal facades to the wind. You think we’re rude they ask? We don’t care they say, we have to get rid of Orange Man Bad and will do so by any means necessary. The frightening thing is to wonder that after considering what we’ve already seen them capable of doing, what might they still do?

The bottom line is that they must, as Rush always says, be defeated and destroyed, rather than negotiated with. They’ve shown they’re not capable of any community, much less compromise. And as Andrew McCarthy also mentioned in the same article: ‘A faction that would rather delegitimize than debate its opposition can do that to anyone or anything. At that point, it’s about power, not policy or progress. Anyone who wants power that badly shouldn’t be anywhere near it.’ I couldn’t agree more. So, Patriots, let’s take it away from them next time we vote!


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