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The Stunning Hypocrisy of Barack ‘4 Mansions’ Obama

Updated: Sep 5, 2023

In the standard PEAK hypocrisy of the Left, the ultimate fraudster himself, Barack Obama, is on his way to purchasing not his 1st, his 2nd or even his 3rd, but his fourth mansion, a $15 million 29-acre on Martha’s Vineyard. Mr. ‘everyone’s gonna have to sacrifice’ and ‘There’s only so big a house you can have’ naturally, doesn’t have even a ‘smidgeon’ of self-reflection enough to see just how hypocritical he is, nor how this latest purchase will be used against him and the Democrats who are careening into Mao territory.

Not only is this latest purchase hypocritical with regard to his many comments about ‘wealth inequality’, inequality which grew during his tenure, but it shows that he must not be that concerned that, according to every 2020 democrat candidate, the world was going to end in 10 years because of ‘climate change’. If he was, he wouldn’t have bought a huge beachfront mansion. On an island. Yes, the Barack formerly known as Barry is just a big con artist posing as a ‘social justice warrior’ who fleeced the adoring but delusional masses with his too cool for school, carefully crafted persona of caring.

If journalism still existed in the mainstream media, someone would ask him how many of the Syrian refugees he’d sought to import, or South American migrants from his own ‘kids in cages’ tenure, that Obama will be taking in to any one of his four mansions. Or better yet, surely the supreme race-baiter could take in some black American children from dangerous neighborhoods to give them a chance to get out. But of course, he WON’T do that, because that’s not what liberals do. Nor do they want any of the migrant facilities or ‘affordable housing’ in their neighborhoods. How many Section 8 blocks are there on Martha’s Vineyard? As always, it’s NIMBY (not in my back yard) and ‘do as I say not as I do’ in action by those who claim to ‘care’.

Obama needs to be thoroughly exposed and and his legacy rejected. And hopefully black people in particular, who Democrats have used so deceptively for votes – promising them everything while giving them nothing – will see through his charade of ‘Hope and Change’, and realize that for Democrats it’s that Black VOTES Matter, not their ‘lives’. It’s why they only come around at election time and why they’re trying so hard to replace them with a new, bigger ‘sure thing’ constituency, illegal aliens. They don’t even want to have to bother pretending anymore. And only when melanin ceases to be either a cudgel or an excuse will we ever move forward toward ‘a more perfect union’. Revealing the hypocrisy and deception of the person who used it so profusely to enrich himself while leaving those who look up to him behind is the best way.

The common narrative is that Republicans are ‘for the rich’, but if you look at the outlets that control everything in America – media, Hollyweird, Wall Street, government, academia – and who they donated to and voted for, you’ll see that it’s not true. Even articles by left-leaning publications like Vanity Fair and New York Times talk about the Democrats being the party of the Rich and the 1%. It’s amazing how these people get away with it, too. These are the same people who regularly hobnob with the uber-wealthy, from Hollyweirders to hedge funders. Remember that bizarre photo of Obama wrestling with Richard Branson on his yacht? It’s not discussed much, but when he ran, Obama got the most money from Wall Street of any candidate ever. And lest I remind you, not a single banker from the housing and financial crisis was prosecuted under the Obama administration. Not a single one.

It’s becoming clearer than ever that, not only are all of these liberals completely full of s**t, but that they really do hate their own citizens and want to go back to a system of Lords and Serfs. And they’re close to getting their way, via mass immigration, debt, division, distraction.

While I’m not a fan of most Republicans either, as they’re swampy too⏤but at least they don’t criticize wealth while seeking to become wealthy. And at least conservatives and capitalists make money in the free market private sector unlike the Democrats who do it in government off the backs of the taxpaying ‘rubes’ they despise.

If Democrats ever want to even try to figure out why someone like Donald Trump won, and took back formerly Democrat working-class states in the Midwest, they need only look to Obama. After making his bones as a ‘good progressive’ by trafficking in the politics of envy, by railing against the 1% of which he now is one and his fraud is laid bare. Whereas Trump was already rich before entering politics, as a businessman, and never apologized for his wealth, but rather bragged about it, Obama became rich because of politics. I guess he has what can only be described as black liberal privilege, when just being black pays off. I mean, seriously, who else could’ve gotten away with yukking it up and taking smiling selfies at Nelson Mandela’s funeral?

While wealthy liberals prattle on income inequality – from their yachts – will anyone who matters on the Left call Obama out or will they all just clamor for an invitation to the new crib? I already know the answer of course. The same people who are incessantly pushing for redistribution of other people’s assets have zero ability to criticize the enormity of their own. Or maybe as Rush Limbaugh says, that’s why people like Warren Buffett and Jeff Bezos adopt the position of the Left, which is to keep the hordes from coming after them! So Barack, where will you be putting all the ‘affordable housing’ on your 29 acres? Or is it now ‘Muh income inequality’?

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