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The Chinese Virus Recession: Hope You’re Happy Bill Maher!

Updated: Sep 1, 2023

Well, it looks like Bill Maher, the Trump-hating Left, the NeverTrumpers and the Globalists are going to get their wish after all – America is headed for recession. The ENTIRE economy is shut down over 100 deaths in America, (most of them over 80 years old) out of a population of 320 MILLION, over $3.5 TRILLION has already come out of the economy, and at least 30% out of the Stock Market (something liberals have cheered on Social Media because it hurts Trump). Every single sports organization has closed, every single entertainment facility. Restaurants and bars, even the beaches are now being threatened of closure. For I repeat – 100 dead in TOTAL in America.

I don’t want to appear unsympathetic to the people who’ve died, I’m not. I know they are someone’s family member, their uncle or aunt, grandmother or grandfather. I get it. It’s heartbreaking.

But would they and other people who’ve lived through The Great Depression have wanted the ENTIRE economy to shut down and create another possible Depression for their children and grandchildren to endure?

They would likely have said ‘Please pray for me and save yourselves, I’ve lived a good long life’. If you don’t agree, fine, it’s great to live in a country that’s still free, for the meantime at least, to disagree.

I’m speaking as an American citizen, and there is incredibly tragic news internationally beyond the initial center of the Chinese Virus in Wuhan, and the elderly in Italy are dying at astonishing rates and I’m very sad about that. I’m sad about a lot of things happening in the rest of the world, including the fact that because of the idiocy of their elected officials, the Iranian people, who seemed so close because of the help of the Trump administration, to throwing off the mullahs and having Freedom, are now battling the ravages of the Chinese Wuhan Virus there in high numbers. I’m sad because the valiant Hong Kong protesters have been effectively silenced because the world’s attention is focused elsewhere.

I’m heartbroken over the devastation and loss that’s been wreaked on this country and the world because of the lies and duplicity of the Communist Chinese government, which knew about the virus but tried to hide it, letting not only their own citizens die but letting it spread to the rest of the blindsided world. It is their fault, full stop, and I pray they are held accountable. I have to assume President Trump is working on a plan for that, no doubt he’s beyond furious at what this has done to his amazing economy.

But as an American, I’m also angry, extremely angry! This did NOT have to happen. Beyond the Chinese lies and cover-up, is the corrupt and dangerous mainstream media, even Fox News now to some extent, that has fanned the flames of hysteria to a point where now, in an effort to ‘fight the virus’ and ‘save lives’, there will inevitably be more lives lost because of the fallout of shutting down the entire economy. How many suicides will occur?

How many lives destroyed because hopeless individuals, who finally felt their fortunes turning around turn to drugs and alcohol to soften the pain. Hopelessness can be as fatal as health problems, my father committed suicide, I know firsthand.

How many domestic violence fatalities, which always increase in economy downturns? How many women (and children) forced into prostitution? How many more people will be left in dire poverty because all commerce has shut down? How many animals surrendered at shelters or simply abandoned, as they are always the unmentioned victims. I could go on with examples.

Yes, I know ‘we’re Americans’ and we’ll ‘get through this’, but it didn’t even have to happen in the first place. Whatever you want to say about the science of the virus, the spread, etc., life itself is risk and we deal with it every day. Think about it, now all of these people will be going into U.S. hospitals to seek treatment for a potentially fatal virus, where 98,000 people already die every year from preventable medical errors. It’s like an alcoholic going to a bar to get treatment for alcoholism. I’m not trashing our medical system either, just pointing out facts and the irrationality of the reaction.

So I’m angry at seeing the fear and sadness of the sweet girl who gets my coffee in the morning as the restaurant she works at sits empty. I’m angry hearing the resignation and concern in the Irish restaurant owners voice as his business is put at half-capacity and shut down at 10pm – on St. Patrick’s Day – by decree of the County. (I’ll be discussing that tyrannical power grab at a later date!). I’m angry at thinking of how even more vulnerable elderly residents in nursing homes will be when there aren’t any visitors to check on them, and more importantly, the staff who takes care of them. As before, I could go on and on with examples, but you get the point.

I’m angry at all of it and heartbroken for my country, and yes, my President, who has worked so very hard to lift up the hopeless in the economy and give them something to be positive about. I can only hope that even Democrats who’ve looked to assholes like Bill Maher in entertainment and leftist media, who literally said “bring on the recession” to get rid of the president, “Sorry if that hurts people’, see that their hatred for Trump makes them happy for Americans to suffer. And that none of these liberals, or the Democrats they’ve been voting for, actually give a damn about them!

So congratulations Bill, the recession is here, with likely millions soon to be hurt very badly, as you no doubt rub your hands in glee. But we’ll see who has the last laugh!

Image: HBO

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