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The Swamp is Bipartisan, Trump is the Outsider.

Updated: Sep 1, 2023

There’s a philosophy in warfare and it only makes sense⏤If you want to defeat your enemy you need to understand them: How they think? What they do? What motivates them? It will include culture & history among other things. In the case of political ‘warfare’, it includes your opponents’ constituency. For in order to defeat your political opponent, you will likely need to appeal to their voters in order to steal them and convince them to vote for you. Donald Trump did that in 2016; catching the Democrat Party quite by surprise and exposing what it had tried to hide for so long⏤they’re just not pro-American.

Sure, you’ll hear a lot of squawking from people like Nancy Pelosi of the same old tired talking points, but it’s a lie: they don’t actually care about the people they represent, they just care about their votes. And to a large extent it’s being exposed in the Republican Party as well, as we see them not only forego actually keeping their campaign promises, but subvert President Trump from keeping his. A notable example of this is that heaping mound of human excrement, former Speaker Paul Ryan who thwarted Trump at every turn in his first two years in office, but I digress.

Democrats have somehow been able to claim the mantle of being ‘for the people’ long past their stake claiming of the ‘middle class’ and the ‘American worker’, which they often got by promoting union membership. Whereas people like Joe Biden fraudulently appears to be ‘middle class Joe’ while siphoning millions of dollars through his political influence for all the members of his family⏤most Democrats aren’t even pretending anymore. They are rich or want to be, and the plebes can fend for themselves.

The coastal so called elites only associate with each other, as do their kids and family members. They marry each other, hire each other and cover for each other. The same people for instance, like Oprah, who are doing anti R. Kelly and Michael Jackson documentaries who all knew for years or decades about Harvey Weinstein and Jeffrey Epstein, but as yet haven’t exposed them. And in fact we saw this clearly with the leaked video of Amy Robach admitting she had the goods on Epstein but the story was killed because Hillary was running for President. There’s an exclusive club which they decide the membership of and suffice it to say, it doesn’t include you, especially if you could ever deign to support Trump.

The modern Democrat Party disdains the ‘average American’, such as the type who go to church, oppose abortion, support traditional marriage and the right to bear arms and hold conservative values, even those people who are registered Democrats.

They talk and think like David Brooks of the NYT who wrote immediately after the election: ‘If your social circles are like mine, you spent Tuesday night swapping miserable texts. Not all, but many of my friends and family members were outraged, stunned, disgusted and devastated’ ‘If your ‘social circles’ are like mine’? How very pompous of you Dave (and he’s supposed to be a Republican!). Michael Lerner understood better the folly of such outward disdain saying during that same week: ‘Stop Shaming Trump Supporters, it turns out that shaming the supporters of Donald J. Trump is not a good political strategy.’

They’ve shown that they’re really not that interested in getting outside of their bubbles and knowing how the people in the middle of America live, in the ‘flyover states’, or why those people stand in line for hours in sleet, snow, rain and heat to see Trump, and have for 4 years. To understand the people who make the clothes they put on their backs, the food they put on their tables, and in fact, make the tables themselves. No, these soft-handed ‘intellectuals’ look down their noses at anyone who runs a plow or turns a screw, which, according to a recent report, many of them don’t even possess much less know what to do with. They just pay lip service to them in order to get their votes to secure their own power.

With headlines like ‘How to Understand the Trump Voter’ and others, they show that they have no idea how normal people live. You’d think that 3 years after perhaps the most shocking election in American history⏤of an orange-hued, wild-haired, trash-talking politically incorrect outsider from Queens, they’d at least try to understand how millions of the same people who voted for Obama – twice – could vote for Trump. The answer⏤as they continue down this dead end Impeachment road is that they really don’t care. They just want to punish him for winning and you for making it happen. Then they want to replace you with a new voter block until you become completely irrelevant, at which time they can outlaw elections altogether and maintain power forever.

Republicans aren’t much better either. Sure, they’ll work to swear in conservative justices with one hand, but with the other hand, they’ll help their Chamber of Commerce pals import millions of illegal aliens. It’s long term political suicide though, because having conservative justices won’t matter in the long run if you’re just creating a Democrat supermajority, which unfettered immigration, illegal and legal, will do.

The Swamp is bipartisan, so they’ll all do well regardless.

The question thus becomes whether two years of ‘The Squad’ lunacy; the Impeachment insanity; Crap Map California Governor Gavin Nuisance; and ‘I love criminals’ DeBlasio from New York, et al, have been enough to convince the American people that electing Democrats is not conducive to a civilized society.

Whether the flipping of Virginia last year to all blue is a harbinger of things to come or just one states’ devolution into the abyss. One thing is for certain, and Tucker Carlson rightly puts it this way: the 2020 election is about what kind of country we’re going to be.

If you value this country as founded [a Constitutional Republic] make sure you don’t wake up the day after the election wishing you’d done more to save it.

Image: Dallas Morning News, Smiley Pool

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