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The Furious Four Destroy the Democrat Party

Updated: Jun 15, 2023

If the subversives within the ‘educational’ system want to evaluate whether their indoctrination has been effective, all they would have to do is watch the Furious Four in action – the four new ‘Justice Democrats’ elected to Congress – Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, Ilhan Omar, Rashida Tlaib, and Ayanna Pressley, (along with their unelected associate Linda Sarsour). Though Omar was born outside the U.S. and should be a grateful immigrant rather than an America-hating one who constantly criticizes the country which welcomed her from the s-hole that is Somalia, the other four were born here and are deftly illustrating both how far away from the old Democrat Party the Left has strayed, but also how successful the revolutionaries in our ‘institutions of higher learning’ have been. And by ‘higher learning’ I mean likely just getting high and not learning. Well, actually, they’re learning something, but that’s only to hate America.

Ocasio-Cortez is the ‘leader’ of this group of progressive activists, many of whom were involved in the Bernie Sanders campaign. The political action committee, formed after Trump’s 2016 election, is called Justice Democrats. Their stated goal is ‘reforming the Democratic Party by running “a unified campaign to replace every corporate-backed member of Congress” and rebuild the Democratic Party from “scratch” starting in the 2018 congressional midterm elections.’ In the midterms they endorsed 79 candidates and 7 of them won, the most prominent of which are the four aforementioned. Their platform is a mishmash of far-left progressive/socialist policies (free everything) combined with libertarian and populist, some of which Trump supporters who voted for Bernie might even support, like ending the War on Drugs. As such, Republicans ought to take them very seriously, as Bernie is still very popular, especially among young voters.

The three most well-known of the four have made quite a big impression on the country, Cortez for her ‘Green New Deal’ and cow farts and comments such as ‘the world is gonna end in 12 years’, ‘I’m the boss’ and that Reagan was racist; Tlaib for saying ‘we’re going to impeach the mother***er’ regarding Trump; and Omar with her seemingly endless anti-Semitic comments. The latter so much so that the House introduced a Resolution to condemn her, but didn’t have the courage to call her out by name, and instead generalized and watered it down. And unlike Republican Steve King who was also sanctioned and stripped of all Committees, Omar has yet to lose her place on the Foreign Relations Committee, funny how that works. The lesser known Pressley recently introduced a bill to allow 16-year-olds to vote, because of course 16 year-olds will likely vote for Democrats.

Radicals have always been around in America, but this group and this time are different and everyone should pay very close attention.

They are attractive (except Tlaib), well-spoken (if not wise or smart) telegenic, photogenic, and bold. They may say stupid, nonsensical, even racist or anti-Semitic things, but they are popular. (where are those Democrat Jews anyway?). They’ve inspired a rebellious movement to follow them, especially when they’re criticized, much the way Trump has, Cortez in particular. But the Establishment in both parties has been so stupid and self-centered about maintaining their own power and so ineffectual in running those over whom they rule, that they’ve set up a situation where rebels on both sides of the aisle are restless and want ‘change’. It’s why Trump was elected and why the Left wants revenge.

Trump has the rebellious Republicans who’ve been begging for someone to fight the globalists in the GOP as well as the liberals in media and entertainment, and people like Bernie and the Furious Four have the idealist youth who’ve been inculcated in the so-called virtues of socialism, as well as the absolute terror of not being able to pay back their insane student loan debt. While they’ve been talking about ‘Medicare for All’ a lot, I really believe it’s the ‘Free College’ pitch that really gets them, because most of them are on their parent’s health insurance already anyway.

Because elitist liberal snobs have de-emphasized callous-hand work and ‘blue-collar’ jobs, and instead pushed 4-year degrees, all subsidized through the federal government, (thanks Obama) we now have a $1.3 trillion student loan debt bubble about to burst, because as anyone knows, the more you subsidize something, the more you get of it. The result of all this ‘education’ by liberal ‘professors’ is an overeducated and over-coddled but under-informed group of adult babies out there who are so undeveloped emotionally that they have no ability to deal with the reality of a harsh world because they were never exposed to it. From their helicopter parents to their safe-space universities, they are unprepared for real life, and a perfect mark for someone who comes along and tells them they will take care of them, a la socialism. It’s basically the prolonging of their childhood, but with the government, rather than their parents, doing the caretaking – Obama’s ‘The Life of Julia’ on steroids. It’s great for bureaucrats, it’s terrible for America.

In come the Furious Four, who, making the case that your life sucks because of ‘them’ (mainly ‘old white men’ but also white people in general), and we’re here to fix it for you and to punish them. I know what you’re thinking, Bernie’s an ‘old white man’, but he says the right things so he gets a pass – for now anyway. Hence the increasing number of millennials who both like the idea of socialism and also spout out the old trope ‘eat the rich’. Never mind most of those while liberal millennials are themselves rich, they’ve been taught to hate their parents anyway, so make them pay some more! Pelosi is having trouble reining them in, and is as terrified of her base as Paul Ryan was indifferent of his, so until the time she and her Party decide to clip their feisty freshman’s wings, know that chaos will reign.

This is where we find ourselves in 2019, just 20 months from the election that could literally determine whether America becomes a Socialist country, or as Malcolm calls it, Amerizuela.

Venezuelans are now so desperate for water after almost a week of power blackout; they’re getting it from a drain pipe feeding into a river carrying sewage through Caracas. And the average Venezuelan unable to leave has lost 24 pound to hunger. But hey, Maduro eats $275 steaks prepared by famous chefs so at least the government is doing well, right? And that’s exactly how socialism and communism, which, as Lenin said, is the goal of socialism, works. The State, the self-appointed ‘enlightened’ ones, who have the right to luxury, oversee the Serfs, who will only be indulged if it suits them. Like the Obamas who preached endlessly about how you should sacrifice, but who themselves live like royalty, or Ocasio-Cortez who bemoans climate change but who rides in gas-guzzling SUV’s and takes Uber and Lyft instead of walking the 5 minutes to her office – it’s always do as I say not as I do.

As if we haven’t had enough turmoil over the last 2 years, we can expect even more in the next 2, for we are at a crossroads in America which Democrats and their Far Left contingency understand – the ultimate implementation of their agenda is in sight. They were so close, as I’ve mentioned before, and they can taste it, but then Trump came in and it’s driven them mad. But they’re emboldened by their House win and are back on the Crazy Train to derail the Trump Train.

Buckle up Patriots, and I hope that still includes Democrats, it’s going to get bumpy, and if you don’t want Socialism in America, get involved. Republicans aren’t perfect – by far – nor is Trump, but they’re the only ones talking about and trying to fight against this encroaching scourge of ‘the State runs everything’ philosophy.

They call themselves ‘progressive’, but they’re anything but, and they’re coming for your Freedom, whatever’s left of it.

Ball’s in your court America.

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