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Trump V. The Globalists – Can the ‘Deplorables’ Save Western Civilization?

Updated: Jun 19, 2023

Complacency is the enemy of Liberty, and the West has been complacent, which is why we’re in the shape we’re in. From low birthrates, bloated government bureaucracies (accountable to no one), citizen apathy & hopelessness to change things, Western countries are collapsing and no one seems to care. Well, ‘the people’ care, but their elected representatives? Not so much. They’re doing fine – they have their mansions, pensions and their cocktail parties and don’t have to interact with us ‘rubes’ except when they want our votes.

One of the downsides of the comforts of capitalism is the lack of attention to and over-watch of the administrators of the nations in which we reside – as governments get bigger, the individual gets smaller and their desires more insignificant. Though many countries don’t even pretend to be democratic, for those founded on the codified principles of freedom and democracy, it’s a disgrace how they’re committing cultural and national suicide. Europe is much farther along, but we’re on our way. When American Founding Father Benjamin Franklin was asked “Well, Doctor, what have we got, a republic or a monarchy?” with no hesitation whatsoever, he answered “A republic, if you can keep it. The question for America is this – Can we keep this republic? And more broadly for the West – can humans actually govern themselves as free citizens?

When talking about America and the subject of ‘Western Civilization’, we’re not talking about a certain group of people or ethnicities, but rather a set of principles and values; the values of freedom, autonomy, self-governance, equality, sovereignty and self-determination, among other things. It just so happens that those concepts were instituted from and within ‘Western’ Judeo-Christian countries. Many on the Left dismiss the idea that we ever lived by those morals in America; given the history of slavery and the treatment of the native American population. Those things are true, cannot be denied and I never do. But first I ask, which country has been perfect, and second, which has done more to strive to live by those principles and ideals, for themselves and others, and worked harder to correct and overcome it’s failings? As humans flawed, we can never be perfect, we can just strive to be better and live up to the precepts of the documents which founded this nation, and America does!

The countries which were founded on Judeo-Christian principles, after long and vast struggles, gave us the Magna Carta, The Declaration of Independence and the Constitution – documents which create a framework by which ‘civilized’ persons could live free. The Magna Carta, written all the way back in 1215, included the basic right of anyone convicted of a crime to a jury trial; protection of private property; reasonable limits on taxes and a degree of guaranteed religious freedom. The Declaration of Independence emphasized the equality of all persons and the ‘Right to Life Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness’, and the Constitution outline a set of rights, laws and government structure of free men and women. Certainly these are ideals that should unite all reasonable people, right? You’d think so, but astonishingly they’re not. There are actually those who are not only trying to destroy America, but trying to undermine and abolish the entire Western way of life. There are many names for these types of people – socialists, progressives, communists, anarchists, Islamists, etc. I call them subversives, and consider them dangerous and a great threat to humanity.

The election of Donald Trump wasn’t supposed to happen, neither was a Republican supposed to win, Hillary was. She was going to be the third term of Obama and a continuation of his policies, and in my opinion, the nail in the coffin of America and the republican form of governance. But truthfully, if Jeb! had won, it would’ve been the same as Hillary except maybe a little more pro-life. Not pro American life mind you, because Jeb! loves illegals way more than he loves us, but anti-abortion and euthanasia. See, the big joke that’s been revealed is that the Establishment in Washington, those we elect to govern us, are globalists not nationalists, and that goes with many modern nation-state governments and organizations such as the EU. With the exception of a few brave elected patriots, here and abroad, they are all part of a cabal of self-interested political opportunists and operatives who are out to do the bidding of their puppet masters on the backs of the taxpayers who elected them.

They see us as minions who don’t know what’s best for ourselves and need the ‘smart people’ to decide for us, and now they’re not even hiding their disdain. Obama called us bitter clingers, Hillary called us Deplorables; and now Gropin Joe Biden calls us ‘dregs of society’. Yep, folks, that’s what they really think of us, and it’s not just in America, it’s everywhere citizens demand national sovereignty, independence and accountability from their governments. You don’t like unlimited immigration from countries that don’t speak the native language and don’t want to learn and assimilate into your culture? You’re a bigot.

You don’t think your hard-earned tax dollars should be used to pay for illegal aliens and their anchor babies when we have our own poor? You’re selfish, un-Christian & probably racist. Question whether the woman you saw in full burqa at your small town grocery store should be allowed to completely hide her face in an open society though it prevents you from being able to identify her? Yep, you guessed it – Islamophobe. Think you have a right to say who comes into your country or how you should be governed? Well you don’t, so just shut up and obey. Obey, or we may spy on you, audit you, slander you or destroy you – take your pick – but we rule you and you have no say. That’s what they really think and that’s what they have the power to do.

I’ll qualify to say that though I’m a conservative who votes Republican, I think many Republicans are as bad or worse than liberals because they lie while campaigning – claiming to be conservative, fiscally responsible, tough on borders, etc. – and then turn as soon as they get elected. And it’s never to the right, always to the left. At least leftists admit what they are. They’re wrong, dangerous and sometimes evil, but they’re up front about their agenda. And yes, I did say evil, because it’s evil to kill a baby up until the day of birth, which is what Hillary campaigned on the right to do, but I digress.

