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So let’s talk about the Charlottesville LIE, Joe!

Updated: Jun 16, 2023

No, Trump did not say that neo-Nazis and white nationalists marching in Charlottesville were ‘very fine people’, and if I hear that one more time, I think I’m going to scream! Yes, I know the mainstream media & liberals (that’s being redundant I know), and even some Republicans, particularly the Never-Trumpers, continue to repeat that despicable lie, but it’s not true. Of course the lie is too valuable to let go of, and only those who are interested in the truth will look into it, but I sure wish we could move the hell on. I mean, even the DNC tv station CNN’s Jake Tapper admitted Trump didn’t call neo-nazi’s ‘very fine people’ for God’s sake, and when you get the truth from him, you should know that dog won’t hunt anymore.

Propaganda works, as Goebbels understood so well, and here we are where in his ‘campaign video’, Creepy Joe Biden picked that scab once again in an obvious attempt to stir up black and Jewish voters.

Democrats must be scared about losing these faithful constituencies, what with the growing #Blexit and #Jexodus movements resulting from the Democrat Party’s failures with black Americans and blatant anti-semitism respectively.

What better way to stir up the base, than to bring back a fading and failed narrative and try race-bait your way into the race? After all, Democrats are pros at it!

So now, the party of slavery, the KKK and Jim Crow is once again using divide and conquer race tactics to win an election, and Good Lord but it gets tiresome. Don’t black people SEE yet what Democrats are doing, what they’ve been doing for 50 years? I mean for the past how many years all they can talk about is the ‘Dreamers’, aka illegal aliens, and completely ignored black CITIZENS, their most loyal voting constituency, but now it’s election season, so time to bring back the old favorites! And ‘Obama is the first clean, articulate, bright African American’ Gaffetastic Biden is just the guy to do it. Never mind his, like Hillary, having called them ‘predators’, and having been instrumental in locking up millions of their fathers and brothers, Old Joe the plagiarist is ‘down for the struggle’, right? Puhlease…As with everything else, it’s just more despicable pandering, meant to, make sure they stay loyal to the Democrats, so they can keep that automatic 85-95% voting block.

The other faithful constituency Biden was targeting, and which is responsible for 50% of the contributions to the Democrat Party is Jewish voters, the same voters who are getting more than a bit disturbed by the new Democrat Three Stooges of Anti-Semitism – Omar, Cortez and Tlaib – who can’t seem to shut up about it, even when given multiple passes and excuses for by Pelosi. American Jews, and Democrats in particular, are more secular it’s true, but even for them, the anti-Jewish rhetoric has been too much, and they must be concerned about the Jexodus movement (Jewish exodus from the Democrat Party) taking hold. After all, that represents the removal of two critical components to Democrats – money and votes. I’ll be watching for primaries of the Three Stooges too, that will tell how serious the Party is about keeping the money flowing.

So let’s talk about the Charlottesville lie, Uncle Joe! Not about the details of what happened per se, I’m sure everyone either already knows them, whether the truth or the propaganda, or doesn’t care to research. Suffice it to say, there were ‘normal’ people who were located nearby the people on the respective sides of the two conflict groups – neo-nazi’s and antifa, (both of them of which are idiotic, but also both of which were violent that day). There were, in fact, ‘good people on both sides’, for it is not mutually exclusive for one to be against the removal of historical statues, regardless of their ‘side’ of it, and be a good person. Nor is it mutually exclusive to be for the removal of confederate statues in the public square, and to be a good person. I can and have spoken with people on both sides of that very argument here in Tampa Bay and each has their merits. And while the maintenance of confederate statues in the public square is not a hill I personally would ever die on, I respect the right of people to have their opinions on the issue.

I believe there was at the time of Charlottesville (and in many ways still is) a failure of effective strategic communications in the Administration (Please hire me for 2020 President Trump! Parscale? Scavino?). In my opinion, the full video and transcripts should’ve been put out immediately and rebutted effectively, squashing the issue at the time to die. One of the problems is that it happened not only early in the President’s term, but he had a lot of people within his own party who had no interest in knowing the truth about what he said, or in defending him. So he was left to defend himself to a media that was apoplectic with rage that he’d been elected (in large part with their unintended help no less), and they’re out for blood and revenge. And for two years, we’ve heard that damnable lie associated with the President of the United States, and by default, all of his supporters. Say the word ‘Charlottesville’ to anyone with even an inkling of knowledge of politics and it will be associated with Trump calling neo-Nazi’s ‘very fine people’. Just awful!

When considering how to persuade others and at least bring rationality to the argument, let’s imagine If we were to replace ‘protest confederate statue’ with ‘protest the statue of the eugenicist and Planned Parenthood founder Margaret Sanger’, which by the way, stands in the taxpayer-funded Smithsonian right now. You could have had a similar situation, whereby extremely passionate people, perhaps ‘very fine people on both sides’, get into a heated debate about that statue. On the pro-abortion side you might have both people who are genuinely concerned about ‘women’s health’ and think that being able to have an abortion after having been raped or incest should be a right.

But alongside them might be pro-abortion radicals advocating for late-term abortion or even infanticide, which is murder. On the opposite side, you could have people who are against abortion completely, or at least not after the 1st trimester, and are against taxpayer funding of the maintenance of a statue they consider a murderer, alongside screaming Christians who shout abusive things at pro-choice advocates. In that scenario, rational people would say there could be ‘very fine people on both sides’ and ‘bad people on both sides’, right?

Well, that’s what happened with Charlottesville. On the pro-statue side there were both normal people who opposed taking down the statue as well as neo-Nazi’s and white nationalists, and on the anti-statue side, there were normal people in favor of it as well as violent Antifa thugs, (which by the way, were called ‘a courageous group of Americans’ by CNN’s Chris Cuomo, despite their long history of instigating violence). Reasonable people would be able to come to that conclusion, even if they have a political bias, or at least they should. Sadly, however, President Trump wasn’t served very well by the people who were supposed to stand up for him, and by proxy, his voters, and so the lie goes on. And now, as if right on cue, Biden comes in with the race-stoking designed to swat the hornet’s nest again.

You can’t re-write history though, as much as they might try, so let’s remember this fact:

It was Democrats who were fighting to KEEP slavery, and the Republican Party was FOUNDED to end it!

And though our communication has been abysmal and we’ve let them run this narrative on us for far too long, as I’ve written about before, it’s a new era, and we’re not having it anymore. The Trump Army is standing in the gap for where the spineless Republicans (save a few) should be, to expose the truth, and we’re not going to let them get away with this slander. Democrats may be able to keep the faithful uninformed, but not without a fight in this new information battlefield, and we’re really good at it too, even Obama advisor Axelrod said so. We meme, we troll, and we’re funny at the same time. We know the culture, and how to use it, and we’re a force to be reckoned with, which they’ll see in good time.

So game on Creepy Joe, I’m off to check the vault for the videos, and by the way, there are a lot of them. Yes, you’ll get a bump, just like everyone else when they jumped in, but you’ll be destroyed along the way, whether because of your pervy pictures and videos, or Anita Hill hearings, or the about to explode Ukraine scandal. As for me, I look forward to trolling you with my fellow Dregs and Deplorables as Democrats like to call us, dropping the truth and knowledge on those who think they want you to be president, because I’m not sure they’re really feeling it like you’ve been feeling (up) them!

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