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#UnplannedMovie – Exposing Planned Parenthood and Changing Hearts on Abortion

Updated: Jun 15, 2023

If you haven’t seen the Pro-Life movie Unplanned you should, even if you’re pro-choice. Actually especially if you’re pro-choice. If you believe in your position, you shouldn’t be afraid to see what it’s truly about, right? It’s what I did when I was pro-choice – force myself to look at videos and pictures to know what I was defending, only to find out that in fact I could not.

The film Unplanned is about Abby Johnson, who was at one time one of the youngest directors of a Planned Parenthood clinics in the country, and who eventually went on to resign from Planned Parenthood and become a pro-life anti-abortion advocate. The history of the film as well as the history of the participants seems to demonstrate not only that God will use the most seemingly unlikely people to fulfill His will, but that redemption and Grace are a powerful force, far greater than fear and intimidation, for converting people.

Abby Johnson herself has had two abortions, so when she worked for Planned Parenthood she’d had the same experience the women seeking them at the clinic had. And she’d mentioned in interviews that the people who would shout things at her like ‘baby killer’, dressed up like the Grim Reaper, made being inside the clinic actually feel safer than outside with the ‘Christian’ pro-lifers. Ultimately it was the kindness and compassion of the Coalition for Life ‘prayer warriors’, not the screamers, which eventually created a space where she felt comfortable and safe going to when she’d made her decision to leave.

The actress who plays Abby in the movie had almost been aborted herself, and one of the main funders of the film is Mike Lindell, of My Pillow fame, is a recovering crack addict. Glenn Beck, who promoted it heavily on his show, is also a recovering alcoholic and addict. Unplanned had been put on hold 3 times over the past 5 years since its inception, and something told the producers this last time to just go with it, and it went into production, finishing and hitting theaters at a time when the Democrats are pushing late-term and actual delivery-day abortion, so the timing couldn’t be better for the movie and the conversation. The Lord works in mysterious ways indeed. 

The media and pro-abortion activists tried their best to ignore the Gosnell murder trial (not a single person from the media except Fox News covered it), the recent Gosnell movie, and were trying to ignore Unplanned as well. Not a single tv network except Fox News and Christian Broadcast Network allowed ads for it, including, surprisingly, The Hallmark Channel. “We were looking to spend money, but they didn’t want to get involved,” John Sullivan, one of the film’s producers, said. On radio it was the same, so you could only hear about it on talk radio if you were listening. Twitter even suspended the movie’s page, supposedly ‘by accident’, taking it down during opening weekend! It was a stupid move though, because it had the ‘Chick-fil-A’ effect, creating even more attention the movie and pissing people off. God must have been laughing at that one. All of the obstruction actually helped the movie, helping it finish 4th in the box office opening weekend and so far, more than doubling its budget in revenues.

As I’ve written about before, I’ve never been pregnant and never had to even face having to make such a decision. And frankly, other than a generic change from ardently pro-choice to not so pro-choice, I haven’t given the issue all that much thought until I’ve become involved in politics, and particularly recently, with the Left going so absolutely insane on abortion. I was struck by the fact that 5 months wasn’t enough when Abortion Barbie Wendy Davis did her filibuster, thinking: can’t you get your sh*t together by 5 months one way or the other? It’s not that expensive if you are going to have an abortion, it’s about the cost of your I-Phone, so get it done. I think that’s way too late myself. I mean, in my opinion as long as it’s the law that you can do it, then it should only go up to through the first trimester. But surely you don’t need any more than FIVE MONTHS?!

Now they’re actually talking about keeping a baby born alive after a failed abortion. You know, letting it hang out on a table, ‘kept comfortable’ as our old friend Ralph Northam says, til the mother decides if she wants to kill it or not. And Planned Parenthood will be there to help if you do, in part thanks to the American taxpayer – to the tune of $500+ million. Grotesque!

I’ve been to Planned Parenthood myself, and yes, they do in fact provide services other than abortion, such as Pap Smears, STD screenings and birth control. And that’s fine, even perhaps deserving of public funding for low-income individuals. But their ‘business’ is abortion, and that’s where they make their money, and yes, they do have ‘revenue goals’, just like any other business, and the further along you are, the more expensive the abortion. And we won’t get into the ‘selling of baby body parts’, you can look it up yourself, suffice it to that as the adage goes, ‘killing is their business, and business is good’! They’re ‘coached’ to encourage abortion and to ‘overcome objections’ when those seeking them are hesitant.

The name Planned Parenthood is a complete misnomer it should actually be called Prevent Parenthood, because that’s the real mission.

We’re at an interesting time in America, where there are battles going in both within the political parties and in my opinion, for the soul of the country in general. The Trump Derangement Syndrome apparently has pro-abortion advocates so fearful they’re advocating infanticide. One has to wonder why. Why are they so insistent on having the ability to abort the unborn? As always, I’m not talking about in cases of incest or rape, that’s a separate conversation, I’m talking in general. I can only see one reason – religion. Not the ‘God’ religion, but the religion of feminism. It’s their sacrament, their offering to their Baal. What else could it be? I mean the same people are always criticizing actual ‘religion’ and Christianity, but regularly symbolize Baphomet and Satan in their works are the most strident pro-abortion advocates. I know some people will dismiss this, but can you? Can you say that the killing of a baby either moments before or moments after it’s born be anything else? I’ll let you decide.

From Kavanaugh to Gosnell to #UnplannedMovie, 40 years after Roe v. Wade, abortion is still in the spotlight, and with technological advances, perhaps more than ever. And as we head into the 2020 presidential election, a ‘choice’ will be made, no pun intended, between life and death.

The movie Unplanned has created an awakening, where even former pro-choice people are questioning their position. The film’s director Chuck Konzelman revealed to Congress this week that nearly 100 abortion clinic workers have sought to leave their jobs after seeing the pro-life film, that’s huge! Even a recent SVU episode seemed to encourage a rape victim not to abort the baby, which is pretty surprising, as I believe the actors and producers are quite liberal. Timing is everything as they say, and perhaps, though ‘unplanned’, the time may be right to reverse Roe, or at the very least, bring it back to its supposed original intent of ‘safe, legal and rare’, not the 900,000+ every year that currently occurs. We shall see what America decides.

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