From Brexit to Trump’s election in America to Italy to the former Soviet bloc countries, Brazil and even now the sadly already lost country of Sweden, their people are saying ENOUGH!!! Enough taxes, enough unfettered immigration from countries that don’t share our values, enough with political correctness and 32 genders – let’s get back to sanity! It shouldn’t be considered bigoted to expect our elected officials to defend OUR way of life over the customs of those of people who move here. In President Trump’s masterful speech in Poland he asked “The fundamental question of our time is whether the West has the will to survive…Do we have the confidence in our values to defend them at any cost? Do we have enough respect for our citizens to protect our borders? Do we have the desire and the courage to preserve our civilization in the face of those who would subvert and destroy it?” Well, do we?

We in America are tired of being run by Washington, Europeans tired of getting dictated to by Brussels – unelected bureaucrats telling them how to run their lives, what they can say & do, how much of their own money they can keep, etc. ‘The People’ are fed up. What’s up is down and forward is now backward. They’re deconstructing reason, redefining truths such as language & gender, proclaiming that truth itself is racist. It’s so bad even math is now subjective. And of course racist (I don’t know why, but since everything is racist, math must be included). Despite all their protestations, ‘progressives’ are actually taking is back into the Dark Ages, not freeing us from it!

The Deep State is real and the globalists are striking back. If you don’t believe it, one look at the latest Project Veritas videos should convince you. Not only are omnipotent tech companies stifling conservative voices, but as you’ll see in his latest, operating ‘The Resistance’ within our government paid for by your tax dollars. The globalists allow criminals into your countries and then rebuke when you complain about it? How insane is it for instance that there was more outrage about Tommy Robinson reporting on the Rotherham Muslim child-rape gangs than about the actual raping they were doing? How do you allow ‘no-go zones’ of immigrants from another country in your own country? And they use political correctness and speech police to beat you into submission. Remember peons – shut up and obey!

Domestically the subversives attack by using alphabet soup names of protest groups like BLM (Black Lives Matter) to shut down the citizenry. They use the perpetual shield of slavery to absolve any behavior, from shouting for dead cops to burning down neighborhood businesses. Protest anything they do and you guessed it – racist. How else can you explain the outsized reaction to a rare ‘unarmed’ black man here getting shot by a white cop? There are certainly horrible tragedies that sometimes occur, and are usually prosecuted, rightfully so, and I wish there were none at all. But for one, unarmed isn’t always not dangerous and two, thousands of black people are killing each other every year and not a word from the protesters. (How many BLMers know the names Tyshawn Lee or Jamyla Bolden? Or Jamiel Shaw Jr. and Nica Mickens for instance?).

Regarding being unarmed but dangerous, it’s true. On an episode of cops I saw, there was a naked man resisting arrest who was ‘unarmed’, but he was so high on PCP it took 6 cops to subdue him because he had super-human strength. In Miami a guy, also naked, was literally eating the face of a homeless guy, and was tazed multiple times without even a flinch. Police eventually shot and killed him after he growled at them and wouldn’t stop eating the homeless man’s face, and unbelievably, some were angry that he was killed! He was naked and ‘unarmed’ but eating someone’s face! What would you do if he came at you?

It’s the proportionality of the reaction to these types of situations, spurred on by the complicit media, which demonstrates that it’s not actually outrage about the specific event, it’s to further an agenda – a globalist, socialist agenda. Same thing with the illegal alien ‘children held in cages’ dustup. That was going on during Obama and Bush and before that, and the pictures that made news were from 2014 during the Obama presidency, but nary a peep from the professional protesters because Obama was their guy. But that old photo was recycled, attributed to Trump and it caused mass hysteria. And even after it was refuted, is still being used against him to this day – Geobbels Big Lie in action.

For some reason, these liberals, mainly white liberals, have learned or been taught to hate themselves or both, and additionally, to be ashamed of their country of origin. From America and Canada, to France, Germany, Sweden and beyond, these ‘useful idiots’ as Lenin called them, are striving hard to create a dystopian society under the guise of a utopia, but which will become unlivable for all except the vultures and the venture capitalists. How stupid do you have to be to capsize the boat while you’re in it? But that’s just what they’re doing, or at least trying to do, ‘become ungovernable’ as the Antifa motto goes. That’s why liberal governments worldwide are being opposed. Their ideas don’t work, except for the ‘elites’ and the bureaucrats who carry out their orders.

Hayek warned in his book The Road to Serfdom, of ‘the danger of tyranny that inevitably results from government control of economic decision-making through central planning.” He further argues that ‘the abandonment of individualism and classical liberalism inevitably leads to a loss of freedom, the creation of an oppressive society, the tyranny of a dictator, and the serfdom of the individual’. It’s why Brexit happened, why Trump was elected, etc. and why the Empire is striking back. They despise the people who’ve gotten in the way of their eternal power and will stop at nothing to crush them. But they underestimate the Will of the Patriot, whose love of country which is stronger than their hatred of it.

We will not back down, we will not submit, and we will not apologize for ourselves. And thankfully, we have a President who is not only standing for the values of his people, but inspiring other leaders to stand up for theirs! So to the Deplorable Patriots everywhere, stand for your countries, stand for your principles, stand for your flags, and until the last breath is drawn – Vive la Liberté!

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